Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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Zagi was walking through the forest, he heard the yelp of a monster, then the sounds of horses riding away. "(Could that be the others?)" he thought to himself, he ran further into the forest, he saw the body of what looked like a panther, lying dead in some grass, the smell of burnt fur and scorch marks on the floor, "(Mages?)" he thought.

Then he heard growling. 2 Wolves came out from behind trees, Zagi drew his sword and readied himself for an attack. Both wolves jumped towards him, Zagi twisted his body round and his sword with him, killing one wolf, the other jumped onto him, claws digging into his side. Zagi's sword dropped beside him, he couldn't reach it! "Aero!" He shouted, a gust of wind threw the wolf off of him, he picked up his sword, and finished off the stunned wolf. "*Huff* Agh!" he was losing blood, he felt weak, his legs couldn't support him, he sat down and casted Cure on himself, the wounds healed but he still felt weak. He waited an hour, then set off again, he couldn't run and if anything attacked him he would be done for, he was relying on luck to get him through this forest.

Shann was making good time. She pushed Parker for all he was worth, and he was rewarding her. They were now well away from her hometown, approximately one and a half day's ride away from the spot she was told to go to. To pass the time between the constant riding. She had been picking off the small creatures she spotted on the way, to keep in practice.

I must be slipping, I've missed three of those buggers today. Well I guess that's to be expected out of 50. Starting to get hungry though.

She saw an inn up ahead, and whoaed Parker up, getting off and tying him to the post outside. She entered where the woman tending the room immediately moved to the counter.

"Hello, dear. You look like you've come a long way. Are you looking for a room?" she asked, in an matronly tone. Not that Shann knew what that sounded like.

"Yes, and a hot meal would do wonders for me as well," she answered as the took out her bag of gold. "100G cover that?"

"Oh I couldn't ask for that much. 45G will be more then plenty. Now come sit, I'll fetch some stew from the kitchen. I hope you like beef and onions!" After taking the money she was off to the back room.

Shann moved over to the sitting area. There were only a couple other guests there so she got a table all to herself. Sitting down she had a bit more time to think.

What a nice lady. So different than the innkeepers in town. They jack up their prices the second the tourists show up for the beach season. Vultures. Mmmmmmmmm, that smells good.

The hostess returned with a large plate of stew. Beef and onions were indeed plentiful, as well as some other garden vegetables. "You dig in dear, and let me know if you want seconds."

Shann started in on the dinner. It was delicious, she could taste the added time and care that home cooked meals contained. Or maybe that was the paprika. Either way, it was something she hadn't had since the day her dad died.

How I missed this.

Laxus had now been traveling for several hours and felled a few beasts that had attacked him.

I am grateful for all the lessons my father gave me on fighting with a sword. A shame he died...

As he continued walking, he was attacked by two Hedgehog Pies.

Oh, joy.

He readied his sword and charged one of the Hedgehog pies. It dodged his attack and drove one of it's spikes in Laxus' foot. He flinched, but he used this oppertunity to cut the Hedgehog Pie's head off. The other Hedgehog Pie charged at him as well. It headbutted him in the stomach, making Laxus stagger and fall down on the ground. The Hedgehog Pie then jumped up into the air, it's back was facing Laxus. He was quick to put his sword in front of him, with it's point facing up. The Hedgehog Pie landed on the sword, it's spikes only a few inches away from Laxus.

That...was close.

Laxus drank one of the Potions to heal his foot. He then began walking again through the forrest.

"Aaaaaaaaaah!!! *Bleeping* son of a *bleeping* *bleep*sucker! *bleepedy* *bleep* your *bleeping* *bleep* right through the *bleeping* *bleep* *bleep*!!!"

In hind sight, even thinking that there was nothing that could keep up with him, was just asking for something bad to happen. But THIS! This was a little bit too much in any book. Hot on his tail was a Jetpack wearing Tonberry.

"Damn it all to hell! I am too low level for this *bleep*!!!"

Kiril threw another bunch of leafs into his mouth and chewed. He spotted treeline through the morning fog and veered towards it. Having a company while on the road is fun and all, but bringing that relentless *bleeper* anywhere close to a city was equivalent to asking for a massacre.

Kiril ran into the forest at the top speed, jumping wildly from side to side to avoid trees. Jetpack Tonberry refused to give up. The crazy chase continued for another minute before Kiril finally heard a loud *THUD!* followed by a plethora of sounds characteristic of a tree falling.

"That's... gotta hurt... Well, serves you right."

