Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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"Right. I, as Summoner, will aid you on this quest."

"See told you!" Zagi said to Kiril. "That sounds like some proper world saving shit to me right there." he said, pointing his finger to the table, then he smirked. "So, what and where first? Who do we kill and where is he?" he said, he laughed then got up. "You guys wanna rest up? I'm going out for a bit." he headed out the Inn and to the Armory, an apprentice ran past him, carrying a delivery, he presumed. He walked up to the man at the counter.

"Yeah, can I get a full set of steel plate? custom made, and a steel Sword, I'll be back for it in an hour. Also" Zagi held out the emblem that was glowing. "Embed this in the chest piece for me." he let the man measure him "How much will that be?" The man stared at him, thought for a bit then said "About 1500 Gil, and then he headed off to the wilds, getting about 2000 Gil and 11 potions, using all of them there.

Zagi came back with a load of money an hour later and headed into the Armory, the man sat there, his Armour and sword was there. "Beautiful. Here, 1600 gil for your hard work." He put on the Armour and felt the grip of the sword. "Cheers" and headed out, he went back to the Inn.

Shann let the weight of Laxus' words sink in before speaking.

"Well I have no idea what our secret was. Dad never showed it to me, wanted to wait until I was 21. That worked out well. But yeah, I've got your back. If I'm getting me some sweet, sweet vengeance, then I might as well help save the world while I'm at it."

"Well. I wasn't expecting anything of this magnitude. I'm not even sure I care enough to save our world" Darun said, but he didn't truly mean it. He may be disillusioned with the people and places of the world, but he was not completely uncaring for it.

"How are we meant to find out who did this anyway?"

Kiril shrugged.

"What? Your waiting for my response? I thought I already told you - this Zweihander, full length, up the ass of the guy who killed my father. If some ancient evil gets in between me and that, well, it should blame only itself."

Shann figured she had to give a friendly warning to her fellow warrior.

"Hey! Just a heads up, if this stuff is all related and the same guy killed both our dads, I'm getting the kill shot. After he's dead you can do whatever you want to his ass."

Alex was intrigued by what Laxus had to tell. He didn't know if it was the artifact of the Black Mage Family that he was interested in, or if it was the secrets behind the legend. Either way, he couldn't resist accepting.
"Well, I guess we might as well save the world then."
"God, did that sound cheesy?"

Laxus was pleased that everyone was willing to go.
"Alright. Warriors, if you are finished eating, I suggest you get yourselfs a room here. We leave in the morning."

Alex finally got his tea. "I'll just take this to my room." He went to his room, and drank the tea, followed by a moment of meditation, before going to bed.

"Sorry Shann, but if things will turn out that way, I'll have to insist that I'll be the one to finish the bastard off. I do not doubt your skill with guns, but when it comes to delivering slow and very painful death, there's just nothing better than a good old sharp steel. Especially if its enchanted with the right kind of magic." - he thought for a second - "Perhaps... yes, I think I should get myself a set of... specific tools tomorrow. Well, good night everyone."

Kiril yawned, stretched and went to his room.

Zagi entered the Inn. "Might as well get some more rest..." he said to Laxus. "But not yet..." He sat down and talked to him. "So, od you know who did all this, why and when they stole these things?"

"I know just as much as you all about who, why and when all the pieces were stolen. Though I suspect they were stolen almost at the same time, seeing as we all arrived here in a short amount of time. Now why don't you go to sleep? We have a long journey ahead of us."

Shann was a little bit miffed at Kiril's attitude as he exited.

Not slow enough? He hasn't seen me fighting. I know exactly where to put the bullets if I want them to feel agony. Plus these magic ones certainly help as well. And how is a sword slow and painful? You hit the wrong vein he bleeds out in seconds. You cut his head off he's dead for sure. Bullets are so much more precise. Whatever, I'll show that knight who's good enough to make that slimy bastard pray for a death that never comes.

"Yeah, I'll finish my drink upstairs," she said as she got up and headed towards the rooms. After she entered, she collapsed down on her bed. "Ugh, this whole trip is just going to be one long pain in the ass. I can feel it."

