If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Lions and tigers and Drop bears oh my!

Offer him a snack then toss a grenade into his mouth when he goes to eat it.

Give him some propane for FREE!

Take his taco shield to the face, probably.

Laugh then shut the door.

Scream then shut the door.

I don't wish to buy propane...please don't kill me.

Did you guys escape from the zoo or a circus or something?

Did you escape from hell?

Yes, would like an express pass to visit it?

I'm assuming that's a zombie, so I'll close my door in a orderly fashion and lock it.

What, it's been 5 years already, fine, take my soul then.

Tell them the zoo is on the other side of town.

Ask if she wants to go do a heist? I assume she is a thief or a magician or something.

Tell him if he wants to do a heist he should go next door >.>

Slap him for correcting me about stuff, as far as I'm concerned you're avatar and you are the same person >: (
Slap her for being a ninja :P

Tell him he's lame for being ninja'd.

Go away, I don't care what you're selling... unless its yourself of course...<.<

Yeah...please leave.

Ask why she's still here if she's not going to help me pull off a heist.

What is this I don't even...

Put a pair of oxy goggles on you so you can't see and push you back down the stairs.

poke it to see if it's real and if it is attempt to have sex with it.

Damn ninjas

Ask if he wants to take over the world.

*slaps then slams the door*

Shh, I've been asleep for 70 years, I'M STILL TIRED

ask if HE wants to take over the world

Of course I do, Taco and Nantucket will help.


Silly dragons.


*stomps on*

I'm a demon...

*sweeps off porch*

ask how we plan to take over the world.

Don't make me get my mouth gun.

I like you like this. No wires.

I love thunderstorms! :3

You're getting blood all over my doorstep! *punch*

*Women punching each other on my front lawn*
I could watch this all day.

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