The Society of Justice: A Super Hero Roleplay

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Richard shrugged at his ignored offer and finished his eggs and toast before sitting at the table. He ate rather quickly, he had some last minute tests he wanted to run before the day began.

Simon sat down at the table, placing a large plate of pancakes down in the middle.

"Dig in"

He clapped and stuck his fork into the pile, plopping some down on his plate and started eating

"I'm going to go practice...burning things" Anton got up from his seat and walked out into the yard.

As Aaron awoke he noticed his room was the same as it was at home when he was emotional. It looked as if it went though a ice storm. Aaron got up and looked at the thermostat. Negative 60 degrees farenheight it read. Aaron could hear the others already up. He didnt want to see anybody yet. He unpacked the rest of his bag and unloaded some water bottles onto his bed.

"That should be enough," Aaron thought to himself.

Dona was slightly perturbed that her little bit of suggestion had been noticed but oh well.
"Sorry about that, old habits die hard. So could i have some pancakes then?" Her pancake-less plate suddenly seamed like a crime to him, well almost.
She looked down from his accusing gaze
"Sorry again."

After what was quite a good meal she was ready to face the day and the training
"Thanks you really are good." She made a mental note to get the recipe some time.
"So anyone up for a little sparing?"

Katie walked in from outside, having constructed a room better suited to her lifestyle in a corner of the gardens; she had accelerated a young evergreen's growth and woven the room out of branches. She passed Anton as he headed outside, a slight smell of burning following him. The smell of fresh-cooked pancakes hit her nose, and she hurried to grab a plate before they were all snatched up by the others with a quick, "Morning, all."

"Morning," Garrus replied to Katie before turning to Dona, "Normally I'd say yes but I'm a bit groggy still. Mornings just aren't my thing."

"Morning. I like what you did with the outside, mind if take a look?" Dona had never been too good with smells so a trip in to the new garden might give her some practice.

"Don't let me stop you," Katie answered after she finished her first pancake. "You won't be able to get into my little corner, though; I sealed the room off with a wall of vines, so only I can open it." She continued eating to get an energy boost for the day's testing.

Should've brought in a bunch of grapes, she thought as she ate. They would've been perfect to go with something like this.

Dona when out to wander among the garden she made sure she could hear what was going on inside. She still made sure they knew they she was up for a fight. Just in case anyone was interested.

Birras walked into the kitchen, groggily saying "'Lo. There any coffee?"

"Not as far as I know. Then again, never been too much of a coffee drinker myself." Richard replied as he finished his eggs and toast.

Dona came in from the garden she decided to test out her what she had been practicing.
She turned to Richard and held out a flower.
"Sniff it, i need to know if i got the sent right."
From nowhere she pulled out a thorn and jabbed him in the hand.
"Sorry i just wanted to know if i have mastered pain yet."
The thorn appeared to evaporate.
"Sorry again."

James barely slept. He spent almost all night steampunkanizing his room. By the time he was done and he got to bed, it was already 3 AM. He woke up groggy, and most likely late. Drawn to the kitchen by the smell of pancakes, he noticed Simon making them. Asking for two himself, James checked the fridge and cupboard, searching for something.

"Great. Almost any food you can imagine, and no corned beef hash."

Cillian rubbed his eyes and cracked his neck as he made his way to the lounge. He was quite happy that Patriot wasn't going to be here for this test, 'Though that means he'll be here tomorrow,' he thought with despair as he walked through the lounge to the kitchen.

"Good morning everyone. Hoped you all had a nice night," Cillian greeted, taking a seat next to Garrus.

Richard pulled his hand back as it was hit by the thorn.

"The hell? Next time you can just ask alright? Damn, I have no problems with being a part of an experiment, but I would like to know it first." Richard said as he checked his hand to see how bad it was. Once he didn't see much other than the mark from the thorn he simply laid his hand on the table.

He waved and gave a small hello to Cillian as he walked in, but otherwise simply sat there.

Katie looked up briefly, nodded to Cillian, then finished eating. Doubtless the tests would begin soon enough, and she wanted to be at the top of her game before they started. She got up and said, "I'll be back in a little bit," to no-one in particular, then quickly headed out to the gardens, where she sat down facing a small bed of flowers.

She extended a hand to the nearest one, and the entire bed shivered before slowly starting to change and become more vibrantly coloured, creating a strong contrast with the green of the grass nearby. After a few minutes, Katie pulled her hand away, but the flowers remained the same colour. She picked one and tucked it behind her ear, then stood up and headed back inside to join the others.

James finished the cup of coffee he had poured between posts*, and felt his normal energy return to him.

"Alright! I'm ready! Let's go!"

After competing his bowl of cereal, he went to the sink to wash his bowl. After doing so, he quietly strolled out, walking to a open space, where began to stretch and limber up. Once his regimen was complete, he walked back to the kitchen.

