The Society of Justice: A Super Hero Roleplay

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In response to Katie's challenge, Hellfire set her entire body ablaze, save a small gap over her eyes to allow herself to see properly. Sparks jumped from her flaming skin, fizzling out before they hit the ground. "You honestly think you can beat me in a one-on-one fight, you little slut?" she snarled. "Think again! I'll have your fucking skull when this is over!"

Katie simply grew her bark talons a little longer to adjust to the situation, and stepped to the side. Hellfire moved to compensate, the two starting a slow circle.

"Y'know what? I think I might keep you alive after I pound you into the dirt. Give Taki one wild night with you before I snap your fucking neck with my bare hands," the flaming woman continued. She was trying to unnerve Katie, hoping to gain the upper hand and strike first while she was distracted. "A shame that your first time would be the last - "

She got no further as Katie launched herself at her opponent, talons drawing three deep lines of blood down her left arm. Hellfire let out a wild scream of both pain and battle-lust, and sent a flaming punch into Katie's chest. Even with the thick armour, it drove the breath from the girl's lungs, and she staggered backwards, gasping for air. Katie recovered within a few seconds, and returned to the attack. She struck out with another kick, tearing Hellfire's thigh open with the bark-claws on her armoured foot. Another wild scream followed as she pulled her whip out, lashed it around Katie's throat and forced her face-down into the ground.

Hellfire withdrew the whip and began laying into Katie with more powerful punches while she was down, the girl letting out a soft groan with each one. After a few hits had been delivered, Katie grew a large bed of long cactus spines out of the back of her armour the moment Hellfire brought her fist close enough to strike. She recoiled when her fingers impaled themselves on the defense, allowing Katie to get up. Once she was standing, she shed the spines and shrank back the talons on her right hand to lash out with a few punches of her own. She delivered a strike to Hellfire's throat, who dropped to her knees, choking.

Katie shoved Hellfire down on her back, and aimed the talons on her left hand at her adversary's neck. Gasping for breath, the older of the two wheezed, "What're you gonna do, bitch? Kill me? You couldn't. You can't take a life, not even to save yours. Omoi told me about your weakness, pussy. You're too afraid to kill someone. You'll never live with yourself - "

She was cut short as Katie punched the side of her head, knocking her out. The flames covering Hellfire's body vanished, leaving her completely open to attack. Katie got up and used vines to lash the unconscious woman to the trunk of a tree, reshaping it to form a layer of heavy sequoia bark to enclose her from all sides. The firestarter wouldn't be able to move, and neither could she burn her way out of her wooden prison. Though Katie left a tiny, almost invisible hole to allow Hellfire to breathe when she woke.

"I've never taken a life in battle, and I don't intend to start now," Katie murmured before shrinking the rest of her talons and walking away from the clearing, following her trail back to the edge of the forests.

Camille's expression turned to that of complete and utter rage at what Omoi had said. She backhanded him again before grabbing him by the jaw.

"Look you fucking pathetic sack of fucking shit you don't get to say shit like that...and you certainly won't be anymore," Camille seethed through clenched teeth, her hand ripping out his tongue before she went back to her sitting position.


"Ah there is young Katie! Are we all here? Good enough let's go end this!" Patriot said cheerfully leading everyone to the building. He flew up to the top level, turning to watch as everyone got up.

"Ah there we go everyone! Now let's go-" Patriot started as he turned around, looking at Camille and Omoi and throwing up.
"Oh god Patriot not on my boots!" Garrus yelled jumping back, feeling nauseous when he saw what Patriot was looking at.

Richard looked at the man gurgling in his own blood. He looked at the man with some pity behind his mask. He let the blade flick out before cutting the man's head off, mercifully ending his life.

"Jesus Camille, that's monstrous by anyone's standards." Richard spoke after looking at the man for a while.

"Can't say I particularly miss him though."

"He deserved it," Camille replied simply, standing up and turning to look at him, "So how does it feel to have saved the day and beaten the 'big bad'? I remembered my first time when that happened...felt fulfilled." She avoided eye contact with her son, instead looking out at the destroyed area around them.

Jason grinned at Katie's reappearance, happy to know that her battle was won.

"Finally, we can end this." Jason murmured with a sigh of relief as he followed the rest of the heroes towards the roof. His eyes widened in surprise and shock as he caught glimpse of the remains of Omoi's headless body.

" just had a good ol' time with this guy, didn't you?" He asked Camille has he edged close to Richard.

"Damn...I wanted to kick the bastard at least once while he was still alive...But oh well, good to see this menace is finally dead." Jason said with a simple shrug.

If Tommy hadn't already emptied his stomach earlier he would have done it just then. Still an odd sense came over him, part relief, but still anticipating something.

"Is that it?" He asked.

"Oh, God... that's just sick," Katie murmured, turning away from the gruesome sight of Omoi's mutilated body. To answer Camille, she said, "I don't know what to think about this right now. Can we just get away from here? There must be some suits left to deal with, or something."

