I left you because......

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Because he was trying to kill me :/

Because fire and shock don't mix.

For getting inbetween me and shock...<.<

I left you because I keep trying to get a better reception and I can't get it! D:

Because someone ate you.

Because you were in the way of my fist.

Because youre a girl, :o

Because we'd just met.

because you won't give me a chance :3

Because I don't know you!

Because you don't know anyone!

Because you're closer to your mask than you are to me!

Because you're actually a dinosaur.

Because you are secretly Satan.

Because you owe me money.

Because I need a shower...<.<

Because ecchi is awesome.

Because you hate everyone :P

Because you hug everyone.

Because that's just not true :P

Because I know.

Because you set my house on fire.

Because you singed my fur!

Du nie mich Hörst! Es ist wie wir sind andere sprachen sprechen!

Because you're a ghost.
Ninja'd but not changing it >.>

Because they're a hard person to find on the internet...<.<

Because he's easy to find.

For finding me...<.<

Because he's best friends with a dinosaur.

For thinking xmbts is that old...<.<

Because you keep using the same joke >.>

For not liking that joke...<.<

Because you don't get snow.

For calling Canadian Bacon Ham...<.<

Because you are a Saints fan.

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