If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Who the...Should I take her to a hospital or take her inside? Or what?
"Uh, are you okay? You about to pass out, or something?"

*pets head* :3

Your not here to kill me right :D

Why hello there. Care for some brownies?

"So what are you fighting for?"

Go away.

Listen. Put down that megaphone, come inside and tell me what you want. You're hurting my ears

Oh, its Laharl. You could do with some more clothes.

*leaves house* :D much better. Oh, hello there :)

Hello, there. Would you like some tea?

Ermm dyou need help getting up? Would you like to come in?
(She's cute...)

My house is out of the way. There's no way you came here without a reason.

You said something about tea. ^^

What's the password?



...alright, fine. You can join our heist :D

Come in, I just finished making the tea.

Okay Miss Witch, but you'll have to take off that hat before you come in.


No, we've got enough black magic. Come again later.

Throw ultra ball. down+A+B.
You have caught a zapdos.
wanna give it a nickname?



This shotgun is my password, now lemme in.

Still do not know what it is so therefore automatic shotgun is the answer.

Sorry, you're not on the list.

Is "If You Don't Let Me In I'll blow Your Brains Out" on the list?

What are you?

Oh well...hmm, you want some toast?!

...You're an awfully happy man, now what are you selling?

O.O welcome!

You know where i can get that hat?

(NOTE: The IAMDISPLEASED face has no body, it's just the head rolling around.)

Who the heck left this soccer ball here!

*Runs up kick*


Thumbs up right back at'chya!

*Thumbs up*

Is my angry dome here yet? >:D

I thought you already had a key to this place?.

Hi. What do you want?

Since when did I live in Paris?!

Thank you, come again!

Thank you for coming, I'll see you in hell!

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