If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Anime. Anime happened.

Make fun of your stupid hair and close the door.

*slaps for making fun of Death the Kid*

*Resumes target practice*

*You drop through the trap door under my welcome matt*

*Slaps twice then closes door*

Were you attacked by a stray leaf?

I'm guessing you were to big to gift-wrap...

What!? It's just a taco now!
Nom nom nom.

Probably nothing.

Are you the new mailman...or is someone doing some crazy rituals and summoning demons and stuff again?

I would hug them and welcome them back!

I would pound their face into the floor and welcome them in!

So it has come to this...
Get ready for the dance-off!

I don't dance.

Is that cake for me or are you just to torment me with sweets... o_o

Hey, watch where you put those blocks! Aw crap, there goes my wall.

Santa!? you've lost weight!

A Jolly Roger! *sings pirate songs while drinking rum*

I see you take a lot of looks back... you're not on the run are you?

Nice to see you again!
*cocks shotgun*
Okay, I've seen you enough now.

No sexy :C

Nice hat :P

Cake? I like cake. Where's the cake?

.....What? Ya need something? Just sitting there blinking isn't going to get anything done.

Storm's a-com'in

Now I have the theme stuck in my head...

don't we all...

you're not here to kill me are you?

No. But I'm going to leave some C4 somewhere for easy detonation later, provided you turn into a nuisance.

Why aren't you symmetrical!?

Well, why is your hat slanted!?

Why are you so jolly!?

*Steals tree*

I approve of the hat. Very...seasonal.

What are you buyi- wait we already did that.

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