If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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...You an escaped convict?

Stop fighting are I'm calling the police!

What's in the pot?


Oh h-hi *faints*

Yes yes I always get the same reaction.

*Walks away naked*

That's one funky dance your doing there.

I can't understand you when you make that blood curdling shriek and your spilling the caprisun I gave you. WTF lady, stop making a mess!

We can dance if you want to...

Are we having a dance party now?

Because I'm in the middle of your porn >.>

*slams door* STAY AWAY FROM MY PORN!

No, it's my porn now! *steals tizzy's porn* :3

*runs after sb666* Give it back! You don't know what you are dealing with!

*shoves Tizzy* What?! Let me see! I want mock Tizzy for his disgusting preferences too!

OH GOD!!! They're dancing!!! someone get a camera!


A ghost with a camera? That's like superman carrying kryptonite. Well, maybe not but I still got my 3ds here in case things get ugly.

Oh right I should have used this

Stop dancing!

I can fap to this

Stop fapping on my doorstep or I'm calling the police!

*Cocks laser gun*

Tell Jabba I WON'T be paying him this time

*closes door* Greedo shot first, stop lying to yourself.

Don't even go there Tizzy.

SHUTUP I want to finish cooking my spam before your ruckus alerts the Krauts

Go away! what ever you are. *slams door*

Leave before I get Bill Murray.

Don't you dare bring him into this *fires warning shot*

Helmets are for head protection not food!

I'm not interested in what you're selling!

*door slam*

Oh my god! it's Stephen Colbert! *starts mimicking what he's doing in the avatar*

holy mongoose in a monster truck *has the same reaction*

OIE! what did I tell you about eating from your helmet?

It has some spam, carrots, and snow. Want some?


*Closes door calmly*

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