Star Trek: Captains Log

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Luser 2: A note to User 4: Mittens is in a better place *Trying not to laugh*

On a lighter note. The Tribble feast was good

Stardate 2424.3: God I need a frigging drink... The night shift sucks.

User 4: The Tribble was great but I didn't know it had Gluten so I have spent the day on the toilet. Dam gluten intorrlence.

Luser 2: A note to User 4: Sorry to say this again...

User 4: *Looks down* Oh god this is a pot plant. Sorry mr.Fern.

Luser 2: Memo to User 4: And that wasn't a fern...

User Audrey I mean 4: Feed Me!

Luser 2:

User 4: The medical bay is pritty good but the doctor seems

Luser 2: We lost our captain to our medical doctor.

User 4:The new Second Lieutenant seems friendly as well

Luser 2:

user 45634040:Woke up to gibbons this space morning not the female one but he young underage male one god i stop smoking crack ::lights up a crack pipe::

User 4:*Walk's past log* hey this is still on. I hope it didn't pick up my shower singing.

Luser 2: Oh, crap. I forgot about my captain's duties for more than a week.

Luser 2: Well that's not something you see everyday...

User 4: Oh my GOD the Earth just ate the moon WTF!

Luser 2: We found a replacement moon...

User4: This is awkward I also got a discount moon.

Luser 2: Shocking news!

User4: She was shot into space to ensure the survival of our race.

Luser 2: And while we are at it...

Day 2363930: unusual amount of LOLCATZ pics and talk of the moon has clogged up forum.

Luser 2 to Hussman54: All of it has been neccessary.

User 4: Some secrets are ment to be kept secret

Luser 2: Oh no! Earth is being invaded.

User4: And our only hope has been killed

Luser 2: Don't worry!

User 4: All cat's are thankfully gone from the thread err ship. User 4 out!

user 45634040:Crew got killed by GWAR took me to Scumdogia got really high on crack wtf is wrong with me.....

Luser 2: Oh my god, what is happening?
*Warning warning, bump field detected*

User4: deport auxilary power to posts bury the thread bury the thread!

Luser 2: It's too late!
Starship Emoprise to Command! Starship Emoprise to Command!
We request a lock immediately!
This is a Priority 1 distress call!

User4: The emoprise is cutting itself in two. Abort abort!

Luser 2: Cancel that last order!
Pilot, can you get us to the nearest thread!?

No captain! I can't see anything!

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