If above user's avatar showed up on your doorstep...

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Please come in! My abode is always open to my friends!

Oh hi, didn't see you there...

Oh hi, didn't see you there...

Please come in!

You and mParadox are always welcome here!

Good, wheres the fridge?

Over there. But it's empty.

Yeah. I need breakfast.

I have beer, coffee and ice-cream. Take your pick.

I guess I'll take the ice cream then.

What kind of ice cream was it?

I'd be scared

I'd be reminded of things from my childhood.

What series is that vampire-nun from anyway?

Touhou, it's a bullet-hell game.

Come on in! I have... stuff.

Stuff eh? Sounds like a plan.

GREAT! I'll grab my stuff!

Stuff will be grabbed.

I will find the Battleship board.

I'd shake her hand, pull her in, and we'd play the games of love.

I'd wonder what he's attempting to buy.

Hmm, the Gimp came earlier than expected.

Hmmm, my pet's dinner is late this evening. Or was it my dinner?


Sorry Death, just don't take kindly to mortality.

Ummm... but isn't he immortal?

I'm scared...

There's no need to be scared.

I meant my own mortality, my life is short enough as is.

Wonders how anyone can survive with an open jacket in sub zero temperatures.

I'm not really sure how to pilot one of these...

I need to think of a way to see her face without exposing her. Failing that, take off that mask-helmet.

D: Chibi Yuki?!
Cute. Too cute.
*shoots self*

*wears priest robes* Hello. >=3

Gah! You're here to exorcise us!
*slams door, calls maid*

What the hell is that on your face? :p

I'd ask what it'd take for them to kiss each other.

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