If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Can't you get the picture already.

You again! why won't you leave my poor door alone!

because you keep ringing my doorbell.

"I didn't order no anime whore"-PRB

NOT INTERESTED *Slams door shut*

*kicks in belly*

Taunt me, will ya?

*lights broom on fire*
Whoosh around me now!

Oh god! you started a wildfire!
*runs away*

Over here, I got cookies!

Gah, mah cookehs! *Turns your avy into Not Tetris*

*Joins dancing with avys dancing along*

Yay! Dance party!
*gets party food/drinks*

*Noms all the food* x3

I'm here to arrest you for excessive dancing.

No one can stop the caramelldansen!

Please stop doing that...

*Puts a collar and leash on him*

I'm going to call him Mr. Snuggles.

*steals hat and tries it on* :3

I'd wonder how they got their hair so pink! :O

...Says the guy with avys who have red and blue hair...
Honestly that can't be natural but...anime

My hair used to be blue...

Well you can dye it...I mean your hair wasn't naturally blue, well I think at least...*I mean unless you're an anime right now... *reference to GG
more OT: Cute/Dance ironically that was still of topic
Well hello again then...

Oh God, someone is trying to brick me in!

that's no excuse to break into my home!

Really? I don't see your name on it!

You can't do anything, my name is on everything.

You're back, already?


You made of bullet proof material or something. *Fires again* Stay off my porch lovebirds.

I'm going to close this door. Next time I open it, you are going to be gone. In one way or another.

WaaaAAAaaaAAAaaa! Stranger danger!!!

How do you float? Teach me your ways!

well first you need to be about 4-6 inches tall. second, you need to be from some sort of magical source/place/being.

and well that's really all there is to it...how do you keep getting in here O_o....

Um...Thanks! *Kidnaps* ^_^

Is there a reason you are...kidnapping that similar looking cat?


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