If your and the above users avatars made love.

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One third ghost, one third human, one third fairy.


What Lagomorph said

The most brillant and legendary gunslinger on earth.
(My avatar is Train Heartnet, aka XIII from the manga Black Cat)

a gun wielding electric spider


The above avatar's genes are stronger, so something terrible.

Uhh... Lolicurry?

Same thing. But with more vampirism.

Something that must but can not be stopped.

I honestly have no idea.

That would be funny.

"Hey can I be the girl tonight?"

Hmm. Loli with similar clothing and silverish hair.

A wrinkly old ass cute loli that stays moist...ew

The devil himself.

A chocobo with white feathers. Plus arms.

He probably already did. The result is under close guard in Area 51.

Mecha Nixon.


Um...Some guy with nothing special about him, since I think super-powers are a recessive gene.

Hot LOLzimage

I don't know.. Something like this?

A masked fairy.

A fairy that doesn't actually exist in the real world...<.<

I can't get pregnant, and I doubt she'd be able to, seeing as she's merely digital.

Nyarlathotep in Konpaku Youmo cosplay.

Some sort of half anime half nobility soldier...thing.

Nyarlathotep in a fancy military uniform.

A Fairy Clown Paratrooper Wall.

...Seems legit, the only way this guy is ever gonna get any.

Surprised anime girl in a suit.

An eternally posing, long-haired statue of a girl.

The thinking man with a wall next to him.

Witch dressed as a stripperific clown soldier.

Brian Firenzi with long pink hair.

Brian Firenzi with a taco head

Still better looking than a corpse

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