Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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"Well, if he doesn't want to come outside....." Bahamut sticks his head inside the doorway.

"Not right now, man," Shann called out. "Sun is not my friend right now. Maybe later, when we're not in a town that apparently is frightened and or worshiping it as a demon god."

She just looked back at Kiril with one of her ever popular glares. "Really? You want me to drink this? You've never had any kind of contact with women before, have you? We don't drink this sort of stuff. We-"

Shann caught herself. Come on girl, he's just trying to help. Besides, you have to travel with him. You really want to piss him off this early?

"Um......don't know where that came from. If you say this will work, I'll try it. If it doesn't, then I think you know what will come."

Shann went for the alcohol first, downing it in one shot. Not bad. She then took the pickle juice, hesitated for a second, before downing it in one shot as well. She immediately leaped up and made her displeasure known with this cocktail.

"Acck! Oh fuck, that is gross. I can't believe I believed you I......huh, my head stopped win this round."

She took her orange juice, and drank down half of that. After all that breakfast arrived. Shann was very happy to see this. She started digging in, eager to move to completely eliminate the pickle taste from her mouth. A couple mouthfuls went down before a dragon's head popped into her view. She paused for a moment.

What the hell?......Meh too busy eating.

She went back to her meal.

Zel dismissed Bahamut and summoned Yojimbo. Cherry blossoms flew through the air as he stepped out of nowhere. Zel walked into the inn with the ten foot tall samurai.

"Acck! Oh fuck, that is gross. I can't believe I believed you I......huh, my head stopped win this round."

Kiril looked at Shann and gave her a cheerful smile, while still chewing.

He grabbed another piece of cornbread and dipped it into the stew and was about to send it after its predecessor, when he heard the wood cracking behind him. Shann's eyes were slowly bulging out of the sockets. He turned around slowly and froze with the cornbread still in his hand, dripping valuable and delicious stew unto the floor.

Right through the doorway was sticking the ugly mug of the dragon summon Bahamut. Kiril sighed and bit the bread. The dragon was staring at him, and Kiril could swear the smug ugly bastard was smirking. He chewed slowly, staring back the the dragon. Than he heard the elderly woman scream and start preaching. He swallowed.

"Zel!" - he yelled - "Stop messing around and dismiss the thing before we gave the mistress a heart attack, or better yet got charged Spirits know how many gils for mental and physical damage. You can show off once we LEAVE the town."

Bahamut dissipated. A few moments later Zel waltzed in through the door accompanied by a giant of an eastern warrior and a pooch.

"Showing off? Kiril, maintaining a healthy day to day relationship is step one to being a successful summoner!"

"Zel, look, its awesome you have these powers and can summon these guys at will, but first, if we've got people that are like evil and trying to kill us, it's best not to make a scene, which is sure to happen with dragons, and ten foot samurais running around. Second, I'm going to guess you're using magic for all this, which if we DO end up in battle, you're going to kind of need, as a summoner, and using it now you just run out of it. Self control is your friend. Third, I'm trying to eat!" Shann punctuated this list with a Glance Attack and went back to her meal.

"Showing off? Kiril, maintaining a healthy day to day relationship is step one to being a successful summoner!"

Ignore it... It will go away... Eventually...

Shann apparently did not agree with his opinion as she started to lecture Zel.

Kiril strongly decided not to interfere in anything until the normality is restored. He continued devouring delicious venison-vegetable stew and cornbread.

Zel laughed. "Shann, you must be joking! Summoners don't use magic! Some use white magic, but none have to use magic to summon! But you are right, my summons are a little conspicuous.

Zel got ready to dismiss. "Bye Yojimbo, for now!"
Goodbye, Zel.

Shann just offered a quick rebuttal. "Magic or not, still doesn't eliminate my other two points. Anyway, start eating. If whats-his-name says we're heading out today, we better enjoy this while we can. Trust me, good food on the road is hard to come by."

Alex had woken up, and witnessed through the window Zel's summoning."Impressive..."
He went down the stairs and joined the others.
"What have I missed? Couldn't help but notice Bahamut outside my window."

"Apparently the scope of our little endeavor was a bit too much for Zel to handle. Either that, or he was deciding whether or not to conquer this village. Good morning Alex. Come have some venison stew and cornbread. I hope you will not start throwing fire, ice and lightning around. You know, just for 'communication'."

"Don't worry, I only fling magic when something needs to be killed, and I see no monsters around."

