If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Oh good. Would you like some coffee or anything?

Hi little kitty! Did you cyberpwn any horde nabs yet?

Dr.McfuckingNinja....at my house... *faint*

what else can i do but smile and hope you dont eat my babies

I'd plug it in

It's a human child so I'd probably send it off to the offworld security stations to undertake manual labor while I continue to burn it's planet.

*pulls out BR*

"Get off my lawn, split-lips."

I would probably have a few seconds to scream before I get cut up by lightsabres.

I would wonder if hes here for the revenge or the coffee.

Hey sexy, you wanna join my party?

Oh, Sup Xandus?

did you bring the weed?

Oh my god! It's a burning building filled with cotton candy!

Damn, ninja'd...
Well, I'll shoot your avatar then... (after you kill me and I get better...)





What the hell is that!!! then I would put it in a test tube.

"ahhhh, come right in"

OH SHIT! The Flobots are on my front porch! *squeals like a fangirl*

"Alright, who left this bag of flaming popcorn at my doorstep!? Lousy kids and their pranks these days." *grumble grumble*

Why is there a manatee on my doorstep. Crap, I got to get you back to the zoo before i get in trouble.

I'd invite you in to play video games :D

Damn! These things always follow me home from school..

Oh wook at da wittle kitty and- Oh my god is that a freaking missile!?!

The sound of it hitting the glass and visualizing this at the time would probably lead me to saw "Ahh! WTF?!"

Great, now that NeonBob's done with the whales, he's started nuking kittys.

I'd turn it around and close the door behind it.

Hey, it's System Of A Down! And an entire crowd of fans! What are you even doing here?! Can i help you with anything?

I'd sell it on the black market.

I'd wonder how he found my secret moon base.

I'd make Brendan Fraser hands at you( you have to watch the Soup to know what I mean)

Too suspicious looking, I don't trust him. He'd stay outside.

He has no face which is freaky

Hello the... Oh, that's just great. Hat, trenchcoat, cigarette, and hey - what are you hiding behind the back?

*tries not to get killed in the ensuing noir detective drama*

He would die of radiation poisining.

*puts in random heavy metal CD*

Fuck yeah, headbanging with the hand of metal!

*pink floyd ensuses; journey to the stars*

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