I left you because......

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For also being a fan of the Saints...<.<

For saying that just now, like eww.

Because obviously I meant the saints of the holy church of satan...<.<

Because you ate my fries.
I bought them, but they were mine~
But you ate them, yeah you ate my fries~
And I cried, oh I cried~

Oh, My Glob you guyz!
Drama bomb!

For vomiting on the sun.

For dressing in such an undignified way!

Because you slashed my tires.

For keying my car...

Because you stole that car.

Because I couldn;t steal it with slashed tires...<.<

Because you can't with that attitude.

Because she prefers that I ride her rims...

Because he hates Christmas.

Because she remembers that about me... though this year it's not so bad... especially since she's around... :p

And because she didn;t get my innuendo...<.<

Because he set himself on fire.

Because she's likes how hot I am...<.<

Because he hates doors.

Because she wouldn;t play doctor with me...<.<

Because he has an evil twin.

For being the evil twin...<.<

Because he pushed me into a volcano.

For not pleasing the volcano god, like you promised you would...<.<

Because he hates the moon.

Because she hated Moon...<.<


Come on, moon was awesome...<.<

Because he fought a tree.

Because that tree had it coming...<.<

Because he still lost.

Because it's not my fault it was 200 feet tall... He seemed shorter sitting down...<.<

Because he buried himself alive.

The voices told me too!

You broke my eye!

You ate my fries.
Not cool!

Because your Aunt is hawt.

Because you're trying to hook up with the sister of Frankenstein's monster

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