The "I'm so high right now" game

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Dude, you ain't high, he is that, just with the 'good' surgically removed.

I'm so bazongad, that I'm making up words at an alarming speed!

Dude, you're not high, you're just using words that I've heard before!

I'm so goofed that I'm singing Seether's Broken, and only the Amy Lee parts. (This is a true story BTW)



I'm so high, that I've been rendered speechless.

That's not high, you're just reacting to Reg42's above comment.

I'm so stoned, my mime act became real and now I can't move.

Dude you aint high! You just denying the laws of physics!

Dude im so high right now...excuse me a sec,

We will do him!

...You want us to do Marik?

Yes! What part of do him did you not understand douche bag!

I'm os hihg rihgt nwo taht I'ev dycome beslecsic.

Your not high, you're just being yourself.

I however, am at such a great altitude that everyones talking like British flight captains.

You ain't high, your just in Britain chilling with Pilots.

I'm so high that you're starting to look like an attractive potato..

Dude, you're not high. I AM an attractive potato.

I'm so high I just put a baby in a pot of boiling water. Except, I'm not sure it was a baby. May have been a carrot. Not sure.

You're not high, just half-blind.

I'm so high I think I just had sex with Bugs Bunny in the back of a minivan.

You're not high, you're just an evil murderer.

You're not high, you're just forgetful

I'm so high that the world around me looks like it would if Dr. Suess drew it.

You not high, just playing a really immercive sandbox game!

Dude, I'm so high that I ate 24 packets of chips, laughing loudly at nothing the entire time.

You ain't high, you're just fat and jolly! Like Santa!

I however, am so high that the planet Saturn just gave me a wedgie.

That's not high! That was just the fat kid form Good Burger

I on the other hand am so high that I had a dream about Furburt trying to visit me, but he didn't know how to use a door so he climbed up the balcony.

Man, that ain't high! That's just the typical Irishman.

I, however, am so high that Cloud Strife is an appealing character and that Sephiroth isn't just fanservice.

Dude, you aren't high, you're just an incurable fanboy.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to put you down.

While I prepare the needle, I shall state that I am so high that I cannot play the piano without defaulting to playing bad Led Zepplin covers.

You're not high, just a normal everyday human being!

I'm so baked that I can see Lucy holding some diamonds, all the way up in the air!

Your just dilusional I'm so high I lift up my hand and see 12 colors and 37 fingers.

You're not high, just seein' shit! You should take your meds

I'm so high I thought I was pregnant 4 times in 2 days!

Im so high I just had 600lets

That's not high, that's just high!

I'm so high, that I'm high high!

Dude you're not, naw man you're not high you're just...
Man, why are you standin on the table?

I...I think I'm reaally high man, there's...there's like these feathers man, and they're everywhere.

Your not high, you just own alot of birds and you're drunk.

I'm so high that my pants are running around the room by themselves screaming, "AAAAHHHH! MY FATHER, MY BROTHER, MY HUSBAND! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. HUSH!"

You're not high, your pants are high!

I'm so high that I ate a can of butane, thinking it was a tub of ice cream.

That was a tub of ice cream, it was butane flavored ice cream.

I'm so high i tried flirting with the Mona Lisa, naturally the bitch rejected me.

Dude, that's not high, you're just so ugly that even paintings feel the need to come to life to remind you of it!

I'm so high, that I reported myself to the moderators!

You are high, just such a bad community member that you yourself even recognise this!

I'm so high I sat on the interwebz!

That's not high, that's merely stumbling into the 4th dimension.

I'm so high that I'm in a High orbit around the earth, slowly rising towards the Sun at an alarming ra-*sizzling noise*

That's not high, that's just necroing.

I'm so high, that everything is beautiful, maaaaaaan...

You're not high, just banned!

I'm so high I could swear that I'm not sick of April Fools!

Dude, you're just not eating as many easter eggs as you should!

I'm so high, the Easter bunny is giving me oral sex!

You're not high, he IS!

I, on the other hand, am so high, i'm not high at all.

man im so not high that im like totally aware of my surroundings

You're right. You aren't, so you are aware.

I'm so high, I went to work and showed them my "biography" DVD, and it was A Clockwork Orange. I thought they were the same story.

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