If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I have 50 houses in backlog you see. <.<

Well while your here make yourself useful the dinner party must be a success

Well hello~ ^.^

*makes you sit down on seat and straps you in* O3O

That tables have turned! D:

And the tables are also clean! :D

And turned. Of course. Definitely definitely turned. >.>

They are? They look the same to me...
Well, they are quite clean.

I know right?! ^-^

*admires tables* So turned. So stylish. So... rectangular...

Nice suit! Wanna watch some anime with me? I have brownies!

Sounds like a plan! :D

Yeeeeeees, it's foolproof too. <.<

Indeed! Para, be a dear and fetch the baking tray, more brownies are needed!

*fetches more trays and ingredients* Yay!

Why thank you, sir! I always need more trays

Excuse me sir but you do not have an invitation join the rest of the rabble at the nearest dumpster

You seem nice...what are you trying to steal from me?

Why would I want to steal from a commoner such as yourself begone!

Ah, it's the person who called me a commoner. *dumps trash on*

The Trash Dumper! D':

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband cause he dumping trash on erebody out there!

*hides Tizzy* T^T

Oh hello again I need you to remove these pieces of the vagrant who attempted to dump trash on my person

why is the rubbish everywhere? Will it give me the plague?

Yes! Flee while you can! The trash dumper is on the loose! *grabs Evil Smurf and flees"

Dat smell. It's very... fragrant. o.o

Oh my! That's the smell of rotten chicken legs.

Please take your public....interactions with your lady friends else where sir, this is a respectable place. Now I must get back to my BDSM Club.

Ah, another gentleman skeleton with a top hat.
I'll never be alone again.

Actually I don't hang around with your kind.

A dead man with hair, disgusting.

Where's the rest of you?
*slams door*

You're pretty far from Kenya little lion.
*grabs blunder bust*

Kenya? Pfffffffft. Serbian tigers are much more bawss. @,@

Get off my lawn tiger lover!
Not that I have anything against Tigers, Especially since some of my best friends are those things, I mean ...eh whatever.

Get your cha sexy out of my face please.

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