Great Peril, a Final Fantasy RP (DEAD)

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"You use your water-y powers on him, I'll electrify him." Alex's staff glowed more, with electrical shocks coming from it. Lightning bolts came from the sky, hitting the staff, charging it even more. "Almost done..."

Zel leaned on Leviathan. "This is one of my mightiest summons, second only to my favorite!"

The Aero hit the Iron Giant, but didn't seem to have done much.

"If only I knew magic, I'd be able to help." Laxus said.

Kiril enchanted his sword with Lighting and Darun stood back, ready to heal and cast Holy.

"Attack!" Laxus told the others.

Zel smiled. "Levi, use WATERA!"

A large ball of water shot out from the summon's mouth.

"I will, but it's more effective if Zel can water it up first." The staff was glowing so much it was almost blinding Alex, but he was used to it.

The Iron Giant was all wet from the water from Leviathan.

Kiril charged and stabbed the Iron Giant in the foot with his electrified sword, sending a charge through it.

Darun cast Holy at the Iron Giant and seemed to have stunned it somewhat.

Shann fired away with the bullets in the chamber, however she only seemed to be hitting the iron carapace.

"Fucking armor," she cursed.

Sudden she saw it stumble back, liquid coming from it's eye.

"Haha! Got the bugger!"

There weren't any visible signs of smoke coming from it however, which means it was just one of the normal bullets. She fired off a couple more rounds, one which took off a slight piece of the Giant's horn, and the other just plinked off the front.

"Damn, I gotta reload guys! Keep it busy!"

Shann searched her bag. She decided to insert a couple of lightning bullets for this round, maybe they would have a better chance of hitting.

Alex had now charged his lightning. He fired an electric current that hit the beast. The shock went through its entire body. It had lost most of it's health now.

The Iron Giant swung it's gigantic sword down at the group.

"Move to each side!" Laxus called.

"Shit!" Shann kicked up Parker and dashed off to the side. She could see the sword coming down behind her. As she rode, she tried to get a couple more shots fired off at the beat, but she couldn't keep herself steady as her horse galloped at full speed.

Alex tried to run away, but the impact shook him. He fell to the ground.
"Shit, I think I broke my arm!"
Alex tried to stand up again. He held the staff with one hand and fired a big lightning stream towards the giants hand. It dropped it's sword from the shock.

"Let me heal that." Darun said. He began casting Cura on Alex's arm, healing it. It was painful for Alex, but it quickly healed, leaving a little pain for a short while.

The Iron Giant was now unarmed, but still determined to crush the group. It lifted it's leg in an attempt to stomp on them.

Just then, a lighting bolt hit it, making it fall on it's back. Zel had summoned Ramuh after sending Leviathan back.

"Here we go, here's our chance!"

Shann had Parker going at break neck speed towards the fallen giant's head, the beast still seeming dazed and confused from it's trip to the ground. She made it in time, it was still down for the count. She could almost see eye to shot out eye with the target.

"Smile, you son of a bitch!" She emptied the entire clip into the giant's head. She could hear cries as the two magic loaded bullets pierced the skin, and she had to imagine the other shots were hurting, especially this close.

"All right let's get back," she commanded her horse as she broke away. She saw another of Zel's buddies making an appearance on the battefield, and she didn't want to be anywhere near the enemy if that thing was attacking.

Ramuh hit the Iron Giant with two more lighting bolts, then Zel sent him away as well.

"That's it! Continue attacking it! It's almost finished!" Laxus called out to the others since the cries of the Iron Giant were loud.

Kiril kept slashing it's body with his Lighting Sword and after having healed Alex, Darun kept casting Holy at it.

There were no more need for the elemental bullets Shann reasoned. This thing was almost dead. She loaded up another set into each of her guns and pointed at the monster, Parker drawing her in closer after Zel's summmon disappeared.

"Umm....let's see....oh! Ahem, look's like you saved just enough room for dessert, big boy! Enjoy the lead pie, it's on the house!"

Well that was crap, but whatever, it'll do.

Two more clips made their various ways into the beast. Shann didn''t bother hearing for any death rattles, she jjust kept firing.

As Kiril kept striking it, Darun kept casting Holy, Zel stood back with Laxus, Alex kept casting Lightning and Zagi cast Aero, the Iron Giant tried to stand up, but failed and fell back. Reaching its hand up, it gave a loud roar, then the hand fell back down and it lay still.

"It is finished." Laxus said with a smile on his face.

"Da da da daah da da dah da daah!" Zagi sung. He smiled then said to the others "Welp, what was fun, I'll try that again sometime probably" he got on his chocobo and rode towards Laxus. "So, where now?"

"First, let's see what the Iron Giant has for us." Laxus and Kiril searched the Iron Giant. They found 1000 gil and a few Antidotes.

"And now" Laxus said, then got on his red chocobo "we continue east." Laxus' cocobo started walking east.

Zel rode on Leviathan. "WOOHOO!"

"Zel, are you trying to scare the chocobos and Shann's horse?!" Laxus called to Zel.

Zel laughed. "Relax, Leviathan is a very gentle summon!"

"That may be, but the chocobos and Shann's horse are very frightened if you can look down at them!"
It was true. The chocobos and Parker were uneasy and hard to control.

Zel sighed. "Fine." he dismissed Levi and summoned Bahamut. He flew above the group.

Laxus facepalmed. "That isn't better..." he said to himself. They continued traveling east for a couple of days before they saw the city lights.

"Sigh, don't worry about Parker, Lax. He's seen worse. Trust me," Shann noted.

She saw the city lights up ahead. This is it. The belly of the beast. Can't believe I'm setting foot in these lands. Maybe there will actually be a kind Easterner there.......and maybe Ifrit himself will come up and give me free bourbon for life. Sigh.

