If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Get off my porch Boobie Lady!

Has this guy still not gotten used to it yet or are your boobs that amazing

You look like you might be dangerous. Maybe.

You look very familiar.

How'd you do the whole sparkly thing? You got people shining the lights in the background?

Please stop putting your sword away. Its somehow scarier, espically because it just keeps drawing itself straight aw- WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT?!!

Put that katana away!

*Hits with clay pot and drags to sex dungeon...*

I would fix the aerial, see if we can't remove the static :P

SIR! *stands at attention and salutes*

*fetches video camera* keep doing what you're doing.

Umm...I'm leaving...now.

*runs off*

*Watches him run off* Pesky kids ringing the doorbell then running away!!

EDIT: Ninja'd pesky overpuce!!

Take your clothes off if you're going to be doing that.

I already have. :D

Wait a second...I was running AWAY!

*runs off again naked*

This is the 3rd time you've turned up uninvited. Would you please tell me what you want.

How many times have I told you boobie lady, I'm not interested i your molestering services!

OK, geez, I'll get my sexy on. Just get off my lawn.

Captcha:Falling pianos

*Crash* Ow, whose idea was this?

how are you making that text float above you like that? I want to do that!

But you already are!

Why is there a young girl in a pink dress on my doorstep?
*reads last page of thread*
Wait, if she's in a dungeon then how is she-
*walls fall over to reveal huge basement*

Captcha: Diddly-squat, what an astute observation, Captcha.

You weren't supposed to reveal that!

What did I tell you! I'm calling the police.

Damn you bastard, run off to Kenya my feline friend.

I'd probably kick the little lion thing away... forcefully.

Hey you umm... anime guy....um, like some tea or something..

No, no, no! My Lion will be no ones rug. Now get off my lawn! *cocks shotgun*



I would probably say d'aww and then make it leave...no body is making me get my sexy on...NO ONE CAN HANDLE MY SEXY!

OH MY GOD HAPPY! If you stop doing that with your teeth I'll give you some fish

Put that sword away right now!

If you don't like my firey katana why do you keep coming here?

Happy is sad because he cannot catch any fish! If you give him one...

Also, your flame sword is puny compared to Natsu's flames! Aye!

I may not have flames as strong as Natsu's but I do have fish. Who knows if I'll give you some

I'd welcome them in.

I love fire and anything Scott Pilgrim related.

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