If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I don't know what it is, but it's badass. I'm also unsure why I'm speaking as though you weren't there...

*Closes door, calls the cops...*

*Adjusts TV* Hm. Still bad picture.

Confound your toll troll!
I'm guessing that's what it is, please don't be mad.

I lost count of how many times I told you that I have no sexy.

.... Are you going to share that?

Depends. Not enough cake for everyone.

Depends on who's asking. ;)



*pulls beard* SANDY CLAWS!!

*pulls face off*
Ahah, it was a skeleton in a catsuit the whole time! And you would of gotten away with it too if it wasn't for meddling ole me and my sexy lion sidekick.

Who put Tizzys corpse here?!

Why is Jack Skellington here?!

Why WOULDN'T I be here?

Time to unmask this villain!
*pulls at face*
....Jeepers, it really is a ma ma MONSTER!
*flees with chase music*

*Chases, catches by mane, beats with lead pipe and drags him into the garden, as a warning.*

Calm down, yo! *slam door, get ax*

Why? I know there's no candy in there D:

Panic, because he's a good damage dealer in Kingdom Hearts

Yum yum! *eats the taco and kicks the person out*

Hey, that's mean!

*Let's Vaas in* Michael Mando is a very nice pers-
*shot and dragged further in*

Why? I know there's no candy in there D:

Sure there is...>.>

I didn't expect to see you festive... o.o

I'll show you Christmas you little punk!!! *hands a present*

You did see me there!


I'd ask where they got their Santa Claus training >.>

I'd eat that sweet taco!

We don't appreciate Santa in dis house.


*closes door*




Armed thugs!

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