The Apartments. A real life RP (Officially retired)(Please read and post your thoughts on the story)

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Sarah took the oportunity and emerged from her apartment, and noted that she was next to 229 and on the odd side, so she would be able to find her way back.
"Hmm?" she squeaked curiously

Larsia followed the others to Jack's door and she stood a good distance away. Large group of people always made her nervous.

Jeanette shook his hand firmly.
"Jeanette Mafia. Pleased to meet you." She said to Jack before taking the other pieces of the mask in the other hand.

Sarah made the choice to talk to the shy girl, so she wouldn't seem obsessed with Jeanette
"Hi, I'm Sarah" she said to the shy girl, holding out her hand.

Rachel looked back at Larisa, she moved back too her so she didn't feel left out

"H-hi. I'm Larsia." Larsia shook Sarah's hand.

"Hi, and you've already met Rachel and Jeanette haven't you?" she said, prying herself out of Larsia's vice-like terrified grip

*Jack grins a almost goofy grins*
'"thanks again, I might just leave the other masks for tomorrow heh heh"

"W-well, I met Rachel, but is Jeanette that girl over there?" Larsia pointed at Jeanette.

Rachel gave GG a stare that could have frozen hell, "What ever do you mean?" she asked with fasle innocense

"Yes, that's Jeanette" Sarah said, slowly lowering Larsia's robot-like arm

"We don't need any more mask fatalities. Damn shame too." Jeanette smiled back before fitting the two pieces together in her hands to see what it looked like when it was whole.

"T-thanks. I just g-get nervous around p-people." she told Sarah.

*Jack cocked a eyebrow at Rachel*
"hello to you too,"
*Jack looks at the mask again*
"A dam shame indeed, awww well I'll just need to find a painting or something*

"Names Rachel" she said, not bothering too offer her hand

"Charmed I'm sure Rachel, names Jack"

"It's fine, I do too, but you know what I do?" Said Sarah
"I take a deep breath, and try to keep calm"
Sarah was trying to follow her own advice, but it wasn't working very well.

"Not overly" she said to Jack, her voice frosty

"Heh. Looks like we´re t-two nervous gals, eh?"

"Oh, a painting? I could do you one for nearly nothing? I mean, I'm not Da Vinci but I can paint?" Jeanette offered Jack.

"Huh, I guess we are, Larsia" Sarah said as she put an arm around her and looked on at the scene

"Would you Jeanette?, how kind thank you"
*Jack smiles at Rachel*
"Well, I am glad I've got such..........neighbourly neighbours, I was worried Joe Canada would be out of place"


Larsia took Sarah's arm off her. "P-please don't d-do that."

"You give us Canadians a bad name" she said, her voice getting colder

"OK fine, I was just trying to get you out of your shell a bit" Said Sarah
"But do you know what I think?" Sarah asked rhetorically
"I'm not sure what Rachel thinks of Jack" Sarah whispered to Larsia
"But The Corporal guy hasn't seen girls in a long time, and he has taken a liking to our Jeanette, but I think she's more interested in this Jack fellow"

*Jack frowns slightly*
"Such contempt, did I do something wrong?"

"You did and you know it" said Rachel, Rain walked out of the apartment, "Now, now Rachel, remember, your sword is still in a box"

"I-I don't really care. I d-don't even know why I'm not g-going to bed."

"Um. Yeah, sure. I'll work on something for you." Jeanette nodded before backing away from between Rachel and Jack, she knew when to leave a situation, and going to Larsia and Sarah.

Rachel's scowl turned too a smile when she saw Rain, "Awww, I wanted too eviserate him" she joked

"Alright then" Said Sarah, and took a stept and a half away from Larsia

"Hello I'm Jack"
*Jack turned to Rain and stuck out his hand*

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