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Alright, I can't find anything to do with Ghostbusters since 2008 other than the guidelines, so here I go.

It's the year 2000. At the turn of the millennium, the New York Ghostbusters office issued their first franchise license, and a new office was set up in Seattle. It was doing brisk business up until a few weeks ago, when... unpleasantness occurred with regards to the ectoplasmic containment grid. What's left of the members of the old team now exist in jars.
Recruitment ads have popped up all over the place - in subways, on television and even a banner was hung once from the Space Needle. Needless to say, your curiosity has been piqued it, and you've decided to apply.

This RP will be accepting 2 more people, and possibly more as other non-ghostbuster characters. Remember that well-spelled, clear and concise sheets will be approved more readily than poorly-made ones.

woohoo ghostbusters I`m so excited I`l make my sheet right now

woohoo ghostbusters I`m so excited I`l make my sheet right now

Great! I knew someone would be a subway worker. That's a good sheet. Try to fix up some of those spelling errors, m'kay?

Bumping once, and only once.

I shall join!

Alrite! Just to let you know, I'll be GMing through the ghosts and the New York office, so all ghostbusters will be you guys.

So, only the two of us, we need a third...

Hm.. Quick question, do you already have a tech guy planned? Because I would volunteer, but it would lead to me just spouting random nonsense in place of the actual vernacular required for the phantom impaired.

Alright, I will admit I am not sure as to the coding here. So I'm going to try this out. (edit: It worked)

PS - Yes, he is a greek cowboy NASA boy.

Alright I'm in give me a sec to set up a character sheet. Oh and Smag you forgot your age.

How's this?

Edited, happy?

Okay, we've got everyone. I'll finish arranging all the story, then I'll post a kick-off within a few hours.
Thanks for joining.

EDIT: I've posted everyone's sheets up top under 'The Cast'.

You enter into the old restaurant listed on the recruitment posters, now revamped and decked with Ghostbusters advertising. A faint smell of burnt tin and plastic pervades the air, and your skin tingles. The old tables have been cleared to one side, replaced with a waiting area populated with a few people (presumably other hopefuls for the job) as well a a desk. A red-haired man in a suit sits at it, giving paperwork to one of the others. The scritchy sound of words being defined persists from the filled chairs. The secretary looks at you and hands you a sheaf of papers also, covered in boxes and instructions. Regrettably, a pencil was not provided and the demeanor of the secretary suggests that one is not forthcoming. Perhaps you should talk to one of the others.

Brandon's long strides transit him from his position by the desk to a nearby table. He was wearing a clean, itchy, stiff black suit with a white collared shirt and a black tie. It was moments like these that made him wonder what he'd be wearing instead if he accepted that oil rig job. He had taken a pen of his own, but not because he felt he needed to be prepared. In fact, he was annoyed by the fact that he had to remove it from his pocket. Oh how many times he would regret that sliming of his previous boss. No matter, he'd make up for it in full when the time came, hopefully. He then began to check boxes, read boring instructions. "How long till I get to see some technology?" He muttered to himself, right hand writing, left hand propping his head up.

Sally smoothed her skirt for the millionth time. She wasn't used to the business suit she had to wear to these things, but she really wanted and needed this job. Her job as a waitress was not going to pay her student debts. Please let me qualify for this. She thought looking around the room. One man who had just sat down looked extremely board.

Joseph pushed open the door, everyone stared. He was easaly about six inches taller then the next guy. He showed up in dress shoes, a dress shirt, and some dress pants. I hope me beard will stand up to this here job. He thought to himself. He saw a man sitting down by himself. Well, that's not right, I should go cheer 'em up. He thought, he pulled out his pen and walked over...

Terry walked in and sat on one of the cheap chairs in the back, a loud creak being made when his posterior was upon it he looked around at the other applicants noting two people talking in the corner and a somewhat nervous girl who stood out from the rest.

okay just your basic sheeple no real competition

Terry plucked a pencil from the breast pocket of his suit jacket as he began filling out the application skipping the part usually reserved to fill in your name saving it for last as he did with every application as a almost superstitious gesture of good luck.

Brandon, upon hearing footsteps, set down the pen softly, slowly rose from his slumped over position, and turned to face the man, smiling in spite of the utter despair this very boring moment was causing him. Paperwork.. That was the one thing he was glad to be rid of from his old job, and no matter the amount of distaste that moment of sliming puts in his mouth, he still can't help but laugh at the boss's very face. "Good day." His hand outstretches slowly, finishing its full stretch toward the man after his feet are both planted firmly into the ground.

The secretary stands up, brushing the stars of a lunch past off the night of his suit. "Messers Filmore, McMillan and Leventis, Mame Smith. My name is Augustus. I am the secretariat and co-coordinator of this extraparanormal establishment, and will now conduct a touring of this place with your permission."
His accent is a strange mix of Welsh and English, with a very cultured and educated vocabulary. As you turn towards this silver current of words, you note that his fiery hair extends down his cheeks in sideburns of flame that meet under and above his lips. His skin is a pale white with the occasional scar, and this skin encloses a hand extended to what used to be the kitchens. His green eyes look at you with nothing more than a helpful intent.
His offer of a tour would get you acquainted with the place.

can u reserve me a spot while i make my sheet please?

"Yeah okay." Sally said standing up ready to follow the secretary when the others joined.

"Well we better get started then, may I escort you ma'am?" He asked the young lady acompanying the secretary...

"Thanks for the offer, but I have a feeling the person who works here will know his way better." Sally said with a small smile.

"Ha, ha, ha! Good sense of humor you got there lass." He replied...

"Atlast, the secrets revealed!" Brandon sets his pen in his pocket and grabs the stack of papers, mostly because he did not wish to have to redo what he already completed of the paper work.

"huh I`ve always been curious how you Ghostbuster guys do this stuff, could be fun" terry said rolling his eyes as he got up from his chair and leaned on a nearby wall looking at the floor waiting for the tour to start.

As you follow Augustus through to what used to be the kitchens, you note that his stride is careful, concise, like a dressage horse. His feet are placed with care and no apparent effort in just the right places.
His tour takes you through almost the entire place, showing you the sleeping quarters ("With a separate room and toilet for mame"), the garage with it's converted ambulance and the containment grid.
"It's here in this refrigeration storeroom, being unstable at temperatures higher than what you might expect. If I may warn you, proximity to the grid for lengths of time longer than three and a half minutes can cause brain hemorrhaging. I would very much not recommend restraining and confining ectoplasmic entities using this device until the proper education has been imparted onto you." Augustus tuns from the shining metal door plastered with worrying warning stickers.
"On this topic of training and the handing down of knowledge, I shall endeavor to teach you the correct usage of proton technology and how best to combat hostiles from the 5th dimension. Follow me, please. This way."

He had to bite his tongue to keep from asking questions which obviously would be explained later. It was quite.. tedious. However, his mouth formed into a large grin at the words 'proton' and 'technology.' "So.. does that knowledge include any hint behind why the technology works and how it is built?" Brandon was careful not to allow his excitement to get the better of his voice, speaking deliberately and slowly. His speaking did not require him to stop following the man he barely knew.

Sally was excited a fact she was trying hard to contain. She knew that this would help her tremendously. Not only by paying for her student debt, but getting her out of the waitress job. No more dealing with crying kids and upset parents, no more dirty old men grabbing at me. And I get to work with what I love. She thought with a smile on her face. And all the tech will be a nice bonus too. She was going to enjoy working here.


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