If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Dinner. >_>

*opens door* Shooting me? How rude!

Go away, I already have a kitty! :C

Always room for more kitties.

So, do you hear through the bunny ears or are they for show?

Are you...are you real?

*pounce on*...
Eh, what are you doing here anyways?

*double slap* :3

Don't make me get my camera!

Don't make me get....um a scientist/animal control/police officer
I honestly don't know!

OK, That's IT! I'm getting the hose!

Aren't you so cute! *Abducts you* ^^

*dances with* =D

Remember that pink fuzzy guy in Powerpuff Girls?
Remember his famous line?
*Cocks shotgun*

No, I don't. I do remember Mojo Jojo, though.

Can I touch your ears?


.. I'm going to touch them anyway.

*slap* no touching the bunny :3

...You look like one of those sex blow-up dolls.

You look like one of those dancing chibis.

Would you like to come in?

Would you like to get off my property? You're frightening the children.

*slaps* no dancing :C


No slapping.

If you must come in, would you mind leaving the guns outside? Or at the very least, leaving the ammunition outside?

I'll let them finish there moment. *cocks shotgun* Then they got to get that lovey-dovey stuff the hell off my doorstep.

I'll trade my 1911 for that shotgun AND I'll throw in free soup for a week

*Steals soup* :3

Captcha Teflon President.

*Poker face*


I am torn between the adorableness and the Naziness.

Here take the children, just don't hurt me!

Why do you have children, anyway? Are you going to kidnap me and make me one of them now?

I collect children. You want to be the start of my new collection?

That's creepy... I'm going to go and call the police.

Yeah sure... *steals car*

*rummages through his pockets while nobody's looking*

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