Zel screamed "WOOHOO!" He dove near the others.

Laxus sighed. "Just don't summon anything while we're in the city except if a giant monster attacks us, Zel. Got it? I don't want to cause any more trouble then is neccacery." he said to Zel.

"Sigh, this level of stupid however I'm not sure Parker can handle. What are we going to do about him?" Shann said to Lax as low as possible. "Most of the time he acts like he's 5 and the other times it seems like he would barbecue our corpses on a whim. It's getting a little tough to put up with already."

Zel flew high into the air and jumped off Bahamut. "WHOOOOOO!"

"He is the Summoner warrior, so there must be times where even he can act serious. Let's just see how going to the library goes." Laxus said back to Shann, just as low as she before Zel appeared besides them.

"We'll head into the city tomorrow. It's getting dark and we have some way left to go. Let's set up camp here." he said to the others. He got off his red chocobo and becan setting up a Tent for himself and a Sleepingbag.

Zel wiped himself off. "That always gives me a rush."

They set up a camp and began preparing for the night. Kiril was on the cooking duty again. Such is the duty of a poor slob who actually bothers to take cooking supplies and keeps an eye out for the useful herbs. He rustled through the contents of the satchel for a while, pulling out anything edible, than looked it over.

He remembered the first night of their joined travel, when Lexus asked the all important question of 'who's going to cook?' Shann started with something long-winded that began with 'Just because I'm a woman, blah, blah, blah...'. Alex looked at the utensils as if it was the first time he saw them. Zagi and Laxus informed that they are only skilled at 'military grade cooking' a.k.a. the slob. Darun stayed silent and everyone silently agreed that its best to keep Zel away from the cooking, unless they'd wanted to see Ifrit used as an oven.

"Right." - he picked up a large chunk of raw meat on a bone - "On today's menu - roasted Zaghnol's leg with ginger and black pepper and coal roasted yams. The dinner will be served in 2 hours."

After gathering all the necessary ingredients he headed to the already prepared separate cooking fire. His companions were already familiar with a few of his habits and demands (like setting up to separate fires, one for cooking and one for light/scaring away wild animals) after traveling together for a few days.

Kiril shuffled the coals to one side and quickly buried a few yams, covered the place with the coals, repeated procedure on the other side and added a bit of wood to keep the heat. Than he grated the ginger and mixed it with black pepper and some herb that smelled like oregano, than rubbed the concoction into the meat and rested it on carefully placed wooden supports, suspending it above the coals. All that he had to do now is turn the meat once in a while and keep the coals smoldering.

He stepped a few feet away from the heat and waited. For some reason he felt uneasy, like something or someone was watching...

Suddenly something big jumped out of the night and knocked Kiril off his feet. The shadow pressed him down with it's paws and began growling. It was a giant gray wolf, at least 4 feet high and 6 and a half feet long. Kiril looked at it, stunned and lost. It slowly inched its mug closer to Kiril's face, still growling, it's tail flailed from side to side. Suddenly it barked loudly and began licking his face, or would it be more accurate to say his head and chest?

"Ogh. GAH! Get off! Ew! Slobber... BLEGH!!! I said GETT OFF you big dufus!"

The wolf jumped back, sat down and looked at Kiril, all smug and happy. It's tail was spinning wildly.

Laxus heard the noise created by Kiril and the wolf. "Looks like you've got a new friend." Laxus said when he saw the wolf licking Kiril and then sit down.

Kiril was wiping away dog slobber from his face and armor.

"More like an annoying old friend. Yagh... Allow me to introduce you - this is Bones, a giant gray wolf from the forest where my home used to be. I found him as a pup, back when I was 12. He was wounded and malnourished. Basically just skin and bones, hence the name. Father and I nursed him back to health and tried to integrate him back into a pack, but he already developed an attachment to us by then, and apparently a phobia of any conflict. I have no clue what hurt him, but it did quite a number on him, to such extent that he will not even fight his own kind in mock-battles for dominance. He kept coming back to our house at least once every other week and repeatedly tracked me down in the wilds when I was training."

"So I did what any dumb kid would do - I played with the puppy..." - Kiril sighed and rubbed at his forehead. - "which of course did not help his integration any. I used to wrestle with him, chase him around, ride on his back once he grew up... But that doesn't matter. I thought he was finally getting back to the pack since he wasn't showing up that often in last couple of years. And honestly, I thought that now that I went away he will integrate completely."

He looked at the wolf who was still sitting there, scratching at his ear.

"Proved me wrong. Persistent son of a bitch... Following me here all the way from the forest. How the hell did you track me down?"


"Oh shut up! I would NOT have YOU commenting on my stench. Smart ass."

The wolf tilted it's head and whined, showing with all its looks that it was offended and perhaps disappointed.

"Oh fine! It is nice to see you buddy." - Kiril scratched at it's jaw - "But if you want to stay, you'll have to make yourself useful. For now, go lay down somewhere downwind."

The wolf growled happily and ran off closer to the main camp.

Back to cooking... But, better do something about all this slobber though.

Kiril focused and began reciting the Prayer to Fire. Channeling the energy through armor was much harder than through weapon. More time, more concentration, more mana, longer Prayer. He had to make sure that he would burn off only the drool, and not just combust spontaneously.

Few minutes later, he was done with the process. Clean but exhausted he returned to his cooking duties.

"Why don't you use him as a mount? I noticed you didn't have any creature to ride on, so it would be great to have him of some use. And I loved your cooking the last time, so don't worry about doing it wrong or it not tasting good enough." Laxus patted Kiril's shoulder, then went back to the others.

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