If your and the above users avatars made love.

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Gay? *snicker*

Nope. More like bestiality.

Good point...

*mParadox is arrested*

Fuck the police (quite literally)

An assassin with two eye colours. Destined for some weird stuff.

The ultimate word spamming assassin...

Something with one hell of a killer punch.

Something truly great, I imagine. A kangaroo with an udder perhaps.

Fast food?

The fastest deliverer on the planet or the outback.

laggity lag lag.

A super-assassin with the power of lag? Neat.

Immortal Cyborgs? I'm not entirely sure how awesome that is.

Death. Death would be the result.

Ooh,kitty cat!

Our child would be a manly, bat-winged ninja from ikaruga, with a long leather jacket.

And the sex would be pretty good, too, I imagine.

ewww, he's so adventurous, not my type.

How would that work? It is a disembodied head.

I think you know...

OT: It'd be furry, cute and prone to frequent bouts of diarrhea.

No. Not happening.

It's happening.


*mutters a spell, sending Spoon to the Far Realms*

Fuck off.

Undead thing...who's pink and has tentacle hair....

Meh I dig.

I'm not undead. I'm immortal.

Undead don't have a pulse, I DO have a pulse.

And no... I refuse to allow immortal digimon to enter the world.

You're not immortal. You just have Jesus complex.

She only loves Kyon, so there is not love-making here.

You're not immortal. You just have Jesus complex.

Er... no...
check the wiki: http://torment.wikia.com/wiki/The_Nameless_One

Does this mean we have to build UFOs for the kids as well?

I am sorry,but I think we had sex already,so call back later.
"slams door"


Also, WANT.

Do not want. Too jumpy in bed. ;)

I would call the cops since my avatar is 12...<.<

really? oh dear.


*Threatens Sacman*

"Put down the phone kid..."

This phone will detonate! Don't put it down!!!!

a crismas bunny who will kill everyone

The most kickass kangaroo in the galaxy.

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