"So, when do we start our training Mr. C? I'm ready to go!" He said, still stretching his arms a bit.

"Alright so I'll tell you all right now what's going to be happening today. The first test is a simple moral test that was created by a group of heroes from all generations of the Society. Once that was is taken we'll give you a simple aptitude test, and that'll be all for the day," Cillian explained.

"Sounds like a free day to me," Garrus replied with a chuckle.

"I guess. Tomorrow will be your basic obstacle courses. Then some field training, team work stuff," Cillian added.

Katie slipped inside before Cillian started talking, and managed to hear most of what was said: "simple moral test... simple aptitude test..."

"Nothing I shouldn't be able to deal with," she said to herself. "As long as there's no major fires involved, it's all good by me." She looked around and breathed a sigh of relief that Anton hadn't heard that.

A cold chill filled the kitchen as Aaron finally walked in and joined the others. He ignored evey one though gave a stren look to Richard. He grabbed a croissant and started to eat it as he layed against the back wall.

Richard didn't miss the look Aaron gave him.

"Look you little shit. You've been giving us crap since well before any of us got here, and I don't know about the rest of the team, but I for one am fucking sick of it. If you think you're better than us then get the fuck out of here. Otherwise, drop the damn attitude and show your future teammates some goddamn respect. I may be stuck here because the only alternative is prison, but I sure as shit don't have to put up with crap from a spoiled little child stuck in a teenagers body. I don't care if you don't like Anton, Garrus, or myself but we are going to have to be able to work with one another. If you're so arrogant that you honestly think you can do this alone, then you will end up dead and I sincerely doubt any of us will be surprised by it." Richard said bluntly to Aaron.

"Personally I like everyone else on the team," Aaron finished his croissant,"It's you who I have issues with. Your the kind of guy that is all about business,business,business. Your not here to help anyone. I bet if you had the chance to steal money from every citizen in Nova City to help with your precious suit project. Your the kind of guys that make me sick."

Katie decided to try and intervene, and moved towards Aaron and Richard. "Hey, knock it off, both of you," she said, her tone commanding. "Clearly you two have issues with each other, but that doesn't mean the rest of us want to know about it. I don't know about you guys, but I joined the Society to help others, not put up with your infighting. You're both here now, and that's what matters. So both of you, pack it in. Now."

"Really, you like everyone, because I can name at least two people other than myself who don't like you. You disrespected Garrus' home and his past, and you just plain pissed off Anton with your arrogance. By the way, if you think my being a businessman means I have no standards, then you obviously have brain damage. My corporation will not do business with anyone who is not in good standing with the US. Want to know why? Because the nations that aren't are bound to use them for oppression and unspeakable acts of horror. I would also appreciate you never speaking ill of my suit again, I designed and built that suit from the ground up to make it so a US troop never has to die needlessly again. That suit was only to be sold to the US and her closest allies, so don't you ever presume to know what my suit or my business is for! How about we turn that light on you, what does your company do, hm? What have you done with your parents money to help those beneath you. You walked into the Promenade, a symbol of hope and justice for thirty years now, and you treated it like it was some run down apartment. You have no respect for your hosts, your past, or what you claim to want to do, so don't you dare try and lecture me like you're so fucking high and mighty." Richard was practically shouting by the end of his rant. He wasn't about to let him talk as if he was so much better than him.

"Dude, don't get so worked up. I doubt he will pass the moral aptitude test, with the way he has been acting."

Cillian just put his head in his hands, trying to come up with a reasonable response to what was going on. Garrus, meanwhile, patted Richard on the back; clearly in a good mood.

Aaron quickly slumpted back against the wall

"Sorry," he muttered under his breath.

"All right, Richard, calm down. Just don't argue when there's others around, okay?" Katie said as she pulled the flower from behind her ear and held it loosely in her left hand. It may have been removed from its flowerbed, but she could still do a fair bit with it in her possession, including separating the two argumentative men with a wall of roots and leaves.

Anton came running into the lobby, his trench coat slightly charred.

"I heard yelling! What happened?" Anton exclaimed with a more excited than worried expression on his face.

"Not Much." Jason replied to the the urgent looking Anton.

"Rich and Aaron were fighting again, just like yesterday. Y'know, the usual." He finished before crossing his arms casually.

"No, fuck that! He's disrespected something I gave sweat and blood to. Not just that, He disrespected my father's legacy, a company which he built from the ground up with myself with the expressed purpose of helping others, and he presumes to know me because of his preconceived notions!? Fuck that, I'm sick of people like him, they read a tabloid or a newspaper and then presume to know who I am and what I think. You know nothing of me and the time and energy I put into making my father's dream a reality. Never! Ever! Presume you know who the hell I am again!" Richard shouted before immediately leaving the room. He couldn't stand to be around that arrogant bastard for another second. Richard decided now would be a decent time to test the suit some more, at least to blow off some steam.

Anton was trying to fight from grinning, but obviously losing.

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