The Society of Justice: A Super Hero Roleplay

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"Because we happen to be human and I'm not a big fan of people who disrespect their history or those around them for no damn reason. He's been a raging bastard since he got here, and I intend to not be walked over by him as if I am some sort of lowly dog expected to respond to their master." He said to James before turning to Cillian.

"You're going to have to let us fight if we are ever expected to get along. Bad blood needs to be cleared up between any people or groups before they can work together."

"Amazing! Quite astounding I should say. I don't know where the medical supplies are, but if you could give the injury back to me then that will work. I heal faster than the average person," Patriot replied in awe, looking at his torn clothing.

"If you insist," Birras said, focusing on Patriot Punch!, causing the wound to reappear in the exact spot. "You know, I didn't think many people would appreciate my abilities, what with me-Ah! That's still tender! Erm, with me having to inflict injuries upon myself and all that."

"Well I think your gift is spectacular! It can be extremely useful in a number of ways, why I'd say it might be one of the better powers I've seen with the last decade or so," Patriot replied cheerfully, his wound already healed.

"Oh, trust me man. I'm not disrespecting you. That guy deserves whatever he gets coming to him. But it seems there is a guy like him everywhere..."

"Well, friend," said the mad Doctor, while finishing the last bite of cheese "I'm glad you feel that way. For now, however, I need sleep for the day ahead. So, goodnight, I suppose." He said as he walked off to his room.

"Simply part of the human condition, but unfortunately for him, he is why the phrase 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' exists. I intend to use every advantage he has given me, even if to him it would seem like cheating. Honestly, I can't bring my to care if it's cheating or not, as either way it's good business." Richard said as he placed the bottle of scotch to one side.

"Lucky I don't kill him for ruining my scotch though."

Cillian sighed, declaring that he was going home and that'd he deal with everyone tomorrow. Garrus waved goodbye, getting himself comfortable on the couch and going back to watching tv.

Patriot came into the lounge, bidding everyone farewell as he flew out of the hole in the ceiling back to the White House.

"I can't believe he would provoke us all and expect to get away. I should burn him alive in his sleep!" Anton yelled not concerned with getting Aaron's attention.

"You can always help me kick his ass, indirectly of course, but still. All you need to do is keep the air around us at say a good one hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. Then his ice should sublimate into harmless steam, considering his power is water based, it would work to keep him from injuring me, then defeating him would be easy." Richard said to Anton.

Anton smiled. "Sounds good to me. Now, can someone show me to my room? I'm anxious to see it"

Garrus got up and showed Anton where all the rooms were before walking back to the couch and watching a movie.

Katie leaned up against a wall, twirling her rose in her fingers. Clearly this Anton fellow uses fire as his weapon, she thought, and shuddered at the idea of unrelenting fire, consuming everything. She reached up and tucked her hair behind one ear, then with nothing better to do, crossed to a corner and examined a potted plant standing on a small table.

She could sense no life in the plant, as if it was... "Fake. A worthless, plastic imitation," she said to herself, turning away in disgust. "Now, a real plant in its place, that would be better. I'll replace it as soon as I can find something good." She paused, and looked around the room. "There's no sense of.. nature to this place. They need someone like me to bring life to it."

"You can always take a look at the gardens. They're the nicest in the city, though still nothing compared to the Atrium in Garden City," Garrus told Katie, turning back to the tv and flipping through channels now that his movie was over.

Richard waited until the scotch turned back into a liquid before going back to drinking. He simply drank and watched whatever Garrus had on the TV.

"Fair enough. Thanks, Garrus," Katie said as she made her way to the doors. Poking her head out, she realized he was right: although it was fall season, the Society's gardens were lush with beds of flowers, vines creeping up overgrown pillars, and fruit-bearing bushes. Some of the taller trees had lost their leaves in preparation for the coming winter. Katie stepped out into the gardens, lost in the peacefulness and natural beauty of the scene.

"So...Chicago or Moulin Rouge?" Garrus asked Richard after watching Katie leave for the gardens.

"Chicago. Prefer a musical about thirties crime than a french whore house." Richard replied.

"Fine," Garrus said, flipping the channel to Chicago and watching it with Richard.

Simon rolled out of bed, looking at the glowing hands of his digital clock...



He mumbled, looking around but not seeing anyone else awake, made his way to the bathroom to shower, put on some causal clothes, made his way down to the kitchen and started making pancakes

After being shown his room, Jason quickly plopped down on the bed.

"Haven't been on a bed this soft since my time in the Corps..." He muttered drowsily before drifting to sleep.

The next morning, he stumbled to the kitchen to prepare a bowl of cereal. There he saw Simon making his breakfast.

"Morning." He said in a scratchy voice.

Richard had gone to bed around midnight, he woke up and checked the jets on the suit first that allowed him flight thanks to thrust vector technology. He then checked the weapons and defensive systems before heading down for breakfast. Everything on the suit wasn't perfect, but it was all well within working parameters.

"Good morning." he said as he made his way over to the fridge to make some eggs and toast.

"Hey guys, anyone want some pancakes?"

Simon asked cheerily, shifting over to the fridge to grab some butter and then shifted back to toss it on the pan.

"Nothing like some warm pancakes to start off your morning"

"Yea, why not. May as well ask if anyone wants eggs or toast while we're at it." Richard said as he moved to grab a pan himself.

"I'll pass on the toast but eggs sound good"

Simon replied, pouring some fresh batter onto his frying pan, shifting away to quickly take a gulp of orange juice before shifting back to shape the bater into a pancake shape

Anton got up and sat on his bed for a few seconds. 'Best bed I've ever slept on' he thought and moved to get up. As he moved through the hallway he smelled something, something amazing. He entered the kitchen and saw pancakes.

"Two, right now with butter and a bottle of syrup" Anton said as he sat down at the table

Smirking Simon shifted over to Anton's seat and dropped a plate with the pancakes on them by his seat

"First warning, be polite or they may not land on your plate next time"

He smiled before teleporting back into the kitchen

Anton grabbed a fork and brought the plate closer.

"I'll keep that in mind" He replied sarcastically while devouring the pancakes.

"I'm very tempted to eat right now," Garrus muttered, having woken up from sleeping on the couch by all the noise in the kitchen. He yawned as he took a seat at the table, watching everyone either making or eating food.

Dona had turned in quite early yesterday. But now she was up and ready for any training that might be in store. That or just to try a fight someone she had not been able to use her powers in a while and felt a little out of practice. Almost by instinct she just released that information into the collective unconscious it saved having to ask people over and over. Then her stomach growled. Within seconds every one in the building thought the exact same thing.
"Wouldn't it be nice to make that cute girl breakfast."
She smiled to her self and waited.

"Guess I'm the official cook now. Oh and Shapey*, I told you not to do the mind thing so if you could kindly ask instead of the mind thing, that'd be great"

Simon suddenly lamented aloud before pointing a spatula at Garrus

"You want something or you just here to watch me cook?"

"The pancakes were alright" Anton spoke while attempting to hide how much he loves the food.

"I'm good. Can't eat in the morning, unless I want to feel awful for the rest of the day," Garrus replied to Simon groggily, rubbing his eyes under his sunglasses.

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