If your and the above users avatars made love.

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Well, he/she would be the ugliest kid imaginable...

...and you'd be charged with bestiality.

Got ninja'd by xmbts.
Something very powerful.
Edit: Ninja'd.

Purple haired lelouch, or a black haired girl with fireworks behind her.

I have no idea.

I guess it would have my avy's genes, as far as appearance goes.

A girl soldier with purple hair that throws pie!


Lelouch has the ability to make explosions? He already did that! I guess he now makes colorful explosions.

Female Lelouch with loads of intelligence.

Something that'd jump your bones in a second.

Something with pretty good killing abilities.
Elemental spells + kangarooness?


Er... immortals to help you guard whatever's in your library?

I guess so.
Then again... it's already in the mansion of two very powerful vampires...

I'm not too sure exactly...

I'm not sure what the result would be, but I approve.

A short Catgirl. That's a Paratrooper in Easy Company; WW2 and throws pie. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

He has your ears...

Catgirl Lelouch..?

Wouldn't that make him a catboy?

OT: A catboy with emo hair? Fuck yea.

CatGIRL with multiple personalities Personas? Hell yeah.

First we would have a catgirl that's stupid enough to shoot herself in the head with an actual gun. Then we will be blessed with a catboy.

Yet another catGIRL with Personas? Can't complain about that.

*lights any catboys on fire*

Make love to someone who would light catboys on fire? Hell no.
I'll take my semen elsewhere.

Good. Stay the hell away from me you sicko!

I will!

Good! See if I care!

A super duper hacker catgirl? Eh, works for me.

Now this is a situation I don't want to be in.

Desu Dalek Chicks?


I think we just created the master race...

i just got very lucky

Leo will be the Godfather.

I just turned Ezio gay.

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