If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Oi! Why is there a disembodied head floating at my doorstep? Well, you can come in, i think. Please hang your coat ove- whoops! Sorry!

We would make magic.

I'd throw a bear at him.

I would steal the bear and give it the love it needs.

I'd stroke your hair, obviously.

Oh and choke you with your lovely green tie.

I'd ask him to take a step back, please.

I'd ask if I could take a bite from his burger.


I'd ride him around my house, and ride him to the moon. I'd love to ride a goat.


Okay, yeah, i didn't mean for that to sound as weird as it did.

I would open the door and see him "riding" goat....

then I would close the door again

*sits Pox upright*

demand my sandwich back :I

"Look honey! The slow boy from down the street wants to sell us something!"

"Hey.... Is that my sandwich?"

Who painted my steps like this?

Still demands my sandwich back >:I
and the moon doesn't bloody belong here. :U

No, I wont give you my badge collection. I worked hard to get these.

Try that guy down the street, I heard he's getting rid of his.

Ooh! Can I have a bite of that...

Never mind.

Ooh, can I have a bite of that...

...wait a minute, that sandwich looks familiar.

It's not a steak sandwich...GET BACK!

'Hello. I see you came for the hamburger cook-out. Want to play some imported games after dinner?'

Wha? Floating colored blobs?

Note to self: Open a window when using that extra strength super-glue.

Hey you have steak, were did you get it? You must tell me.

Hello, Mister Fisherman! What are you and your boat doing at my doorstep? There's no decent fishing lake for miles around. And why do you keep roving?

I'm not giving you any money.

I guess your my new secretary

Come help me kill my 1st grade teacher.

there is an office on my porch

Welcome to the shop, no smoking sir, the punishment for continued smoking after warning is being burned at a stake.

didn't I already steal from your shop

Your correct, punishment it is.

well see ya

Welcome sir to my home.

As long as you put out that cigarette, you are welcome here.

You do realize there is a motor making your chair spin

doop doop doop doop doop

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