Kiril left the forest and looked at the rising sun. Thanks to the effects of mint he was able to run whole day and whole night without getting even a little bit tired. And thanks to his little "friend", who was now "resting" in the shade of a broken tree, he was making quite a good time. Even better than he expected. Torania was just a few hours away.

Zagi was still walking through the forest, when a man ran past shoving mint in his mouth, and a Tonberry wearing a Jetpack crashed into a tree... "Huh" he Said, and shoved his sword into the Tonberry, making sure it was dead before looting it. He found a broken jetpack and a potion. "Good enough" he said, and drank the potion, he dropped the useless Jetpack and continued to walk, he had some energy restored and didn't feel so bad, he started laughing about the Tonberry Incident.

I wonder if that was one of the 7 Warriors?

Zel walked down the path when he ran into a wolf, a big scary thing with sharp teeth and large claws. "Time to test out the summoning prowess, old boy!" He raised his staff in the air and focused on the signature of Ramuh. The sky clouded over suddenly, a storm brewing. Lightning struck the ground, once, twice, thrice, and the fourth time it stopped upon contact, and formed itself into Ramuh, an old man with a long beard and a staff, but a master of lightning. "My friend, strike him with the might of Thunder!" Zel screamed. Ramuh was more than happy to oblige, sending a bolt of lightning into the wolf, frying his innards. Zel dismissed Ramuh. "Gods, that takes a lot out of me." He sat down for a minute, and continued on his journey.

I need a horse. Or a chocobo. Laxus thought as he kept walking. He came to a small town. There, he found a stable with a few chocobos. He bought a red one and then kept going in the direction of Torania. After a few hours, he was attacked by a Bomb. "Damn!" he said as he jumped off his chocobo to fight the Bomb. It just floted there until it cast Fire at Laxus. He managed to dodge it and then charged at the Bomb. It tried to dodge, but Laxus hit it with his sword, slicing it's side. The Bomb was pissed and began glowing. "Not good." He had to either kill it before it exploded or hurry away. As a split second decision, he attacked the Bomb and sliced it's front. The Bomb also began to grow. Laxus kept hitting it with his sword until it fell to the ground, dead. "That was too close." He got back to his red chocobo and kept going towards Torania.

It was already midday when Kiril got to the gates of Torania. Ah the Great City of Torania, the capitol of trade and entertainment, the boiling pot of international political intrigues, the Crown Jewel of... Oh who was he kidding! It was just an average backwater town in the middle of nowhere with its only redeeming feature and "raison d'Ítre" being the intersection of several minor trade routes. A town who's sole purpose is to resupply the passing caravans and travelers. Nothing out of ordinary ever happened here. Life followed its simple boring day to day routines.

And it looked like the guards at the gates were trying to display it with all their might - slouched, lazy, overly relaxed, bored out of their whits. 3 were playing cards, 1 was... asleep. They weren't even watching the road. The gates themselves were wide open. His presence was only noticed when he knocked on the gate to attract their attention.

"Yeah? What you want?" - responded one of the guards while squinting and carefully examining every single card in his hand.
"Just directions. I need the inn, armor shop, and supplies shop."
"Errrrr... Thar you go!" - the guard slammed a card onto the table - "The inn is right beyond the gates. Armor and supplies - second screen... I mean street to the left. Move along."
"Right. Thanks. Now, where's the OTHER inn?" - Kiril smirked and leaned closer (not that anyone was looking).
"Eh?" - guardsman's eye twitched lightly... His opponent played an Ace! A god damned ACE!
"The other inn. The one somewhere deeper in town. One where they will not rip your skin off together with your wallet as a charge for food and lodging. One for the locals. There's always one."
"Oh... Ah.... Go to the central square than take South street, 2 streets down turn left. Now go away, you screwing up my luck."

In the end, the guard did not even look who he was talking to. Kiril took a quick peak at the content of his bag - 4 portions of leafs left. He grabbed one and chewed it up quickly, 4 hours until backlash. First he stopped at the Arms and Armor shop. Previous battle proved that he needed new chain shirt. One with long sleeves, so that his biceps wont be so exposed.

"500 gill for a chain shirt? What is it made of? Mithril? 150!"
"WHAT?! Its finest craftsmanship around! 450G." - The owner of the place was a bulky red-faced old man wearing dark leather soothe covered bandanna and apron.
"You must be mad, old man! No, correction - whoever agrees to buy into these ridiculous prices is mad! Its just simple iron! Not even steel. 170!"
"400." - The owner slammed his hands on the table. - "But just because I am in the good mood. Don't push your luck, kid."
"This shirt has an amount of ore for 30, maybe 50 gill. Another 150 should be more than enough pay for your time and effort. 200." - Kiril crossed his hands.
"It was a fine quality ore. And I price my skills high but fair. 375 Gill" - Shop keeper smiled. There was a fire in his eyes. This was no longer about money. The kid was haggling and he was good at it. It was a contest of skill, it was a challenge, and it was ON.
"Oh please, that ore wasn't good enough for nails. 210." - Kiril grinned back, bearing his fangs.

