If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Amazing offer! Sold.

*puts hands on Teoes head* STOP MOVING! Let me see your face.

Scott dumped you didn't he, well I'll go put on the tea then

Yay! *bounces*

*Smoking a cigar while wearing fancy clothes*

Umm......this is awkward......

You may be worthless to some, but to me, you are the hero of my nuzlocke-challenge. Would welcome as a king.

You look pissed. Maybe I'll invite you at a different time.

What a pleasant surprise. What's your choice - the bed or the basement?

Hey Teoes, hope you're not too pissed off about that Hill game. Come on in!

Oh hai thar. I have chinchilla food and hay, are you hungry?

I would give him definition so I can see his TRUE FACE

What anime-verse do I live in now?

No anime-verse. Welcome.. to the real world. *pounces with a hessian sack*

No Teoes, I'm not helping you hide from the cops from what you did to Redlin5

Deputy Zigzagoon.. You'll never take me alive, coppa!

Put on some Five Finger Death Punch and headbang along

I'd ask you if you wouldn't mind finishing the smoke - cool though you do look - and then invite you in for some FFDP headbanging.

I wonder if I should ring for medical help with all that shaking their doing.

OH BEJESUS A DEMON *abandons house*

I'd like to identify you but you move too fast.

From whence did you blast off to land here?

Well Holy Zig-Zag! IT'S DAH BLUR MAN! Whatcha doin here?

I suppose it's better than you hanging round the back and raiding my bins. Want some cheese?

*Tries to to take a picture*


*freezes in terrified silence before releasing the loudest, girliest scream my ninteen year old male body can possible conjure*

Umm.....I can see a guy holding the American flag but I'm not sure who it is. I guess this is an invasion by America on my country. In which case BRING OUT THE SHOTGUN!

..better than you rooting about my bins, I suppose.

*Has runny nose and is wearing pajamas. Also only has 1/100 of his eyes open*

Teoes.......I'm sick man......no time for adventure dude.

*grabs Pokeball* Cm'ere...

Are you looking at me? Leaving? Looking at me? Leaving?

Leaving *packs bags* Its not me, its you.


Why are you crying? Come in and tell me all about it. Mmm, you smell nice.

You can whip your head back and forth at someone else's house.

Oh, blast off again.

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