If your and the above users avatars made love.

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for you horse tranquilizers

we adopt a chinese baby

we could be bradjalina..

we better adopt like 10 more then

yea.. hey.. maybe some Haiti kids?

they're probably giving them away

Our child would be a secret detective who eavesdrops on suspects by hiding, hanging from a red balloon overhead.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ,whoa

There's no way man... noooooooo way!

where there's a will there's a way


Oh yeah. ;)

Words of wisdom mixed with a disturbing head?

I have no idea how to describe it.


nope no no no no not gonna happen

A child with a love for cool hats would enter this world.

The first sith vampire would be created.

The first Sith panda samurai. Twould be a awesome sight.

The most adorable Samurai ever

...what the hell is that thing?

It's a Moogle, just striking a pose to the sky and wearing a vest

The world would explode. Cute and horrifying don't mix.

Why did I get the feeling this would happen...sandwiched between 2 friends,

akward..... o_____o

ninja'd by blue fox

A suicidal detective!

I'd be makeing love to a dead man?

It would be the cutest thing in the world.

Ah yes I can see it now, a small big eyed white haired child, who would constantly commit suicide, but constantly fail because he can regenerate his body parts. Ahh, the cutest kid in the world.

He'd make for some great party tricks too.

Imagine that for a second. Little white haired child who can shoot himself, yet come back.

Freak everybody out.

Hey, We could get paid for that can't we?

You're absolutely right!!

We'd make a fortune.

It would be awkward cause I'm a wall.

hmmmm, I can't explain into words what our child would be.

suicidal mysterious stranger

That pinkish gray dinosaur would have an adorable trenchcoat and hat.

so pretty much our child would look like a furry dinosaur?

a stranger fox

I'm stumped. I mean...

Poor man in black, I suppose.

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