Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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"OK where are these monsters hiding?" Shann asked not expecting an answer. "I want to get some target practice and I need to know what size eyes I'm going to be aiming for."

Alex took out his staff, and was ready to fight. The staff glowed with a purple mystical glow.
"Whenever you're ready."

Darun readied himself, and mentally prepared his spells, ready to aid anyone who was hurt.
"I'm here, I can heal you, just shout me if you need my assistance!"

"OSHI-!" Zagi was riding a chocobo, trying to find the others. Ugh, why did I have to buy all that food? it was too heavy to carry so I end up being late, then I got ambushed by bandits and they stole it all!

Fuckin bandits...

Zagi was riding as fast as he could, then he caught a glimpse of 4 figures standing in the distance. What the hell are they looking for?

He turned the chocobo to their direction, jumped off it once he got near enough and slid next to Kiril's side. "Sup" he said, drawing his Sword and Shield.

Kiril heard a chocobo approach from behind. Must be Zagi. He is the only one missing after all.He spared a quick look behind. Yep


Zagi landed right next to Kiril and pulled out his sword and shield.

"Monsters, apparently. We don't know what kind yet. Zel just warned us that there's a group up ahead."

"Doesn't matter what kind. They're going to be the dead kind very shortly." Shann stated.

Alex backed away, so he could attack enemies without getting hurt. But without anyone noticing, he was pulled into the bushes. He then saw Maxim's face.
"Remember, two weeks." he whispered.
"You never said that."
"Change of plans. He wants you back sooner. Now get to it, or things will get ugly. Not only for you..."

Maxim then threw him back, and Alex fell face-down into a puddle of mud.

Suddenly, the group was attacked by two Imps and a Coeurl. "Ready your weapons!" Laxus said to the others.

Black mage disappeared into a thicket, as if pulled in by something. Kiril was about to turn around and throw himself to the rescue, when the mage flew out face first and landed in a puddle.

What the hell is THIS guy's story? Don't tell me that creeper last night came for him too? Whatever the deal is, he'll tell us once the time is right. I hope. For now, I'll let it slide. Besides, that creeper disturbs me. My senses are almost as sharp as that of a wolf, and he always manages to go undetected until its too late. Wouldn't want to wake up with a dagger in my throat.

"Are you alright Alex?" - he stretched his hand out to the black mage - "I know it might get a bit exciting, but you still have to watch your footing."

And of course this was when the enemies decided to pop out...

Kiril helped the mage on his feet and grabbed and gripped his sword tightly. Damn it... Imps. Nasty critters. Magiky folk. Better make a fast work of them.

He began reciting the Prayer to the Sky Spirit. His sword crackled with lightning and he slashed at the imp on the left, bringing the sword down from left to right, aiming at where the neck connected to the body...

The Imp's head fell off and the other one cast Lightning on Kiril. The Coeurl advanced towards Alex and Laxus charched towards the second Imp.

Alex stood up again, seeing the Coeurl coming towards him. He thought quickly and cast Lightning. A bolt came from the sky, hitting the enemy as well as disorienting him.

The Coeurl was staggered and hurt, but still determined to attack someone. It's whiskers started moving up and down as if ready to cast a spell.

"Hurry and defeat it before it casts Stone!" Laxus called to Alex. The Imp Laxus was attacking cast Fire at Laxus who almost dodged it, but it hit his shield, making it a little hot.

Alex heard Laxus, and this time decided to cast Ice. He focused, and a cold mist surrounded the Coeurl, slowing it down severely.
"There, that'll give us a few more seconds."

He then cast Water, making it more frozen, as the water turned to ice by the cold. This gave him some time to help Laxus. He threw Lightning at it, staggering it.

Kiril felt like he was hit by a battering ram. His body was thrown back a few meters.

So that's how it feels to be on a receiving end of the lightning strike...

Shakily he rose to his feet.

"Pugh..." - he breathed out a small cloud of smoke. His voice was hoarse. - "Medic..."

He took the battle stance, prepared to attack the Coeurl when the opportunity showed itself and if the beast was still alive at the time (a.k.a. once it was his turn).

Once the beast was frozen, he rushed at it, slashing at it's body. This time performing a parallel left-to-right slice.

The Coeurl was now frozen in ice. The Imp was now open for an attack, thanks to Alex, and Laxus cut it's head off. Shann shot at the Coeurl and hit it's head. To make sure it was dead, Zagi and Laxus stabbed through the ice and Laxus noticed Kiril helped by slashing it. After the ice melted, the Coeurl fell to the ground, dead.

"That was fun." - Kiril sat on the Coerul's body, leaning on his sword. Left side of his face twitched a little. He put a hand to his face to calm it down. - "Think there's still some residual charge left from that lightning attack."

Once twitching subsided he jumped off the body and picked up one of the imps by its wing.

"Well, lets see what they got..."

Laxus searched the Coeurl and found 100 gil and 2 Potions. "What did you find?" he asked Kiril.

Zel sighed. "I decided not to showcase my abilities. Yet."

"A good warrior knows when to attack and with what stragedy." Laxus told Zel. "These were only minor monsters, not worthy of fighting one of your summons." Laxus put his hand on Zel's shoulder. "There will be a better time for your summons later." He took his hand off Zel's shoulder.

Zel sighed. "Summons are my only method of offense and defense, so it's probably better if you guys handle the weaker ones."

What did you find?

"Nothing interesting. Just some Gil. 200 in total from both imps." - Kiril responded throwing the imp aside.

"I can assure you, you are every bit as useful as the rest of us. For now, you could help us by handing us items if we need them. I'm sure there will be monsters soon that you'll be able to use your summons against. Cheer up." Laxus gave Zel a reassuring smile.

"Then let us continue." Laxus responded to Kiril. He got up on his red chocobo and it began walking.

Shann holstered her guns. She only got one shot off, but she nailed her target. "Right in the left eye. Nice to know that practice on Parker kept me good and sharp." She reloaded another bullet in the gun and gave her horse a little kick. Parker knew what that meant and started following behind.

Kiril looked at the decapitated bodies once more.

Nothing useful. Unless... Nah! Probably not.

He sheathed the Zweihander and followed the group.

Zel sighed. Reduced to pack mule. Great.

They walked for a few days, stopping every now and then to attack monsters that they encountered. One day, an Iron Giant appeared. It towered over the forest. It looked like it was at least 3 times as big as the forest.

"Everyone, in position!"

"Yay, something you guys can't take down!" Zel stabbed his staff in the ground. It started trickling water, then gushing it. The area began being flooded.

"Don't get up on your high horses, we can still do some damage." Alex started charging power, and a glow came from his staff. It became stronger and stronger.
"I'll try to knock the sword from his hand, be prepared to run if it falls on us."

"Yay!" The area was covered in water. Zel waved his staff twice. The water formed into a giant water snake, the summon Leviathan.

"What are you summoning?" Laxus asked Zel.

"Oh fuck," Shann said, she led Parker back behind the group. "I....think I can get a shot at that thing..." She loaded in a couple of her maigc bullets, having the pure element of fire encased within. "Well if I do hit it, these are going to do a hell of a lot of damage. Just say when, Lax!"

"I'll try cast Aero, from what I learned it stuns monsters, so see if you can get Leviathan to attack once it is off-guard, Zel" Zagi concentrated and shouted "Aero!" a strong wind blew past him, and hit the Iron Giant in the chest.

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