If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Someone in that outfit kidnapping people? :o

Nothing good can come of this.

Well that's a matter of perspective

well its not that good from my perspective <.<...

Oh hush, you'll be fine =^_^=

*glues his feet to the floor*

That jumping was getting on my nerves.

*Causes the whole world to jump because fuck physics*

Um... Am I still in your basement?

You can stay in mine...
Oh wait I'm not crazy...yet.

@Kaleion Yes, where it's safe.

OT: D'aw, aren't you two adorable!? *Keeps both of them*

How nice to see you again!

Why are you dragging two poor people behind you?

They are my newest additions!

Do you keep them fed and watered?

I hope you're not here to raid my cupboards and fridge. ._.

Nwo... >.> <.< >.> Oh look a cappuccino running down the street! Better go catch it

Nice try, but you'll have to get up pretty damn early in the AM to get past me. c:

I have a lion, a tiger, a cat-thing and Link in my basement, THEY NEED FOOD

*Uses chloroform on you and raids your food supply*

That's a funky dance you got there. Mind if I join in?

Is it bad that I'm happy to see you?

You're better than the thieving catboy.

You didn't need the food!

Give me back my pets! Blarg.
*is chloroformed*

I heard blarging.

I heard a blarg wandering around.

.. Not today, thank you. There will be no blarging in this house.

*closes door*

Uhhhh, can I help you?

You wouldn't happen to have any fancy weapons with green names on you, would you?

You have a bow that shoots spiders, that is beyond horrifying.

well... I seem to be trapped in Sced2's basement... thanks for opening the door Xmbts :D

*floats away* :3

Would you like to help me test my spider shooting minigun?

Little girl, you're my kind of creepy.

Witch lady you're my kind of supernatural target. :o

Please stop shooting me.



You seem to be having issues there.

:/ well you could kidnap me if you want...<.<

*Closes door*

But if you did I could make you cookies...<.<

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