If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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A seven? Or maybe an eleven?
Thine serpent eyes are surveying thee.

....whats with the funny look?

I should be asking you that. :-/

*opens door sightly*

Away with you!

*slams door*

I guess that "Orb of Dragonkind" the artifact peddler sold me wasn't slag glass after all.

Keep trying buddy, you're talking to a demon not a dragon...

*shuts door and latches it*


*throws a bucket of tap water over karcentric and slams the door shut*

Nailed it.

I don't like the hair.

Oh great...Now I'm blasting off again too...


You bore me, angry armor man.

*takes hat and hits with a frying pan before shutting door*

My hat now!!

*Stays silent as dragons aren't a big deal for a necromancer.*

Do I know you from somewhere?


*shifty eyes*

Oh look, a pin cushion.

Shouldn't you be in school?


Huh, you must be part of the choir. Come on in!


Are you sure you looking for me with those red eyes? I have a red friend that you might be interested in.

Look light-bright, I don't need you. Go home.

Pardner, yer in the wrong part'a town.

The whole town is the wrong part.

You hurt, or...Better question: Why so many bandages?

And why aren't you bandaged?
Besides never actually needing to be bandaged?

What are you babbling about bandages de geso? I don't squidding need any!

I remember that time you did dirty things with your tentacle hair... ;)
Oh wait. That was dojin.

I've never heard anyone use that as an adjective before.
Anyway, shouldn't you be in hospital?

Of course not!

Well...I've got better things to be doing. I won't be responsible for anything that happens to you as a result of you not leaving.

Are you concentrating really hard or are your eyes just derpy? Either way stop looking at me like that!

I'll give $10 if you stop dancing like that... and no I don't want a flyer.

I'll sue you for wrongful imprisonment.

I'm not trying to keep you here; I'm trying to get rid of you. Leave.

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