If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Ummm, are you alive? Only alive customers please.

I would wonder why you are back since I apparently woke up next to you in another thread not long ago.

Really? I dont recall.

I'm back to steal

I'd kill you before you could do that.

You can't I had already stolen everything

Same rules still apply.

Well then you seem eccentric, care to turn that into business?

I'd jump on your chair and spin with you until I got too dizzy to stand up straight x3

I'd have to say hello

I'd tell him we looked alike

Mysterious Stranger? NOOOOO!! *bang-bang

I would have to ask what you are.

Shit myself, that things scary :P

I would run because a flying skull is scary enough but a gang of flying skulls is even scarier!

run because an apache is aiming it's heat seeking missle at the kitten on my doorstep

Prepare to be swallowed.

Prepare to be fed to an ATM

Feeds stray cat before he can hit me and close the door.

No, you can't use my garage to practice.

Sorry Clank isn't here

Well hello there, trenchcoated ninja. Go away, you've ruined my moment.

You ruined many of my moments

You end up in my bed, in the Asylum, and everywhere else I go. Stop following me and stop smoking around me I'm allergic.

Ratchet and Clank? On my very doorstep?! SQUEEEEEEEE!

*hugs Ratchet*

I'de grab the mace I reckon.

*grabs kitty* You're staying here were it is safe and there are no people smoking.

I'm back

*Opens door and sees you* Oh it's you, hold on a second. *leaves and returns with Ryno V* Leave now before I use this.

Aren't you supposed to be in an asylum

Shhh... I escaped for a little bit to get some R and R. Now again, do I need to use this Ryno V on you.

Come inside quick there is an evil robot behind you!


I didn't hire a hitman... Ah shit!

*drops gun* I can't kill him

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