If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Oh, you're one of those people. No, I don't want a brochure. Now get off my porch before I get the hose.

Sorry, but whatever it is you're selling, we don't want any.

*answers door* "Can I help you?" *keeps doing the head pop thing* "Ummmmmm." *keeps doing the head pop thing* "Yeahhhhh, I'm gonna call the cops."

Hello, who is i--Oh. Oh, it's you.

Sorry, we don't serve yanderes here. Get out.

*Opens door* Bitch, I am the alpha tsun of FG. Ya ain't gonna overthrow me! *Catfight*

Why are there two of you rolling around and slapping each-other on my doormat? o.o

Hmm. There's a statue at my door. Must be a present! I'll put you in my living room next to the piano. I hope you don't mind being decorated for the various holidays of the year!

If this is about the latest magic trick you're selling, you'd have to spend an extra fifteen minutes to make sure it's foolproof. My friends tend to look for the strings.

Oh, another one of my usual patients. Care for some tea while you wait?.

Oh god, don't tell me the Black Plague is back! D:

Get off my lawn ya damn religious spreading bastard!!!!!

Well you look like a fun person to be around! Why don't we talk about the things we like without any sort of emotional triggers or risk of impalement?

Why's there a wall with TV in front of my house?

No, I don't have any damn rupies! Get out before I get my shotgun.

Hey look! A perfectly nice young girl... oh God those are guns!

She seems perfectly nice. I'm sure she's not going to kill me in any way.

Your eyes.... th-they're huge!

*Slams door in face*

He has a knife! *Fires*

...Isn't Halloween two months away?

Uwah, are those real swor-*ded*

You again? Is it because I always call you a hippie?

...I'm very lonely and you're the only one who speaks to me. :(

Why hello-

What are you doing with your hands?



...Why are you at my front door?



Here's some money, never come back again please.

Why's your hand in your shirt? *gasp* Are you going to flash me?! Awesome!!! I mean, no... don't...

My sister is in the hospital, THANKS TO YOU! <_< No wait! Stop stabbing my mom! D':

Ma'am, please do not threaten me at my own home.

Um... UM... Hi?

Stop dancing in my front door... It's bad enough when the hippie does that.

*Looks confused as to why someone is dancing without music at my doorstep*


*joins in*

Edit: Ninja'd - Reaction to person who beat me
Throws wallet and runs away

Oh goody, a squid! *Chases you with a meat cleaver*

Call the nearby Zoo
Edit: close the door and call the police

Oh goody, a rabb-*Le gets devoured by le rabbit*

*JonTron FBI scream*.

Who put this statue on my doorstep?

Though, it's kinda cool...



*brings it inside*

What's that symbol you're making with your fingers? Oh God, you must be a member of the Illuminati!

You stabbed my sister; you stabbed my mother. Who will you stab next, bitch? >:( No wait, sto-*Le stabbed*

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