He left the shop 30 minutes later, his wallet 300 gill lighter and his body fully covered by fine iron chain shirt. Next stop - the supplies shop. He went down the row of items on display, reading the lables and prices. Potion 50G, Ether 100G... Kiril's left brow flew up his forehead in amazement. Under a brilliant orange feather the printed sign stated "Phoenix Tail 200G". The word "Tail" was crossed out heavily and the word Down was scribbled above it. Another sign, right next to it contained the following: "No it does NOT revive the dead! STOP ASKING! For more information please contact your local priest, white mage, alchemist, or medic." He smirked and went to the counter.

He left the shop with one Potion and one Phoenix Tail Down. He threw the wallet up in the air and caught it. Remaining 3 gill clanked sadly together. Chewing on a fresh batch of mints he left the town. An hour of chasing after various species of spiders, pythons, flans, fangs, hornets, hedgehog pies, and god knows what else scored him another 600 gill and 2 Antidotes. Potions unfortunately went 1:1 - 1 acquired for 1 consumed.

Kiril returned back to the city and went straight to "the other" inn. He talked to the matron for a while, payed 50G for the day, and went straight to the room. Once in, he locked the door, dropped the satchel on the chair and leaned the sword to the wall, at the head of the bed. He crushed into the soft and fluffy embrace of the best convenience item civilization has ever invented and thought of tomorrow.

Tomorrow, according to his vision, the other 6 would also be in this town. Give or take a day. He had no idea what they looked like, but he was sure they would be able to recognize each other somehow. Obviously, to be worthy of being a guardian of the artifacts, they all had to at least be a decent fighters or... well, magiky people. And in this city of traders and farmers, such people would stand out. It was not the season for trade caravans after all, so the mercs should be scarce. The best thing to do would be to wait at "the proper" inn. Maybe get some beer, to shorten the time...

It hit him fast and without warning. The effect of the previous batch of leafs wore off and all the muscle pain and fatigue of previous two days washed over his body in one single wave of unbearable torture. He screamed and passed out. He would sleep soundly until the next morning.

Shann took off early from the inn the next morning. The innkeeper gave her a batch of rye bread to take with her, and even gave her another shirt just in case.

That woman was so nice to me, I wonder why? Did she have a daughter that I reminded her of? Could she tell I needed someone sympathetic right now? Was she just trying to get rid of this stuff? Its strange, that's the most anyone's done for me since that dark day happened. Certainly more then anyone back home, and that's even with my dad being the chosen gunner. How can a town that pretty be so ugly?

Parker was refreshed after spending the night at the inn and it showed. He was moving at a blistering speed now. Shann could feel the wind streaming past her face.

Wow, if he can keep this up, I should be at that place by nightfall.

Zagi eventually made it to the edge of the forest, where he saw a great clearing, then a town far away, he sighed.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this stuff

He continued walking, where in the distance he could see nothing but monsters and chocobos.

Maybe if I catch one I can ride it?

He walked to the nearest chocobo, It stared at him, then started to move backwards, Zagi held out his hand.

Don't run, don't run...

The chocobo moved forwards, allowing Zagi to pet it, he moved round and got on, he started to slip but managed to stay on.

This is much harder without a saddle...

He thought, while the chocobo headed to Torania, it would be morning by the time he was there, still for Zagi, It was much better than walking.

Laxus kept going on the chocobo for a few hours more. When he was attacked, he jumped off the chocobo and fought the monster. The sun was setting. He found an inn in a small town where he spent the night.

The next morning he jumped on the back of the chocobo and kept heading towards Torania. Few hours later, he arrived at the open gates of Torania. The guards weren't paying much attention, but when Laxus walked past them, one of them said:

"Hey! You! In the red armor!"
Laxus stopped and walked towards them. "Can I help?"
"You look awefully fancy for this little town. Yesterday, someone in a leather armor came by here. Thought you'd recocnize him."
"I don't think so, no." He might be one of the other 6 warriors.
"Alright. Carry on then."

Laxus headed into town. He stocked on Potions and Phoenix Downs, then started looking for the other man.
If my late father is to be believed, our emblems will give a glow once we are near each other.
As he walked past one of the inns, his emblem started to glow. So, one of the 7 warriors is inside this inn.
He headed inside the inn and sat down at one of the tables. The other warrior should come downstairs soon. Then we can wait together for the other 5.

