If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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*closes door* Greedo shot first, stop lying to yourself.

Don't even go there Tizzy.

SHUTUP I want to finish cooking my spam before your ruckus alerts the Krauts

Go away! what ever you are. *slams door*

Leave before I get Bill Murray.

Don't you dare bring him into this *fires warning shot*

Helmets are for head protection not food!

I'm not interested in what you're selling!

*door slam*

Oh my god! it's Stephen Colbert! *starts mimicking what he's doing in the avatar*

holy mongoose in a monster truck *has the same reaction*

OIE! what did I tell you about eating from your helmet?

It has some spam, carrots, and snow. Want some?


*Closes door calmly*

I'm going to go and call the police *slams door*

don't you close that door on me

I still don't get what I'm seeing.

I see you! *gets in rubber suit* I am safe now!

*Sees tizzy in a rubber suit*
Is this a kinky thing?

Are you coming on to me?

Your my kitty now. :3

Get out of here and take you're rubber cat with you >:(
I think it's taco's fault.

I'm being kidnapped! Save me you jackass!

No need for any heroics, the kitty is perfectly happy with me. :3

Why. Just why.

You're not coming one step closer until you've put some clothes on, mrs!

NO, I don't want to talk about Jesus *slams door in your face*

Pfft. I don't want you to enter my home anyways, you snobby sir.

Not interested. *slams door*

I've been informed that I must save a cat from you, so hand me the cat or I'll...
Crap you're dead already, I... I'll call the ghost-busters, that's it!

*Click* *click* *click Wow, who would of thought a few flashes was all that was needed to make you go away. Wait.....
On no, cheap crappy drug-store cameras don't seem to work. *RUNS*

You need one of these my friend.

Is that blood on you?

Cool, no more paying electric bills.

I'm scared, here have this rubber kitty. *hands over Tizzy* :3

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