The Apartments. A real life RP (Officially retired)(Please read and post your thoughts on the story)

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Larsia saw Jeanette walking towards her and Sarah. She blushed a bit more.

*Jack looked unsure at Rain then withdrew his hat*
"Okay then"
*He looked over Larsia and the others*
"I don't believe I have met you yet, What is your name?"

Sarah felt the sudden nervous need to run back to her apartment and lock the door behind her, when Jeanette stood next to her but Rain, Rachel and Jack were in most of the hallway

Jeanette gave a stretch, half-daydreaming, it had been a strange night already.

Rain suddenly stopped being locked in a stare with Rachel, "Sorry, names Rain, yours is?"
Rachel walked passed them, she was muttering something about checking the room

Sarah took her chance and walked quickly to har apartment when a gap made itself apparent.

*Jack puts out his hand to Rain*

"I'm Jack, your name is?"

Rain shook the hand, "Sorry about Rachel, I swear I spend half my free time running interference for her"

*Jack withdraws his hand again*

"No didn't catch your name"

"Rain, now, if you'll excuse me, I need my shut eye, I've got a class too teach" said Rain as he went back to his apartment

"By all means don't let me keep you"
*Jack cocks a eyebrow then turns to the door of the apartment*

Larsia went back to her appartment and went to sleep.

Jack yawned deeply, remembering to cover his mouth a quarter way through.
"Well I must bid you all ...........................Goodnight, I have a quite a day ahead of me tomorrow of unpacking and finding a job"
Jack smiled at everyone, bowed then walked upstairs for the night.

Jacob rolled out of bed. Looking at his clock, it was 7 AM.
"Enough sleep for me, I guess," he said to himself. He got into the shower, washed up, and changed into a similar set of clothing. He had wondered what all the noises from last night were, but to be honest he didn't care too much. His bed was too comfortable for him to go check, even though he was used to reporting things. He went into his kitchen to see if he had any food, but it just had bread and butter.
"Back to my school days, then," he said, and put the bread in the toaster. Unfortunately, the bread started to burn. He unplugged the toaster as quickly as possible, trying to avoid making the smell waft through the building.

James awoke. He clanced at the alarm clock he had at his bed side. 7:00 He thought. Shift starts at eight-thirty, might want to get a move on. He got out of his cot, cracked his knuckles and stood. He grabbed a towel out of a cabnit and headed t'words his bathroom.
--20 minutes later--
James emereged from the shower, towel around his waist. He quickly brushed his teeth, and headed back to his bedroom. He got on a pair of standard issue MARPAT camo pants an olive gren T-shirt fallowed by an MARPAT camo duty shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow.
"Same shit, different day." He muttered to himself as he strapped on his leg holster containing an M9. He put his duty cap on and grabbed his M4 and left.
--30 minutes later--
James arrived at his work station, he had gate duty today.
"Just fucking great." He said to himself as he arrived at his post. A few others were there as well, but not on his shift, he had arived about a half-hour early. Lets get the ball rolling then. He thought to himself...

Rain and Rachel woke up and had breakfast, Rain was quizing Rachel about physics

Larsia woke up at about 2 am. She put her glasses on and walked into her kitchen in her Final Fantasy pajama pants and God of War T-shirt. She got herself a breakfast, leftover pizza from last night and Coca Cola in a can, then turned her PS2 on and played God of War 2.

Jack drifted awake
"Woah.................................. oh wait that's right I moved................nerrrr"
Jack got out of the bed and looked around the room, it was cluttered with cardboard boxes of various sizes.
"Time to get to work then...................after a shower and some breakfast"
*Jack got dressed and started his mourning routine*

Sarah woke to a knocking on her door.
She wondered about who it could be.
It was the delivery guy with her bed.
They moved it into her bedroom.

She was monumentally bored.
And she didn't start her new job until tomorrow.
So she stayed home and read a book, sometimes playing spore for a bit.

Rain and Rachel walked down the hall, arguing intensly

Kenny heard the faint sounds of an argument, and lifted his head slightly, looking at his clock.
"mmmphle.." He rolled over, seeing it was only 9am. Lucky for him, his shift didn't start till 1pm. He sat up, scratching his head lazy.
It's not to early for dinner is it? He thought, walking into the kitchen. He checked the fridge, it was mostly empty, besides a small square of cheese, some bacon that was almost out of date, and a pack of eggs. There were also a few cans of soda on the shelf above.
"Woo, bacon." Kenny smiled, taking the eggs and bacon out of the fridge.

Sarah heard voices in the corridor, but ignored them, smelling bacon and eggs, and realising she hadn't eaten in 2 days, nor had she bought groceries since she left the UK.
She decided she'd go to a cafe nearby and get something, then get some groceries when she found a good place to buy them.

After eating his burnt breakfast, Jacob decided that he probably needed to get more food for his house. He put on his shoes and coat, grabbed his car keys, and headed out the door. On second thought, though, he decided that he would walk. It would more familiarise himself with the area and give him exercise. He hade a brief idea of where the grocery store was, so he headed in that direction.

On her way out of the door, Sarah checked that she had everything she needed in her bag: Keys, purse, pepper spray and a bottle of water.
"Right then" She said to herself as she walked downstairs trying to look confident.

Larsia turned her PS2 off and got dressed. She walked out of her appartment, locking her door, when she saw Sarah.

"Oh, hi there" Said Sarah.
"Do you want to get something to eat?" Asked Sarah apprehensively
"Or do you want to stay here?" She offered as an alternative, in case Larsia wasn't a very outdoors type of person.

"I was on my way o-out. Since you s-seem to be going out, m-maybe I can come with you."

"Yeah sure, I'm getting some breakfast" Said Sarah
"Do you ever just get hungry then realise you haven't eaten for days?"

"No. I eat as often as I can. When I'm not playing video games. A-are you driving?"

"No, I don't have a car at the moment, car insurance is far too expensive and I'd need a car too to start of with anyway."
"Know anywhere good we could eat nearby?" Quizzed Sarah, hoping Larsia would be a bit more comfortable somwhere familliar

"T-there's a c-cafe around the c-corner. We could get s-something there."

"Ah, excellent, shall we go?" asked Sarah

"Sure." Larsia started walking to the front door of the apartment complex.

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