Zel slept peacefully in his room.

Alex slept quietly in his room. His tea cup was still on the table. The moon was shining brightly. Everything was quiet but the wind against the trees. He was at peace. But then he suddenly woke up by the sound of somebody entering the room. He could not see who it was, but he lay still. Then the person came closer. He/she stood beside the bed, and then Alex leaped out, pulled the knife that he kept by his belt, and grabbed the person, pushing him/her against the wall.
"Who are you?" Alex said, holding the knife next to the person's throat. The sound was of a woman.
"I... I just came t-to take the tea..." The woman was crying, she was terrified.
"My tea? Sorry." Alex loosened his grip. "I'm terribly sorry, I've been chased and I didn't see who you were. Is there any way I can make it up?" Alex took out his wallet from the drawer, took out 500 gil, and handed it to the woman. "Have this. I cannot say sorry enough, but maybe this will help. I'm so sorry I threatened you."

The woman left the room without a word. Alex sighed and closed the door.
"Threatening women with knives? Is this what you're doing nowadays?"

Alex turned around in surprise. There was a man standing in the corner, beside the window. He wore casual black clothing, and had beard stubble. He looked to be around 40 years old. He smiled towards Alex.
"Who are you?" Alex said, clenching his knife.
"Relax, I'm not here to kill you. But next time we meet might not be so lucky." The man replied in a soft accent.
"Next time?"
"The king is worried about you. He wants you to come home, and fulfill your duty as prince."
"I'm not a prince, and I don't bow down to him."
"No shit, son? You could have fooled me, running away like this. I should inform you though, even though I was told not to tell you this. The king isn't worried about you really. He knows about your secret. That you're part of the Black Mages. The kingdom fears black mages, and he wants to hide this, so he doesn't want you to wander around letting everyone know about your powers. Rumor spreads around, y'know?

"Why are you telling me this then?"
"Because I know that you're not some kid who listens to everything daddy says. So I figured that would maybe change your mind a bit.

Anyway, he told me that if you don't return in the coming weeks, I must dispose of you. So consider yourself warned. Either come back, or consider your business here over. Hope we don't have to fight anytime soon, I'd hate to kill some kid."

The man turned around towards the window, but then quickly turned back and threw a knife against Alex. He avoided it, and saw it get stuck on the wall. He turned around, but the man was gone. He took the knife. It had a mark. It said "Maxim". Alex put the knife to his belt, shut the window tight, and went back to sleep.

Darun slept uneasily again. HE had just met a group of strangers, whom he relied on to save the world. This was a huge task, and he hated the fact he was part of it. He did not want this sort of responsibilty.

Kiril could not fall asleep.

How the hell did things turn out this way? One moment I'm a member of a dying order, with only ancient tale, a trinket, and a sense of pride preventing my father and me, the last remaining members, from abandoning the teachings of the old and taking up a job as an elite guard or a mercenary. Next second - BAM! Someone is trying to pull something out of abyss and its up to a rag-tag group to save the world. Better yet, none of us seem to know anything about the whole ordeal!

He rose from the bed and looked out the window. Dawn. The hour of souls. They say if you concentrate hard enough, and have at least slight affinity for magic, you can hear the dead whisper from the other side. He chuckled. Superstitions. He had no time for that. If he could not sleep, than might as well do something useful. There were things to do before they left. Last night's talk reminded him just how ill prepared he was for a long journey. He left so many useful tools in the ruins of his house... It was time to get some replacements.

He went downstairs and opened the door. The fog lazily seeped along the ground, wrapping itself around his boots. He pulled on the hood and stepped into the twilight of the morning. It was two hours before any store would be open. It was a time for the hunt. Honestly speaking, he was growing sick of chasing same old monsters in the forests ad plains around town. But equipment costs money, and a fast, if risky, way of making money is by hunting monsters.

Kiril returned to the town 2 hours later, covered from toes to knees in morning dew and monster gore. 1 more hour later, after running all over town, he was siting in the inn, looking at the things he just bought from the various vendors.

