The "I'm so high right now" game

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Man, you're not high. You just want to fit in with the "cool kids" on the interwebs.

Oh shit man, I'm so high right now, I can see Jesus. Uh oh.

Your not high man! Your just being molested by a guy who says he is Jesus!

Oh man...Oh fuck man! I am so high, my blood looks blue, and, and an MM sign comes out of it!

You ain't high, you're just supporting the current competition.

With you blood.

I'm so.......HIGH....that I....have...trouble.....CONTROLLINGTHEWAYISPEAK!!

Dudes...seriously...we need to play Katamari Damacy.

Um... Well, there's not much to respond to there.

Dude, I'm so high right now that... I saw this... um... what...

You aint high man! You just hooked on Chronic!

Dude, Im like, so high right now that my hand is an octopus and my legs are unicorns!

You aren't high man, just a mutated abortion of nature!

Dude, I'm so goofed right now that I think mainstream pop is the best chill out music ever!

You aren't high man, you just don't know what music is!

Dude, I'm so high right now, I think I'm Macgyver!

Dude, you aren't high, just an out of work actor!

I'm so baked that I had sex with a bell tower!

You aint high man! You just have...certain urges.

Damn! Im so high! I like, ya know, I said that I um...that I liked JRPGS....

You're not high, you're just losing your masculinity.

I'm so high I got drunk and came on to my ex.

You're not high, just horny!

Dude, I'm so high that I wanna start a business with my mate who has no prior work experience!

Brah, you're not high, you just like to gamble.

I'm so high, I can't stop eating your these sandwiches.

You're not high your just hungry... wait maybe you are... no I'm sure you're hungry

I'm so high I can't stop poking my cat!

You aren't high, just a cat-annoyer

Dude, I'm so goofed that I could speak into my fan for hours on end.

That's because it makes a funny noise!

You are not human if you don't enjoy that noise

I'm so splatted right now I couldn't stop giggling at a picture of Margaret Thatcher.

You ain't high, you just laugh at milk thieves.

I'm so high right now that I think that Simpsons Skateboarding is a good game!

You aren't high man! You just don't understand the meaning of "good"!

I'm so high that I ate 22 packets of chips earlier.

You're not high, those things were just tiny. Like, five chips per packet.

I, on the other hand, am so high...
Match Game audience: How high are you?
Me: I'm so high I keep hearing these voices like I'm on some old game show.

You're not high, you just picked up a gig at a game show to bring in some extra income.

I'm so high, that I went back in time to Soviet Russia..high got me!

You're not high man, you just went to a history museum!

I'm so high that this is the best song in the world
*Next song starts*
Ah man, this is the best song ever!
*Next song starts*
Dude, this is my favourite song!

Dude, that's not high, your Ipod's just on repeat...

Broseph, I am so high right now that I was in this place exactly like this one, but everyone was like a taco, like taco people...

Pfft, you weren't high, you were in Taco Bell.

Dude... I'm so high, I see a penis on The Little Mermaid movie case!

Man, that ain't high. You just bought the Thai bootleg of it.

I'm so high, I can't get over how hilarious the fact that I've chopped off my own fingers is.

That's not bad, chopping peopleses fingers off is always funny maaan.

I'm so high, I just watched TV static for an hour... and the TV wudn't even on.

You not high man, you just finished watching the movie which will kill you in 7 days!

I'm so high that I was juggling canon balls!

You're not high you're just trying out for the pirate circus!

I'm so high right now I see the bat signal!

Dude, you're not high at all, you just made an ill advised move to Gotham.

I'm so high at the mo, that I seriously think that my lungs are smarter than me.

You're not high that's an xray of your head.

I'm so high right now I'm going to watch the entire third season of Seinfeld.

You're not high you're just bicurious

I'm so high I can do the charleston dance

That's not high.
This, is a knife high:

My next door neighbour had a daughter had a favour so I gave her just a little kiss...

That's not high, that's just being a paedophile. Report to the nearest execution center.

I'm so high, I thought that George Orwell was Batman!

Your not high, just being arrested for sexual harrasment!

You're not high, just flipping between channels!

I'm so baked that I ate a CD thinking it was made of chocolate.

You're not high that's a common mistake

I'm so high march has turned in to complete mayhem

That's not high, your just spending too much time on the Escapist man...

I'm so high, I think Uwe Boll is Orson Welles and Francis Ford Coppela rolled into one person.

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