Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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Zel turned to Kiril. "You know, it's better if you look on the bright side."

Darun watched Zel and Shan chat to each other, and scarfed down some breakfast, plain bread and some water, he sensed the others were ready to get going.

"Bright side? I'm in a company of a glory-whore paladin, who will most likely dive head first in any danger, xenophobic trigger happy man-hating gunner, and a borderline insane giddy summoner! Where the hell is the bright side? And there I feared I was going to be 'the weird one', being raised in the forest and all." - Kiril sighed again - "Oh... I give up! All we need now is a nihilist and 'someone with mysterious past and heritage' and I can sell my memoirs as an adventure novel. That is, if we survive this ordeal."

"Since when am I borderline insane, Kiril?" Zel said in a calm voice.

"Oh I don't know, let me think... Probably since the time that you've thought that summoning a huge ass dark dragon in the middle of the city was a good idea. In fact, what the hell WERE you thinking? Was it not obvious enough that something of that magnitude might, and will, cause widespread panic? WE know that thers a summoner in town, but OTHER people do not. From THEIR point of view the sky just split open and spewed forth a giant fire-breathing daemon-drake! I ask you again: What. The hell. Were. You. THINKING!"

Kiril was venting steam. Everything he had just experienced was simply boiling over. The sheer insanity of the situation refused to settle down in his brain.

"Phew... That feels much better. But that last question is serious though."

Zel's eyes grew fierce. "Don't ever talk like that to me again."

Kiril sighed.

"Great... He is about to snap again. Chill, summoner. I am not your enemy, but I will reserve the right to question anyone's judgment when I see feat. Just as they have the right to question mine."

Zel's eyes lost their ferocity. "Just remember, I'm here for you, Kiril!" He was his regular happy-go-lucky self.

"Riiiiiight... But you still did not answer the question: What were you thinking while summoning Bahamut in the middle of a town? I'm just curious."

Zel smiled. "Honestly, I come from a family where that would be abnormal, going so long without summoning. I guess I'm pretty naive."

"If you're done bickering, we are leaving." Laxus said and headed out the door.

Let's hope they don't kill each other. We need to save the world and only we can do it.

Zel followed. "Who's bickering?" He smiled.

Laxus shook his head. "Nevermind. Just don't rip each others heads off before we save the world." He arrived at the Chocobo stables and got his red chocobo.

"Why would I harm my fellow heroes?" Zel got on a chocobo.

"Finally!" Shann said, eager to leave the inn. "Let's just do this." She slipped the bottle of bourbon she purchased off the bar (20G) into her bag, and started to follow Laxus out the door. "Least I got something to help me deal now."

Wow, and I thought I was ready to smack Zel. Kiril looked like he wanted to use him like a pinata. Where does he get off calling me xenophobic though! I'm not xenophobic! I just don't like Easterners. Whatever, now is not the time to start calling him out on shit again. He's obviously in stack blowing mode. I'll just keep it bottled in until the time is right. Then I'll let him have it...

Shann ended up outside. "Ah, I needed some air after all that crap in the inn." She saw the other two on their mounts. "Oh shoot, right."

She gave a loud whistle, and from the outside of town, Parker came running. Pulling him right in front of the inn, he gave a quick nicker to his owner.

"Atta be, buddy. All right let's go." She hopped up on top of her horse and waited for Laxus to lead the way.

"Well, just please don't summon anything larger than a person in a populated area in the future. Unless there's a battle."

"If you're done bickering, we are leaving."

"And there's our queue. Lets move."

Zel turned to Laxus. "If you don't mind, could I summon Bahamut outside the town limits? I could scout ahead."

"If you must. Do it while near monsters to get used to them before we get to the big ones. And don't worry about getting lost. I'm sure we'll be able to find you." Laxus chuckled as he said that last thing.

Zel smiled. "You hear that, Bahamut? You get to come out and play."
"It's about time, Zelaeus."

Shann looked off in the distance as Zel summoned out the dragon for another go.

"Well, at least he's learning. Thank the Gods for that."

She turned back to the defacto leader of the group.

"So do we have anything in particular we're looking for in this.....Eastern *spit* library?"

Zel could see for miles around. "THIS IS FUN, BAHAMUT!"
Yes, it is, Zel.

"We need to start looking in the section that contains all the myths of this world." Laxus told Shann.

Kiril double-checked all his gear: hood on the shoulders, new guards and gloves adjusted and in place, sword - check, potions - check, repair kit and surgical kit - on the belt, miscellaneous items and gear - che...


It suddenly hit him. The items that he forgot to get. The most important items for any traveler - a cooking utensils! He rushed to the stand and slammed his hands on it.

"Do you have an extra cooking pot? Cast iron, preferably. And also a carving knife, cutting board, grater, and a large ladle." - he asked the confused help. A few minutes later the items he asked for were on the table.

He gave the all the gil he had to the help and started shoving items into his satchel. It swelled for a moment and than returned to its original size. Indeed, whoever invented that enchantment spell was a genius.

"Sorry for the delay lady and gentlemen. But now we are ready for almost anything."

"Makes sense I guess," Shann nodded. "So how do you know this stuff anyway? I mean, I had no clue about any of this, although I guess the powers that be probably didn't trust the trigger happy gunners with the secrets of everything, I dunno, but anyway yeah, how?"

"Alright, on my count, let out the loudest roar you can, Bahamut! 3,2,1!"

The roar shook the heavens.

"Long ago, the Warrior family was the only family trusted with the full secret. The other 6 families were told enough so they would protect their part of the secret, but the Warrior family was told everything so that the information wouldn't be as easy to get."

Kiril walked along with the others and listening closely to the conversation between Shann and Laxus.

Long ago, the Warrior family was the only family trusted with the full secret. The other 6 families were told enough so they would protect their part of the secret, but the Warrior family was told everything so that the information wouldn't be as easy to get.

"Ho-ho! And here I thought you were just going on a whim. Just doing some guess work. That we have absolutely no clues, so we have to at least try to learn what this 'great evil' is. Therefore we have to go to the library with the oldest records. And unfortunately for Shann that library is in the East that she loves so much." - Kiril smirked - "But why the secrecy? What if the warrior family would die out over the years? Although... You probably wouldn't know the reasoning of your ancestors anyway. Never mind.

Zel landed. "Laxus, there's a few monsters up ahead, ready to ambush."

"Don't remind me Kiril," Shann sighed. "I don't like it enough as it is, that's why I bought some drink. Every time one of them does something that ticks me off, instead of yelling, I'll take a shot. That way, I don't go crazy. I just hope I have enough..."

Shann listened to Zel's report. "Well, let's get up there then." She took out her gun and spun the clip around. "I have a feeling it's some monster's unlucky day."

Kiril unsheathed his Zweihander and spun it in his hand. Too early to take a battle stance or enhance it with magic.

"Ready and waiting."

Laxus turned to Kiril. "As I was told during my training with my father, a suitable warrior would be found to take over the Warrior family and recieve the (somewhat stupid) title of Warrior warrior. We have all the books needed there to inform us about the secret, but not enough to track down the ones that stole the secret."

"Yay! Battle!" Goodbye, Bahamut.
"Goodbye, Zel."

"I see. Well, we will figure it out as we go along I guess. Its not like any of us have any better clues."

He rested the sword on his shoulder and moved along with the group.

Zel summoned a weaker summon, more befitting the weak monsters ahead. "I CALL YOU! BROTHERS!"

A large hole suddenly filled the ground ahead of them, launching out two tall armored minotaur like summons.

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