The Society of Justice: A Super Hero Roleplay

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"Hey do you really want ice," Aaron asked Patriot walking over to him.

Anton glared at Patriot for a few seconds before closing the fridge and walking off out of the kitchen with the bottle of generic alcohol he found.

"I kinda like it. It's fancy in that old-school sorta way. And I doubt most of the people here would like to see it get revamped. Though it does get added onto a lot, might just be able to design a new wing!" Garrus replied, getting comfy in his seat.

Patriot watched Anton leave the room, shouting "The fridge isn't over there!"

"Sir, just...look he's offering you ice just take it with your water," Cillian said, rubbing his temples.
"Alright thank you lad. So much nicer than that rude boy," Patriot said.

"Fair enough. So long as I can bring some of the creature comforts I'm used to. Why downgrade if you don't have to, you know?" Richard replied.

"We're allowed to go where we please right? Mind if I wonder around the grounds outside?"

Simon asked, washing off his now empty glass in the sink

Aaron grabbed a glass from a shelf and filled it with water and placed it in front of Patriot.
Aaron touch the side of glass and 3 ice cubes formed inside the glass.

"Oooohh fancy. I think I'm going to like you lad!" Patriot said, grabbing the glass and chugging it down. "Good ol' H2O!"

"Simon you can go where you want. If you're not allowed somewhere you simply won't be able to go there," Cillian said.

"Makes sense," Garrus replied, watching Anton enter the lounge with a drink in his hand.

"What's happening in here?" Anton asked, slowly making his way over to a seat


Simon said with a bow, before teleporting outside

"Garrus is watching the food network, and I plan on getting plastered because I'm now fully forced to be here." Richard replied before taking another sip of the scotch.

"Seems your not going to be alone in your drinking tonight Richard," Garrus remarked with a chuckle, scheduling a few other shows later on in the day. "I think I'll go check out the rooms in a bit," he muttered.

Anton sat at the nearest chair and downed his drink.

"Being a 'hero' is exciting, huh?" Anton said while chuckling underneath his breath

"Hey Patriot do you guys have like a "exercise room"?" Aaron asked as he got up from his seat.

"But of course lad! Should be right next to all of your rooms, right Cillian?" Patriot asked joyfully.
"Right, speaking of which I should probably show you guys where you'll be staying at," Cillian muttered.

"It's fun. Even better now that we're going to be 'official'," Garrus replied to Anton with a grin.

"Hey Anton do you want to spar after we get settled in?" Aaron walked in to main room with the others.

After grabbing a cinnamon scone and a cup of coffee, Jason strolled into the entertainment room where three others were.

"I don't think I properly introduced myself." He said openly, setting his coffee cup down.

"Sup? My name's Jason." He said, offering his hand to whoever was willing to shake it.

"Maybe. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to even show." Anton continued "By the way, whats with that Patriot Punch guy?"

"He seems a should I say this...extra," Aaron whispered to Anton.

"Yo," Garrus said, extending his hand to Jason, "Garrus, you seem like one of the nicer guys here. Or at least one who knows when to speak up."

"Hey Aaron, I can always fight you if you want. Not today though. Shows are coming on," Garrus added, "You should ask Richard for his opinion on PP! I'm sure he'll give you a piece of his mind."

"No point in being quiet about it, I've been working with the man since I took over the company at 18, and Garrus grew up with him. We all know he is insane. To be more specific he is a great politician, loves America and all that, but he is a bit overzealous. He is very over the top, but what can ya do? Too bad his intelligence as a politician doesn't carry over too well to much else. Try explaining mass drive weaponry to the man, you'll see what I mean." Richard said before finishing the glass and pouring another.

The air was cool and crisp, just like autumn air should be. Simon stretched out on the grass and then took off across the ground, teleporting up, rolling, diving, running, shifting from left to right and doing other moves, the cool air starting to tingle as he started to push himself harder and harder, as he could feel the strain of using his power repeatedly starting to catch up with him

"!" he growled, ignoring the burning sensation that had started to well up inside of him

"I'd enjoy that Garrus. How about tomorrow?"

After shaking Garrus' hand, he noticed Richard downing the alchohol.

"Ummm...Rich? Isn't it a little early to be drinking in such amounts?" He asked.

"Well if the tests aren't too bad tomorrow then why the hell not?" Garrus replied with a grin, already thinking about ways to beat Aaron.

"Amen to that" Anton agreed pouring himself another glass.

"Not particularly, I just got told I'm going to be forced into this, and that there is no way out. So I think it is a pretty good time to drink." Richards phone rang with the convoy telling him they had made it with the suit. He ordered it to go to Cillian who would then direct it to the room.

"And so my fate is sealed." Richard finished before sipping from his new glass.

"Hey Rich what can your suit do exactly?" Aaron tried to sneak the remote away from Garrus.

Garrus eyed Aaron's hand from behind his Ray-Bans as it slowly made it's way to the controller. He quickly snatched it up at the last second, moving it to the other side and proclaiming, "You do not try to change the channel when I'm watching a cooking show."

"I'll pay you if you let me change it," Aaron pleaded.

"Well designing a suit for use with infantry presents certain problems. The suit increases strength and agility while remaining relatively lightweight. It uses ion and particle based weaponry for long range attacks, and there are blades in the arms for close range. The suit is designed to work in nearly any environment, if it isn't dipped in molten rock or liquid nitrogen, it will operate. It was designed to withstand blades, guns, rockets, bombs, and tank shells and continue to operate. The problems with what Patriot wants it to do is that the person inside is still a person, it takes a lot of maintenance, and enough damage continuously applied will still break it. It was meant to operate in wars of all types, not fight some psychic with daddy issues and a grudge against the world. It is a marvel of engineering nonetheless." Richard said with pride as he continued before drinking again.

"No," Garrus replied to Aaron, "You can have it once I'm done watching this. Then you can have your way with the remote."

"Aaron...look what you did..." Anton spoke with rising irritation while simultaneously taking nother swig of his drink.

"So it isnt functionally at −321 °F is it?" presumed remebering the temperature of liquid nitrofen.

"What did I do?" Aaron asked Anton

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