"Well than. I think we're safe, as long as you don't think that stew is trying to kill you. The staff should bring you a serving as soon as they calm down."

Laxus had woken up to the roar of Bahamut. He didn't check it out just yet since he suspected it was Zel summoning. He got down and saw some of the others had gotten up.

"When everyone is awake, we leave."

He got himself something to eat and started eating.

"Who called it?" Shann said to no one in particular. "Anyway, since that's the case, I'm grabbing some more before the stragglers get up."

Zel was done eating. "So, do we leave now?" Zel was his regular happy-go-lucky self.

"The Paladin and White Mage are still in their rooms. We leave once they have eaten." Laxus told Zel.

"That particular combination seems.....redundant, but okay!"

Zagi threw the door open and laughed. "Gooooooood Morning!" he shouted, and sat down at the table. "Why is there blossom on the floor?" he shook his head. "Whatever..." he stood up and ordered food and sat back down with the rest. "So where do we go first? Find this guy who stole the things that bring back a dark force? Then shoot him in the head and shove a zweihandler up his arse?" He had some soup then leaned back and was prepared to listen.

Zel was taken aback by the paladin.

Alexandar woke up. Once he had finally gottent to sleep, he was out like a log. Next thing he knew the suns rays were hitting him in the eyes. It must have been late in the morning, he thought, since the sun is already fairly high in the sky. The others were probably waiting for him, so he jumped out of bed, and threw on his clothes again.

He ran down the stairs, he didn't want to keep the others waiting. He arrived just after the paladin, so he was glad he was not too late.

Laxus saw when the Paladin and White Mage arrived. "To answer you, Zagi, we must head east in search for clues. Why east? There is a library there that contains all books of the world. We must begin our search there. Is everyone ready?"

"I am, Laxus!"

"One sec," Shann said, quickly scooping the rest of her stew into her mouth. Taking a mighty swallow, she slammed the bowl back down. "All right, not liking we have to head East first, but whatever. I'm ready."

Kiril was already done with his breakfast by the time Zagi descended into the hall.

After hearing Laxus' 'call to arms', he partially unsheathed his two handed sword and watched the sun play on the razor sharp edges. Finally, some action!

"Ready as I'll ever be." - he smiled, slammed the sword back into the sheath and threw it over the shoulder.

"But, I just have to ask: Whats so bad about East, Shann?"

"Meh, Easterners were always the worst coming through town. They left the beaches looking like crap, they never tip, they ask for directions repeatedly and still go off in the wrong direction, they're stupid and dirty and I honestly don't like them."

Shann finished off the rest of her juice after saying that, as almost to get the taste of talking about the East out.

"It's going to suck going right into their lair, but like I said, if we have to do it, we have to do it."

"Don't worry! One blast from Bahamut, and they'll be HISTORY!" Zel had a look of glee on his face.

"Oh boy... We haven't even moved out yet, and he is already set on terrorizing the local populace with his summons once we arrive!" - Kiril faked a genuinely amazed tone, than added with obvious sarcasm - "This is going to be fun... I can feel it."

Zel turned. "You know, Bahamut doesn't ask questions...."

"Well, if Zel's pet wasn't going to do it, I was," Shann brought out one of her guns. "First one that looks at me funny gets a nice taste of pistol whip. Tell me my town is boring, will ya? Smack!"

"That's the spirit!" Zel hugged Shann.

"Ah! Whoa! OK, off. Down boy, down."

Shann lifted Zel off her person, and brushed herself off, putting her shirt back into place.

"Warn me next time! Leaping onto someone when they aren't expecting it isn't smart, especially when that someone is holding a weapon. Use your head sometimes, it can be useful."

She tapped Zel with the end of her pistol to emphasize the point.

Zel's eyes lit up. "You mean like tapping a person who can call on powerful ethereal beasts the likes of which strike fear into the hearts and souls of mankind!?"

"Sure why not?" Shann replied. "Whatever example you want."

Where did this guy come from? He looks older then me, but he's going between the attitude of a kid and of an evil wizard! I dunno whether I should get a babysitter or a priest to look after him.

There were only few thing Kiril could do while watching the ongoing shananigance of Zel and Shan.

One - Raise his eyes to the sky and ask silently Why me?
Two - Sigh deeply.
Three - Lower his face into an open palm.
Four - Pray to the Spirits to make those two stop.

He did them all.

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