1 Surgical Kit: scalpels, needles, string, scissors, tweezers, various hooks and clamps for holding the wound open... Basically, all you need to perform a minor field surgery - pull out a bullet or one of those parasites, that burrow under your skin.

1 Armor Repair Kit: consists of 1 leather working kit (skinning knife, hooks, big needles, special balms and solutions) and a bunch of tools for basic metal manipulation (players, small hammer, chain mail weaving rod, etc.)

And finally, dome minor necessities: mortar and pestle, rubbing alcohol, pond of salt and a total of 3 pounds of other assorted spices, bottle of Pertsovka - a rye spirit distilled with honey, and infused with hot pepper (2 long red peppers are still floating in the bottle).

Did he take all? There was a nagging feeling that he was forgetting something... Well, whatever it was, he could always get it in the next town. He folded 2 kits and hang them on the right side of his belt. The rest he dumped in the bag. Whoever invented the nearly permanent way of enchanting bags to expand their volume while staying the same size, and reduce the weight - was a genius.

Kiril ordered a cup of coffee and breakfast, and waited for the others to wake up.

The rays of light smacked Shann straight in the face. She tried to fight it, but it was too late, she was awake.

"Damn it sun, I totally was not ready to wake up yet. You're next on my list."

As much as she cursed, she got up anyway, quickly tossing her clothes back on. She wasn't exactly a high-maintenance kind of girl, which was good for what she had gotten involved in now.

"Ugh, that bourbon just sits in your mouth. Better get something to get that taste out."

She slowly made her way downstairs, still trying to rub the grit out of her eyes. She did not expect to see anyone down there, but as she hit the bottom, she saw Kiril sitting at the table.

That guy. Does he sleep? Maybe he's thinking of new ways to insult my shooting.

She headed over to the bar, the help standing back there preparing some coffee. "Can I just get some OJ, or something?"

"Sure hun, just after I get this coffee." The help quickly scooped up some cream and sugar and hurried it over to the knight of the square table.

Great. Now he's delaying me having juice. What's next?

Zel woke up with a smile on his face. "I'll save the world, father, I'll do it!"

Its been a few minutes after Kiril has made his order, when Shann walked down the stairs. He was about to smile in a greeting when she shot him an annoyed glance.

Ok... What did I do to piss you off? He wondered, watching her make her way to the bar stand. It looked like the waiter was about to deliver his coffee. Shann said something to the boy, the boy answered with a smile and rushed over with her delivery. Shann shot Kiril another glance full of hatred.

Gah! If glances could kill... As my father used to joke: "Women... Damned if you do, gay if you don't." The waiter placed a big mug of coffee, pot of fresh cream, and a pot of sugar in front of him.

"Your breakfast will be ready in 5 minutes sir. Today we offer cornbread with a side of thick vegetable and venison stew."

"Wonderful. Now, could you tell me what my... friend over there has ordered?"

"I believe lady has asked for 'OJ or something' sir."

That won't do at all. - He sighed. - Mixing beer with bourbon has its consequences. Shes gonna be suffering from a hangover for the rest of the day. I have to do something about it, or she'll burn a hole through my back with those eyes.

"Listen, pal. Bring her 100 grams (4 ounces or 1/2 a cup) of something around 40 degrees (80 proof). That Pertsovka with honey, I bought from you before, would do nicely. And a cup of pickle juice... yes, yes, the juice from pickled cucumbers. But not from those sweet and mushy, from the sour and crunchy variety. And you better pray that they've made more than one portion of that stew and cornbread, or she might go ballistic."

The waiter nodded and ran off.

Oh spirits... I hope I am doing the right thing. He thought while sipping his coffee.

Zel walked down the stairs, nice and early. "Hello fellow heroes!"

Summoner appeared as if from thin air and greeted everyone as soon as Kiril finished talking with with the waiter. Kiril nodded in response and waved both of his companions over to the table.

"Come... friends." - Oh crap! Almost said 'guys'. That would no doubt have caused another Glance Attack. - "Sit down and relax. Knowing the kind of place this is, I'm sure they've already cooking enough food for 20 people. On today's menu we have thick venison stew with veggies and a side of cornbread."

