If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Well since it's snowing, might as well come in and warm up by the fire

You have ridiculous hair.

There are no Pokémons here. I have given them already to Christian Bale.

Interesting spelling.

Oh, you're one of the ones who voted...*GASP*- Stay- stay away! WIFE, GET THE GUNS!

Yay 2 of the things I hate the most, dogs and christmas!
*slams door*

Why are you standing outside my kennel and glaring at me?

You're not Santa! >:( (slams door)

Could you...step into the light. Can´t...see your face.

Well, you don't look very happy

Nor Kitsune or hunter ... Y U LIE 2 ME!?

You wouldn't by any chance be associated with the Cheiron Group, would you?

You look a bit suspicious....I'm not sure I want you in my house.

What? How did you make it all the way up this mountain? All the way...up Death Mountai...-

-GOD. F**KING. DAMN IT. I swear, not even a simple f**king order gets followed around here! You there - minion! Execute yourself for incompetence!

Such glitter...

I swear to god Zapdos, that if you are causing this fucking storm, I will Ice Beam the shit out of you!

...I'm sorry, I don't let wild animals inside my house...

Your neck must really hurt.

Wow, you're much cooler than the king of the eagles!

My christmas party is tomorrow you know. I don't have enough beds to let you stay overnight.

Sorry, I don't have any spare beds. I think the Wizard might have a spare one. We should go see him; I need a new heart anyway.

Someone left me... art?

There's too many of you, we won't all fit in my jacuzzi.

Jesus Christ! I bet I can sell that on an auction!

Excellent, the new butler is here.

Now that looks like something I can use as a paper weight!

Ooh, it looks like a Sandshrew, but cooler.

How on earth did someone move a statue to my doorstep? More importantly, how am I going to get out of the house?

Will your hair even fit in the door?

This is gonna be a bitch to move....

Pikachu isn't here. I've told you this before.

Forget something? No, that comb was always mine, you can't have it.

Oh god, two more. Curse you Medusa and or Jadis!

Fuck! It's a Slender-man salesman! No, I don't want any bleedin' CDs! No, not even you threatening to eat my soul will persuade me.

You coming in or are you just gonna stand there blushing?

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