The Society of Justice: A Super Hero Roleplay

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"You got it talking" Anton replied

"More than likely, though upgrades can be made as my company improves tech. I did design and build it, so if anyone can upgrade it, I can." Richard replied with a grin.

"Could I invest in this new technological marvel that will shape modern warfare as we know it?" Aaron asked mocking a commercial he remebered seeing for Richard's company.

"Trust me, you don't have the money for it, no matter how rich you are. This weapon requires the money of a G8 nation to purchase. You might also not want to insult someone who could easily buy whatever company or group it was that got your parents their money and run it into the ground." Richard shot back.

"Oooh. Burnt." Jason said, taking a long sip of coffee.

Then he burned his tongue drinking the coffee.

"OW! Burns!" He replied, fanning his tongue in a childish manner.

"Oh snaps!" Garrus laughed, clenching his stomach and trying to not fall off his seat, "Right for the jugular!"

"If it's that expensive, it sounds horribly impractical."

Anton feel out of his chair laughing almost spilling the alcohol.

Well one, I have no idea what a G8 nation is. Secondly...," Aaron froze Richard's drink,"Dont threaten my comapny."

"Trust me, it isn't. That suit turns a GI into something more powerful than a main battle tank. If you have a hundred of them on the battlefield in say Iraq. Your enemy would not stand a chance." Richard replied. He calmly put down the glass of frozen alcohol.

"Ruin my drink again, and it will be a prophecy of the future, not a threat. You should have learned some respect for your betters when your family was raising you. You seem to think that the world needs to bow before little rich boy and his ice powers, and that you can walk on everyone else because of it. I would be glad to prove just how human you really are. You may have powers I don't, but I also have power you couldn't even begin to imagine should I choose to wield it." Richard bit out to him.

Simon then decided he had, had enough of his workout and teleported backinto the faciltuy, landing neatly on a couch, sweat covering his body

"Hey guys...whatssup?"

He panted, a stupid grin on his face

After tiring of hearing 'Under Pressure' for the twentieth time, Birras shut off the surround sound and went in to the kitchen in search of his natural prey, the elusive golden Gouda. As he walked into the kitchen, he found that about everyone was in there, eating, drinking or just talking. Scanning the room for a moment, the dairy-crazed Doctor saw what he was looking for, a giant, silver treasure vault that may contain a wedge of gold. Maneuvering through the crowd like a snake and thrusting the doors of the fridge open, he saw, glimmering before him, a large wedge of Dutch Gouda. Pausing a moment to enjoy the moment, the Doctor picked up the wedge and thrust it into his mouth. Chewing and swallowing the mouthful, he took a moment to appreciate the aftertaste before saying, to his inner cheese critic more than anyone, "Nice, firm rind, with that taste I'd say it's been aged 13 months, somewhat smooth so relatively fresh. All-in-all, a good cheese," and with that, Birras continued to greedily munch on the wedge of cheese.

"Yeah, but at that price it sounds like you wouldn't be able to outfit even a small battalion with those things."

Aaron stood up embaressed infront of everyone else.

"O.K. if your suit is so "perfect" how about you and me decide this the old fashioned way," Aaron cracked his knucles and his eyes started to glow a light blue.

"Hell yes a fight! Hundred on Rich," Garrus said with excitement, hoping that it would escalate to an actual fight.

"Ah, you must be the doctor of the group," Patriot said to Birras, watching him study and eat the cheese like it was an everyday thing, "Always nice to have a doctor. Been awhile since the Society had one. Good profession."

"The suit doesn't cost more than an F-22 to produce, and it doesn't need seven different states to produce." He turned to Aaron.

"I would be glad to, just need to wait for me to be able to actually get to it. The technology in the suit will be able to tell me just what you're doing before you do it. Especially because your power is thermal, you think my suit wouldn't detect a change in heat?" Richard replied casually.

Aaron quickly turned to Garrus his eyes continued to get brighter as his anger increased.

"You actually think this guy can beat me!!!"

"Who knows? Maybe he can. Either way, I love a good fight." Jason said to Aaron while moving to the seat next to Garrus.

"Shall I prepare the popcorn?" He asked.

"Yes" Anton declared.

"Yes? I thought I made that clear with my hundred dollar bet against you," Garrus replied to Aaron with raised eyebrows, moving over so Jason could sit next and watch the fight.

Simon grinned, looking from person to person.

The excitment moving slowly towards intense.

He loved it

"Isn't the F-22 program being shut down for costing too much?"

"When is your stupid suit suppose to get here?" Aaron blared as the temperature in the room slowly started to drop.

"It cost too much because congress built it and required seven different states to produce a single plane. My company can produce it for about as much in a single location without the added costs to government of immense shipping and security costs. The entire program cost too much, not the plane." He turned to Aaron.

"It is actually here now, it just needs to be placed in my room."

"Aaron quiet yourself" Anton shot at Aaron "Your not exactly anyone's friend at this point. Believe me two rich boys trying to kill each other is fine by me but you've pissed me off as well"

Cillian sighed, making his way back to the lounge after dealing with the moving people security hassling him over where to put the suit.

'At least I'll be able to relax now,' Cillian thought, opening the door to the lounge and being greeted by yelling and bet-making.

Ice started to form on the walls in the room.

"You know what I'll give you time to prepare. First thing tommorow you and me in front of everyone."

Aaron stormed out heading to his room. Heat started to return to the room.

"Hey Mr. C! Join the Party!" Jason said, greeting the fellow superhero.

"Oh wait. Nevermind." He quickly added once Aaron left.

Birras turned to the gaudily dressed man who was interrupting his one-on-one time with the marvelous cheese. "Yes, it is an excellent profession. Especially when one can heal wounds with a touch. Would you like me to demonstrate?"

"Awww, I thought my match would be with him tomorrow!" Garrus groaned, noticing Cillian with a confused look on his face, "Yo."

"Wh-what the hell is going on here?" Cillian asked, wondering how things got so bad so quickly.

"Oooh, gladly. I love seeing what things you youngsters can cook up nowadays!" Patriot replied cheerfully, ignoring all the yelling in the lounge.

"Giving me time will make this too easy. Hey Anton, you mind joining me when I check over the suit, I have a plan and it rather requires you." Richard said.

"I'm about to teach a little shit some respect for their betters and their history." he replied to Cillian.

"No problem" Anton replied

"Man, can't I go ANYWHERE without two dudes fighting for no goddamn reason?"

"No! No, no, no. There will be none of that here dammit!" Cillian replied angrily, getting a number of stares from everyone.

"Dude, chill. It's just a friendly spar. Besides he deserved it," Garrus replied, leading Cillian over to an empty seat and sitting him down there, "Everything'll be fine. Chill."

"Alright then!" The slightly mad Doctor eagerly said, placing his beloved cheese upon the counter and picking up a sizable knife from a drawer. "You may feel small pain," Birras said while slashing at Patriot's shoulder. This left a decent sized, but shallow, cut across Patriot Punch!'s torso. "Now, I simply focus on you and...Ow, that stings a bit," Birras said, as the wound knit itself together while the Doctor twitched with pain. He pulled he shirt down, revealing an identical wound that had appeared on his own shoulder. "You wouldn't happen to have any gauze, would you?" Birras said, while picking the cheese pack up and taking another bite.

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