"Oh boy! I wish my summons could eat with me, but this establishment might not appreciate giant dragons and the like."

Kiril's brows twitched as his imagination drew the bizarre visage.

Mental note. This one might be clinically insane. Watch closely.

"They do need exercise though!" Zel walked outside and summoned Bahamut, a giant dragon(think the earlier, skinnier one)

Kiril watched the summoner walk out of the tavern. A few seconds later he heard a roar, that could only be produced by a throat the size of the one of the rooms in the said inn, followed by the quite delayed panicked screams of the villagers. Apparently it took a while for the sheer insanity of the situation to sink in. Kiril giggled quietly.

Summoning a dragon in the middle of the town?

"Yes... Definitely insane..." - He whispered.

Zel petted Bahamut. "It's okay people, he's friendly!"

As she waited for the boy to return, Shann saw Kiril talking to him some more, as he brought his coffee. He saw him point at her. She looked away and rolled her eyes.

Goody, he saw me. Wonder what he's saying. Look out for that one? She's crazy? I dunno. I don't want to think right now.

After the kid came back, he fished out some orange juice, as well as a couple of other glasses with other liquids. She didn't recognize the first one, but the pungent smell of the second glass tipped her off to the contents of the other.

"Kid, why are you giving me pickle juice? You can tell pickles from oranges, right?"

"The sir at the table recommended it."

Shann looked over. Kiril was beckoning her over, as well as the guy from yesterday with the robes on.

Sigh, if this is his idea of a joke, he'll love my knock knock joke. The one where I knock against his head with my hand. That's a good one.

She scooped up the drinks and headed over. The other guy was already there. She took a seat on his side of the table. Appraising him quickly, there was something off.

Zel? Was that this guy's name? I think so. What's his deal? He's way too happy. Especially considering what we were told yesterday. That's weird.

After the summoner exchanged some words with Kiril, during which she heard the food for the morning,

On today's menu we have thick venison stew with veggies and a side of corn bread

he headed outside. There were screams shortly after.

Jeez, what is this guy doing? Is he a rook or just confirming he's nuts?

She heard Kiril whisper

Yes... Definitely insane...

Well at least we agree on something...

"So, you want to explain why I have brine in front of me?" she asked.

Zel was perplexed. "Bahamut, everyone in the family loved you, why don't they?" Bahamut let out a snort that was similar in meaning to a shrug.

"So, you want to explain why I have brine in front of me?"

Kiril looked at Shann and smiled.

"Well, the best thing for a hangover is to chase it off with some hard spirit." - He pointed at the glass with clear liquid with golden-brown tint. - "Send it down in one shot and it should equalize your interior balance in an hour or so."

"As for this one..." - he pointed at the mug with the pickle juice - "... its for right now. The sharp sour taste will make you aware and awake, as well as remove the headache and the burning aftertaste of the spirits."

"First drink the Pertsovka, than the pickle juice." - Was his last instruction.

Kiril chose to ignore the continued shenanigan of his summoner companion, because something much more important has occurred. The breakfast has been served. Kiril breathed in the marvelous aroma of the venison stew with hints of onion, garlic and pepper. It had a thick brown broth with bite sized pieces of onions, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, and venison swimming in it. Next to the plate lay thick slices of what looked like half a loaf of cornbread.

His stomach growled. Without any more delays, he grabbed a piece of bread, dipped it into the stew and scooped a few pieces of meat and veggies. He sent the marvelous concoction into his mouth, biting off a good half of the piece of bread.

"Mmmmmmmm..." - Was the only thing he could say.

"Guys, come meet Bahamut! You're going to spend time with him anyways!" Zel beckoned Shann.

Kiril heard the summoner call from the outside.

"Guys, come meet Bahamut! You're going to spend time with him anyways!"

He swallowed the stew soaked bread before responding.

"Not now. Food. More important..." - He dipped the leftover bread he was holding into the stew again and shoved the dripping piece in his mouth.


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