Alex finally reached Torania. The way through the woods was filled with more monsters than he thought. He could only imagine how much blood he had shed. He looked around the town, searching for an inn. While he was at it, he went to the shop and stocked up on items. His emblem started to glow. "Hm, I'm not late after all. Now I only need to find them..."

When Kiril woke up, it was already close to the afternoon. His entire body ached from the over abuse of previous days. The fact that he slept in the armor did not help things any. He stood up slowly. Legs were sore, arms were numb, and head was ready to split open. He gathered his things and shambled downstairs. Slowly.

It looked like the inn got another customer while he was out cold, but that did not matter at the moment. Nothing mattered, except for...

"Coffee..." - he muttered approaching the bar stand / counter desk - "Ugh... Sorry mam, but could I bother you for some coffee, black, no sugar. And add these to the brew if possible."

He put the last batch of the mint leafs on the table. Matron swiped the leafs and gave him a soft kindhearted smile. Her eyes though stared with suspicion on his chest.

"Of course deary. Have a sit and I'll bring it to you in a jiffy. ... If you dont mind me saying though..." - she leaned over the counter and whispered - "...your wolf is glowing."
That said she hurried to the kitchen.
"Huh?" - Kiril stared at his chest. The silver wolf head design on his armor was glowing faintly. - "What the...! Ugh... My head. I shouldn't have shouted..."

Kiril looked around. The other patron was looking right at him and smiling. He pulled something out of his pocket and showed it to Kiril. The item was glowing softly, it was an emblem of some kind. Kiril approached stranger's table and sat down.

"Coffee first... or my head is going to explode." - he said raising his hand in a 'halt', as the warrior opened his mouth for an introduction. The guy was taken aback by such a response. - "Sorry... Urk..."

5 minutes later his coffee arrived alongside a plate full of sizzling beans, eggs and pieces of pork, and a cup of beer for his new friend. He pulled out the wallet, but the matron only shook her head negatory. I see, breakfast included. What a nice place. - Kiril thought. Spicy aroma of mint spiked coffee spread throughout the room. Kiril grabbed the cup and gulped down one fourth of its content in one go.

"Gaaah! Much better." - sweet relief spread through his veins. Cooked mint was not as potent, but lacked the backlash of fresh leafs. Combined with coffee it was simply... divine.

"Now then. I believe introductions are in order. I am Kiril of the Gray Wolf clan of Mystic Knights. A Mystic Knight extraordinaire, obviously. At your service." - with this said he proceeded to savagely wolf down eggs meat and beans.

"I am Laxus Daren of the Warrior family. I assume you are one of the 7 warriors, then." Laxus just smiled and had his arms crossed.

"Ugh!" Zagi said, as he landed on the ground just outside Torania, he'd fallen off the chocobo, and it of course, had run off. He walked towards the gate, the guards laughing at him from the performance he just put on for them.
Try laughing when I slit your throats
he thought to himself, he had just endured riding on a chocobo without a saddle for about 4 hours, he wasn't the happiest person in the world. He walked throughout town, when he got to a sign with the word "INN" on it.
I could use some rest...
He walked in, then the crystal around his neck started to glow, he looked around.
Other Warriors?
He noticed a man wolfing down a meal at tremendous speed and another person looking to explain himself to the other, they both had glowing items around their necks. Zagi walked up to them and said "Warriors, right? I'm one of you I think... Wait, you were the man running through those woods...?" He said, referring to his previous encounter with the man. "Sorry, where are my manners? I'm Zagi, a paladin, one of the 7 fabled warriors to save the world, you are who I think you are right? Otherwise I've just talked to you about myself like I'm a grand king here." he pulled up a chair, and prepared to listen to the two in what they have to say.

"As I said to Kiril here, I am Laxus Daren of the Warrior family, one of the 7 warriors. Pleased to meet you." Laxus told Zagi.
Now there are only 4 warriors left to arrive here.

Darun slept fitfully in the inn. He was worried, and did not know what to expect. He didn't even know how he would recognise the other warriors...

His restless sleep may have saved his life though. In the middle of the night, Darun heard his window creak open. His eyes snapped towards the noise, and he could make out a figure in the dark, with a small knife glinting in the light of the moon.

