If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Aye! There is plenty of fish to go around! *throws fish at The Night Angel*

I already said on the the other forum game. GET OFF MY DOORSTEP!

How lucky!! we had just finished grilling all of them! Now you have as much as you want!

I would be very surprised. Nice boob rubbing going on there... come on in.

*Knocks them out*

Don't mope in my house, please.

I would love some totally not suspicious stranger!

Rule 34? Isn't...that...the...

I NEED AN ADULT! *Runs away* All I wanted was candy!

I have cat food. Meow I am a cat.

Do you have any catfood to share? I keep getting tricked by people with white vans who keep offering me candy...

All my candy expired years ago. I don't know why its still in my cupboards...

*sprinkles cat food on ice cream* <.<

would you like some tea?

I could ask you the same thing but it seems you're busy. >_________>

Hey, come in, sit down, take your bra off if you like.

Why yes, we do have raisin bran!

Eww, raisins ARE disgusting, I was just offering them...

You sir, are accusing communists of hating raisins?! Get off my lawn!

It's not that I'm a communist, it's just that raisins taste like failure...

Are you sure you're not a communist?
Wait, are you fascist!?
capcha: love-hate

We all must contribute to the Great Chain.

you're back...the eyes...they stare into my soul

How many times have I told you to put the sword away!

sooooo, I have this fresh cat food. Hungry anyone?

*nibble grilled chicken leg* No thanks.

*eating a brain*
Nope, I'm fine.

*sips lemon line* Indeed.

*Nibbles on previous trespassers arm*
What are you guys doing again?

Partying hard like men! O.O

Yeah, alright then.
*Grows manly handle bar mustache*

There is no way I am letting in a some vagabond lion with a handle bar mustache inside this residence

I wish I had a moustache

Pfft. You're too unmanly for a mustache.

Proceed to shave captives head

Oh you so crazy. @_@

I am sorry we do not require any more domestic help good day to you sir

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