If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I'd throw up.

Who wears that style of clothes and uses that hairstyle!?

Not enough sw4g.

Hey buddy, you need help?

Go away kitty.
*Closes door*

Hello pretty anime lady

What, you trying to sell me somethin?

What are you selling? :P

Whatya buyin? :D

Ah, I'll buy it at a high price.

Hehehehe....Thank you.

I don't know what else he says...
*Closes door*

Got a selection of GOOD THINGS on sale, strangah.

Sell your things elsewhere!

I don't trust people in masks... <.<

I don't trust Pokemon!



Need help to stop the static?

Nope! Lain is god... literally... depending on how you look at it...<.<

Stop that.
*Closes door*

*opens door*
see that person outside is female.
*slam door*

*leaps into arms* Newcomer!

I think you want the place down the road :/

*hiss* I like being in the newcomers arms!

.... *Closes door*

Seriously, dafuq with that avatar? It's everywhere o_o

Its like that time Cosby Gaga was everywhere.
*slam door*

*offers tea*

*Slams door shut*

Either take the mask all the way off or put it back on. Also, Halloween has passed, I have no candy for you.

*Closes door gently*

*close door without saying anything*

Well that was impolite >:(

I know, right. It had something to do with the guy standing behind you.



That is exactly why there was no greeting.

I would invite you in but I'm afraid Chris Hansen will appear in my kitchen.

There will be no hospice until you finish your duel!

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