If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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You know what? I've woken up next to stranger things.
Need something?

This is about the Plutonium, right?
Tell the guy who hired you that I fixed that.

Nice hat. *smiles*

I would compliment her blue hair.

Are you selling books?

I... I.... must be drugged.

Um...the probing's optional right....right

Let's dance.

Since when am I in Scotland?

I obviously smoked to much.

Why did you move your couch to the front of my house?

Honey, it's for you.

I might just let them in.

Hmmm, there's a word floating in front of my face.

I'm probably dreaming.

Don't kill me.

I would probably be killed anyway though.


Super Missile for your thoughts?

He Just needs a hug!Right?Right?

Want some poptarts?

A floating word?Oh dear the medication stopped working.

*looks up*
God? thank you...

It's adorable,in a scary sort of way

It's new but yet the same! fascinating...

A glowing fox? It's adorable! But a fox killed my duck(yes, I had a duck), so I'll kill it right back.

A killer Droid,it's like christmas all over again!

Is it my birthday?

*watches the little stick person try to escape the box*
Need some help?

Looks at it's eyes,it's cute evil eyes!

Wow, is that your hair's natural colour?

What's that red smoke doing here?

*Runs away in terror*

*takes it apart and sells the parts*

...Why aren't you a shark?

...So if you don't have an abdomin, theeenn, how do you stay together? are your clothes magical?

*Sticks fingers in eyes of weird wolf thing*

Bah,more damn tree hippies,get offa mah mountin ya hippies!

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