Anything to leave this behind, she thought. I don't want to remember this... Damn it. The bitch did get to me after all. I'm never gonna be as good a fighter as the others because anyone I fight will just come back. I make a point of not killing my enemies. Anyone I fought in this war, I incapacitated. The suits were beaten by ruining their electronics, and Hellfire is trapped in a tree. I even knocked out the guards back when we were busting out the loyal Union members. Just knocked out, never killed.

So what does that say about me, really? she asked herself as she sat down, purposefully facing away from Camille and Omoi. Am I weaker than the others by my choice of never taking a life? Not even if it's absolutely necessary? There's always another option. Those people have homes, families, loved ones, pets... I'll never be the person to take them away from what they have.

Katie stood back up, a little proud of herself for sticking to her decision... but a little ashamed as well.

"Bittersweet, he's dead and this is over, which is wonderful. Yet I wasn't smart enough to see it coming, fast enough to stop it from getting to this point, or strong enough to both take vengeance on those responsible and keep so many from dying today. There's also a sense of closure, that this is over once and for all. I can deal with all that later though, for now I still need to check and wipe his computers, I'll forward any bases I find to those involved." Richard replied.

A ring-tone was heard and Camille got out her cellphone, opening it up and listening to what Major Crime had to say.

"No more suits over here. We've been getting messages that the suits everywhere are being defeated, and that as of a few minutes ago they've been acting very disheveled," he told her, "I assume this means we won?"
"Indeed it does Donovan. Omoi is finished and everything else should fall into place," she replied back, walking over to the edge of the roof.
"Oh! News from Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Australia! The suits that were over there have surrendered now that they're not getting orders...I think the rest will soon follow or perish."
"Glad to hear it. I'll tell everyone here about it, we'll be back there in a bit," Camille told him, closing her phone and telling the news to everyone.

"Fan-tastic! That means we won't have to spend the next few days finishing everyone off. Thank goodness they're surrendering," Patriot exclaimed with a tired cheeriness.
"I'm so glad to hear that," Garrus said tiredly, lying down on the roof top.

Jason released another satisfied sigh as he sat down on the roof, looking towards the night's sky.

"Well then, since that's all over, can we go home now? I can't explain how tired I am." He said to no one in particular, letting the black tendrils of his mask cascade lazily down his face.

Katie let out a loud sigh of relief, and began removing a few pieces of her armour to lighten her weight a little. She kept a majority of it, though, for use in case there were flame weapons directed at her in the future. Doubtless Hellfire would come after her again, once Takashi had found her and liberated her from the tree prison.

Plant armour was surprisingly easy to get rid of, as Katie could do it by simply reversing the growth processes. Katie shrank the armour covering her head and torso into that of her arms and legs, keeping the rest intact for future use. Sequoia armour would be her defense of choice from now on.

Richard left the roof without another word and went into the base. He found a computer connected to the central mainframe of Omoi's network and found it surprisingly unprotected from other computers in the network.

"Cocky bastard thought nobody would ever get to a computer in his network. Not even a password to protect it from any authorized networked computers." He set about sifting through the files finding a world map with coordinates for bases as well as battle plans, targets, and people in organizations and companies the world over who worked for him at various levels. He disseminated he information to the governments involved to do with as they wish, specifically leaving out any parts that didn't apply to them. He found a program by Omoi that would wipe all hard drives and render any and all computers to the network useless. He activated the program and watched as the program uploaded to the network and the terminal he was working from crashed.

"There, now it's over." he said to nobody in particular and took his helmet off.

"Thank goodness. We've been on the job for what a few months and we've already saved the world! Damn that's a good feeling," Garrus said, jumping up from lying down.

"Fine feeling isn't it lad? You're lucky that we don't need to do clean-up immediately or go help out around the world. We can just sit back and relax for a bit," Patriot said cheerfully before adding excitedly, "Oh! We should have a party!"

"Knowing Major Crime he's already raided all of the stores nearby for beer and party favors," Camille told them, "I'd say you guys deserve a little party. Not often people save the world after only being on the job for a little bit."
"You won't be joining us?" Garrus asked.
"I have other priorities. Namely your brother and explaining to the Galactic Guardians why the man in second running for joining them is now mush," Camille explained, floating up into the air, "But since both things can be taken care of from the Promenade I might join you, but probably not."
"Well we know where to find you mom. Meet you there," Garrus said, waving goodbye as his mom zoomed off, "Let's head back then...guys. Wait aren't all the bikes destroyed?"
"I'll carry you guys if you need the lift!" Patriot exclaimed, already grabbing Jason by the leg and lifting him up.
".....I think we'll walk."


And so ends the first major arc for our heroes. Though they were only together a few months they've succeeded where many would have fallen. They have both failed and prospered through the endless problems they have faced. While initially very uncomfortable as all beginning teams are they learned to band together against the forces that worked against them. Even though only a few remained from the initial group, the ones left had gone far and beyond what was expected of them. They had done the impossible; and for them the future was bright.

Tune in for the next maybe an hour we're already getting the opening post ready. An invite will be sent. Thank you for helping us get to this point (holy hell we actually finished a roleplay! :O )!

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