Darun quickly rolled out of his bed quietly and casted shell on himself. He stood up and grabbed his staff, and took off into the corridor. He stood near the door and waited for the assailant to walk through the door. He the foot of his assailant, and soon followed by the rest of him. Darun brought his staff down and cracked the man on the head. He dropped the knife and almost fell to the floor, but steadied himself and jumped at Darun, pushing them both to the ground. The noise they made when falling to the floor woke up the other guests. Doors started to open, and then shouting started. As Darun and the other man recovered, one guest ran out of the Inn.

Due to the small nature of the town, the guest soon returned, followed by a guard. The guard grabbed the assassin and Darun and picked them off the floor.

"What are you two doing!?" The guard shouted at them.
"He came into my room. That knife on the floor down there, it's his. He tried to kill me."

Another armor clad individual entered the inn, as Kiril was exacting his hunger driven righteous fury upon the remainder of beans and meat. New arrival introduced himself as Zagi.

"Sorry, where are my manners? I'm Zagi, a paladin, one of the 7 fabled warriors to save the world, you are who I think you are right? Otherwise I've just talked to you about myself like I'm a grand king here."

Oh boy... and people say I have delusions of grandeur. He thought swallowing the last piece of meat.

"*Pweh* ... Kiril of the Gray Wolf clan. Mystic Knight. Don't know about the whole saving the world business, but if it gets in between me and showing Zweihander up the ars of whoever killed my father - then I say 'Why not?'"

Kiril leaned back in the chair and continued sipping his coffee.

"That's not what we are going to do? Sorry, I guess I created an image of saving the world when I heard of the 7 Warriors, I mean, we're supposed to be the best warriors of our family, If we aren't going to do something grand, I guess we might not do it at all. Anyway, the others will be here later, correct? Well then, wake me up when they arrive, I am tired and if I don't get some rest now, I think I might fall apart." Zagi said, he payed the person at the counter the correct amount of money he had picked up from monsters and went into the room he had payed for.

Alex was done with his shopping. He figured by the glow that at least one of the warriors were at the inn. He walked towards it and opened the door. He looked around for anyone that might be the warrior. He then saw a couple of warriors, none looking like the other. "Those are not normal soldiers. He looked down at his emblem that started to glow more. He walked up and the emblem glowed more and more. He was certain that they were the warriors.
"Excuse me. Are you of the 7 warriors?"

"Yes, we are. I'm Laxus Daren of the Warrior family, one of the 7 warriors. And you are?" he asked Alex.

"I am Alex, black mage and heir to..." Alex hesitated to tell him of his royal title. "...Nevermind. So anyone know why we're here?"

"We will discuss it when the other 3 arrive here. I do not want to reapeat myself. In the meantime, you can take a nap in one of the rooms here if you want or sit down and have something to eat. But tell me, which family are you of?"

"Thought it was obvious by the fact that I'm a black mage. But I am of the Black Mage family to be painfully verbose."

"Forgive my lack of knowledge. I have not seen any black mages before. Please, join us if you wish. Or if you're tired, consider taking a nap in a room here. We will wake you up once everyone is here."

"Jeez, he's a bit slow. I flat out told him that I'm a black mage and he didn't listen..." "Might as well join you, am not in much need of a sleep. So what's your stories?" Alex sat down by the table, half curious on what they had to say.

"Not much. Lived with my father my whole life before he died. Then when the secret was stolen from our temple, I traveled here to Torania, since this is where the 7 warriors are supposed to meet in an act of great danger."

"Act of great danger? Not what I had planned, but it beats going back to my boring home."

"You do know what you have been protecting, do you not?"

"That depends on what you mean by know. If you are referring to my emblem, then I am aware that I'm protecting it, but I don't know what good it does other than being a radar for local chosen warriors."

"Oh wow. The guy is clueless!" - Kiril smirked over his cup of coffee.
"Listen. Your family was supposed to guard an... artifact of sorts... some thingy-majiger that supposed to act as key that binds an ancient evil or something. My father never told me all the details, but at least he told me that much." - he took another sip of the coffee - "Few days ago, he was murdered and that artifact was stolen from our house. I'm here to get the *bleeper* who did it. I'm Kiril, by the way. Mystic Knight of the Gray Wolf clan."
"And as for the emblems... Well, I didnt even knew that mine was supposed to glow when its near other emblems."

"I am refering to the part of the secret the Black Mage family was given. Each of the 7 families was given a part of the secret when The Great Evil was locked away all those years ago. These emblems are a symbol of the ones that have been chosen in each family."

"Well, I didn't grow up with the Black Mage family, and the books I read are stunningly bad at getting the information right. Much of what I figured out had to be done by guessing."

"I see. I have now given you the rough explanation of our situation. How skilled are you as a Black Mage?"

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