If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I'm unsure of that too. But I think it involves stripper poles and venereal diseases, at least that's what the internet tells me.

*Closes door on the whole thing*

I hate this neighborhood.

I get the feeling that if mine stripped as well, you'd all go insane.

*Starts erecting a giant barbwire fence around his property*

It's too late for that Overpuce, weapons made of underwear ready!
*Cocks weapon* PUN INTENDED!


*wants to hug, but is reluctant to hug because it COULD be an echidna*

You can come in. A fan of Magico is always welcome.

Begone commoner you shall not desecrate my doorstep with your presence any longer

Damn Tohno snobs.

Hisui escort this child off the premises immediately she will disturb Ni-san

Are you here to fix that chair over there?

Look... a black shape.

Why would you close me own door on me!

*tries to get sexy on*
*doesn't work*

How bout just getting cute for me, yeah!
Now just unbutton those slowly.

Cute I can d-
Wait, unbutton?

Oh Lagomorph, you little whore.
*Cough* okay enough of that, you were at my doorstep or something?

Wait, you're on my doorstep...

Ok. Wait, are you cheating me Lagomorph?

.....Umm, what are you, and why are you singing that to me?

Can I keep it? Please?

oh god! How did you find me again!?

Don't blast me with music!

you followed the instructions. Good but why are you running?

No I do not want any books on tape please depart

Why are you glaring at me? Was it you that- Oh god you found me!?

*is hit with bass*

*Summons Vegan Powers* Why yes, I did know that the other 90% is full of curds and whey. *Blasts a hole in the moon*

if your going to rub your boobs on a guys check please do it somewhere else -.-

*hits with bass*

*Hits with other bass*

Why did I do that...

And why are all of you still here!

*Slams door*

you seem so surpised, then nonplussed, then surpised again.

"Huh. I didn't know a rock concert was in town. You have the tickets?"

I didn't know that the Sistine Chapel was on tour. *Grabs a fire hose*

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