If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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*pulls out lightsaber*

I would set fire to my doorstep.

Seriously, how many sandwiches can you eat? Get off mine!

To explain my avatar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKaxEcHogZo

I'd pull out a snake.

How did I get on the moon?

I'd say,"You haven't been here for a while P. I can tell because a)I haven't seen you and b)You just got ninja'd by eight minutes.

*stabs him with lightsaber*

Shoo now git git!


Release the hounds!

Haha you're standing on my doorstep eating my sandwich and when I open the door you stop and dissapear. Awesome.
I would kick him for taking my sandwich.


Aw... Kitty, Cute!

Blue fox( I'm still trippin)

Shoot the member of the rival mafia gang and laugh cold heartedly.

(if the person below says cook me..... i will kill u)

Eat some KFC.

*dials 9-1-...and waits*

And again I ask how the hell did my house get to the moon.

Shoot him and make him into a fur rug.

Aw dip!

*points next door*

The Jedi are over there and I didn't see nothing!

EDIT: Hey Kristal! How is my old friend Fox? Oh...sorry I thought you were somebody else.

wonders why game consoles are randomly showing up

Wonders how a game console developed in the late 1980s ended up in 1920s Chicago.

I travel through time

Welcome to my humble shop I hope we have what your looking for.
Were out of painless killing by the way

Wonders why I randomly show up at gun shops

Welcome to the Hive. *Chomps him in half


Welcome to my humble shop I hope we have what your looking for.

Wait you again? The looter who took 5 of my best guns from a spirit samurai shop? BASTARD *shoots*

*deflects bullet with another bullet*

"If you're gonna come in then you better put that cigar/cigarette out."

Oh great more visitors

*Opens door and looks at kitsune.*

"Give me a few moments and I will be with you in a second."

*Heads down the hall and quickly runs out the back door.*

I'd ask him to stop playing around with those damn swords, you could poke someones eye out!

Well, thats just fake blood...right? *Awkward laughing* If youll excuse me *FAN FLYING AWAY!*

Look Urahara for the last time, I am not going to be the test subject for your new invention, I don't care if your desperate, go ask someone else like Rukia or Renji.

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