If your and the above users avatars made love.

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An emo dragon?

I don't know...<.<

Well...Neither do I

We'll just have to wait and see won't we?

I'm going over here...You stay there.

This is your baby too...<.<

Our kid would be...............blonde.


An hot assassin with a sexy butler?

Super sexy assassin?

A musical dog who doesn't care about his talent.

a really awesome puppy

A really cute seducer.

The ultimate bishounen!

A murderer... that's actually a step back.

A dragon with a tie.

A armored black dragon with red spectacles? Hell yeah!

Uh... a Thousand Son!

The Dragon Reaper o,0

A dragon with some crazy arcane powers.

A purple dragon that stares are you creepily.

A dragon with a drinking habbit and a funny accent.

A russian dragon in a spaceship.

A really sarcastic dragon.

A really sarcastic wolf that drinks too much.


Dog Death God

Sorry Death God of Wolves perhaps?

A flying, firebreathing grim reaper.

A Wolf Dragon Hybrid. It having Celestial Brush Powers and natural flight ability and firebreathing. Able to weild reflectors, bead whips, and swords.

A werewolf alien.

A creepy undead alien-assassin.

A purple haired robot nazi?

A purple haired pimp in a purple suit?

A one-eyed purple people eater!
Why give birth when we can create life through other means?

Someone vertically challenged.

Alien vampire loli.

A touhou spartan loli with a badass knife?

A spartan alien.

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