The Society of Justice: A Super Hero Roleplay

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"I don't get jokes all that often,I'm sorry to appear a grumpy bastard."
Then a hoarse voice spoke in Marcus's mind.
He began to tap his foot absent mindedly.

"Alright, no problem then man. I'll try to not do it so much, or at least now when you're around," Garrus responded, turning over to the doctor and saying hello.

"Ehhh...whats up doc," Aaron continued to open another bottle fo water from his bag.

Marcus nodded and turned to the doctor.

Birras turned to Aaron "You're lucky I'm in a good mood today. Normally I make people bleed saying that."

"I'd like to see you try," Aaron took a big gulp of water.

Dona started "Wait i just remembered, the letter. I sent you a letter asking about the bullet, so can you get it out." she turns to the doctor "Or you how good are you could you remove a bullet lodged near the centre of a brain or not."

"Well...If I must," Birras pulled a scalpel out of his coat pocket and thrust it, deep, into his own finger. "Ow." Birras focused on Aaron, healing himself but tearing open then flesh on Aaron's finger. "Try not to bleed on the seats, they're probably expensive." He then turns to Dona. "Now then, madam, to address your concern, I'm not a brain surgeon, and using my powers to heal you would kill me almost instantly. So, yeah..."

Aaron winced in pain and quickly put his finger in his mouth. He paused for a second and pulled his finger back out and it was good as new.

"Nice palor trick," Aaron laughed putting back on his shades.

James waited on a bench in front of his apartment, waiting for the limo to arrive. James worried that he looked like a freak in his outfit, but knew once he joined the Society, he would be normal. He waited another 20 minutes. Just as he thought they were just going to forget him, the limo pulled up. James stood and walked over to the back of the limo, the door being opened for him, and stepping inside, taking a seat without saying anything.

Garrus knocked on the window in the front and asked Sebastian how many more people needed to be picked up.

"Just one more Garrus. And we'll be there shortly," Sebastian replied, exiting from the freeway.
"Alright. And how long do we wait for them?" Garrus asked.
"We'll wait ten minutes or so. If they don't show up after that, then they'll have to walk to the Promenade," he replied, getting a nod from Garrus who sat back down in his seat.

The limo sat in front of the house for ten minutes before heading onto Route 44 and arriving at the Promenade.
Garrus stretched after getting out, about to take out a cigarette before remembering it wasn't allowed at the Promenade.


Richard climbed out of the limo as soon as it came to a stop with case in hand. He reached to straighten his tie before remembering it was in the case.

'Will have to get another of those' he thought as he began to walk toward the promenade.

"Hey Garrus I got a question," Aaron stated as he walked over to him.

"Yes?" Garrus asked, waiting for everyone to get their belongings before they head inside the Promenade.

Marcus stepped out of the car and looked at the Promenade.
He grabbed his bag.

"How long is this going to take because I got plans for this afternoon," Aaron made his way into the Promenade with the others.

"Er maybe an hour or so? Well, Cillian likes speeches short, but if PP comes then expect it to be an hour. And then we'll be shown to our rooms and I guess that would be when you can go and do your 'plans' or whatever," Garrus said rudely as he started walking to the main entrance.

Anton slowly stepped out of the car to the grand view of the Promenade.

"This place is far better than my shack" Anton muttered to himself as he took in the landscape

Birras let out a sharp whistle at the sight of the Promenade, grabbing his bag and depositing the scalpel in his pocket.

Dona left with the rest of them. When she was out she looked around taking in the surroundings. She was still curious about the bullet but oh well it looked like that would have to wait. But there was something else she was dying to know. At first she had considered just plucking it from the nearest mind but no she could just ask.
"So what dose this training consists of? How do we prepare?"

Jason jerked awake before noticing everyone pile out of the limo. He followed suit, stumbling clumsily out, hoping no one noticed his mishap.

"Geez, can't you guys wake a brother up or something?" He said, rubbing the back of his head before standing up straight. The Promenade quick caught his glance.

"So...this must be The Promenade, eh? Looks pretty bad-ass." He said before noticing the others far ahead.

"Hey! Wait for me!" He said, jogging after them.

"We'll be told that when we get inside," Garrus replied to Dona as they entered the lobby. Garrus made some small-talk with the receptionist as she verified each person. She gave each of them a badge allowing access to most areas in the Promenade.

"Garrus dear, you know where the lounge is correct? Cillian should be waiting there for you, best get there soon before he has a nervous breakdown again," Gloria said, waving them off and helping the next person in line.

Garrus led the group through the museum, taking a few detours to look at the new things put up. They marched past the First and Second Generation sections of the museum, getting a few odd looks from the tourists.

Cillian straightened the flowers on the lounge table for the third time, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the group. 'They're being led around by Garrus, it'll be awhile before they get here,' Cillian thought to himself as the doors opened and the group entered.

"See, I told you guys I knew my way. Cillian! Nice to see you again," Garrus said, tossing his stuff onto a chair and patting Cillian on the shoulder.
"Nice to see you too. Seems like you took a number of detours," he replied, motioning for the group to get comfortable.
"Only a few. Wanted to see a few of the new exhibits."

Richard walked in and took a seat. He glared at Cillian as he sat.

Simon couldn't deny he was impressed with the exhibits but he tried to remain stoic throughout the journey through the museum

"So what now?"

He asked bluntly

Anton could barely contain his amazement with the exhibits, everything was polished and pristine. Because he got sidetacked, he could barely keep up with the group.

James sat down on one of the chairs in the lounge. It was quite soft.

"Ohh. Plush. Very nice."

"Alright, everyone is here for the most part. So, you are all the applicants we have accepted to become members of the Society of Justice, The Fourth Generation," Cillian started, walking around the room, "Now before you are all made members of the Society we're going to have you put through a number of tests to make sure that you are all up to par and can work together."

"Should be fun," Garrus muttered.

"I hope so. Now, for the next week or so of these tests you'll be staying here in the Promenade. Those badges you were given allow you access to most parts of the Promenade. We have provided you rooms to stay in, though a few of you might have to bunk together...sorry about that. Tomorrow we will begin the first few tests, so you guys should try to get a good night's sleep. This is the lounge where you guys can hang out and stuff, fully functional kitchen and entertainment center. All the good stuff. Any questions?" Cillian asked the group, making sure he hit all the points he had wanted to in his little speech.

"Tests?" Anton said with a deep sense of reluctance "I thought that just being accepted was enough"

Jason quickly raised his hand.

" there anything to eat? I sorta missed out on breakfast." He asked, holding his stomach.

"I assume the tests start tomorrow and today will just be us getting used to the place?"

Simon asked, leaning back in one of the comfy seats

"Yes, how long until the president gets here so I can get out of this mess." Richard asked, still glaring.

"Can't wait to get back to your yacht huh?" Anton added.

"Wait I gotta stay in this craphole for a week!!" Aaron shouted.

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