If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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I must warn you, I'm not very good at fighting, so let's go!
*Sweeps at sb666's feet*

*sissy fights* You won't beat me!

*Kicks* Shoo, get out!

Who blew up the world?

Ciel, what happened to you?

Are you Ciel?

*closes the door*


I can be your Ciel >:)

I can be your cat! *leaps into arms*

You'll do fine, just like the rest of our cats.
'Hey mum, we can have ribs again tonight! Sorry though, not much meat on these ones.'

*jumps off arms* NOPE! *runs*

Come here little kitty >:3


Dear god, he's gone neon on us. RUN!

Don't worry Redlin, come on in...

I'll protect you just like I should of long ago

....just kidding, nice of you to drop by though. It's always good to see a frien-aww he left in freight again.

Oh look, a strange Japanese woman in a red and white kimono, maybe she'll want to exchange good goings-on.

Get the tranquilizer gun and fire like there's no tomorrow

I'll answer the door later I'm sure it's not important.

...You an escaped convict?

Stop fighting are I'm calling the police!

What's in the pot?


Oh h-hi *faints*

Yes yes I always get the same reaction.

*Walks away naked*

That's one funky dance your doing there.

I can't understand you when you make that blood curdling shriek and your spilling the caprisun I gave you. WTF lady, stop making a mess!

We can dance if you want to...

Are we having a dance party now?

Because I'm in the middle of your porn >.>

*slams door* STAY AWAY FROM MY PORN!

No, it's my porn now! *steals tizzy's porn* :3

*runs after sb666* Give it back! You don't know what you are dealing with!

*shoves Tizzy* What?! Let me see! I want mock Tizzy for his disgusting preferences too!

OH GOD!!! They're dancing!!! someone get a camera!


A ghost with a camera? That's like superman carrying kryptonite. Well, maybe not but I still got my 3ds here in case things get ugly.

Oh right I should have used this

Stop dancing!

I can fap to this

Stop fapping on my doorstep or I'm calling the police!

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