If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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*pats on head*

*Kicks in ass*

*Smacks in face*



More tea Ma'm?

Jumps on bandwagon:

Ask her to sign a petition to strengthen gun control laws in the US

*signs petition* I don't live in the US anyway...won't affect me!

I'd turn off the can opener and ask him if he wants to go out to eat instead

I ain't signing anything, you'll send me spam!

*sends spam*

How dare you have no regard for door! Please don't shoot me while I engage the force fields.

How strong are these force fields?

Let's find out.

*Pushes you into forcefield*

Looks like we're having an exotic barbecue tonight, PA!

Wondering what the hell a cowboy is doing at my doorstep before blasting him.

*gets blasted*

Tetris always did annoy me.


Tetris is just Russian for 'I love you~ <3'.

Russians are articulate like that.

*opens door and peers out*

Go away you weirdo...

*closes door*

Spikey Freak!

Mmm dinner.

I understand that this is the southwest and all, but would you kindly tone down the cowboy thing?



Ughh... spiky...

Ask her inside for help with an internal autopsy... in my pants

Hey, we're both consenting adults!


*offers a light*

Ask her to please not smoke in here, I don't want my house set on fire

That'd be bad

I didn't call you!



*Shoots at feet*

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