Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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Simple. How would your Avatar, in it's current state, fare against the above avatar in a fight to the death?

Would win, I think.

As a robot, I'm sure Clank could survive a nuke. And as for the EMP, he's from the future, so he must be protected against that.

His biggest problem is trying to fight what is basically energy.

Robot+magic sword= Scrap metal

How would I fare against Link...
I'd probably die unless I had the element of surprise.

Can we do a sandwich eating contest instead?

Fighting in a place with no atmosphere against a Goat that's eating it's lunch? Now that's something a Robot can do!

A god vs a robot. I'm going with the Celtic god. Or you could argue that it would be the album which would cause clank to blow up from its awesomeness.

Wouldn't you rather have a drink instead of a fight to the death?
I have no chance of winning.

Ohhhhh yeah. shot down.

Only human...and I can handle some gunfire.

My arm mounted bow will show you your fancy gun won't beat me.

my fancy gun as you called it can block bullets. I think it can handle arrows. and i really don't think you can handle my gunfire. Check out the Rail Gun.

(Sorry, fanboy nature coming out. Dont... Make... Me... ANGRY!)

Hehe...I take it you are unfamiliar with my bow. I don't just shoot bolts. I shoot bugs. Very unpleasant bugs.

And sorry if I'm unfamiliar with your character, but I just see a gun, which doesn't worry me at all.

And, by the way....coding fail! :P

Hmmm. Not much chance for me sadly.

yeah, "Never bring a knife to a gun fight" still applies for swords, buddy.

I can't quite clearly see what is on that avatar, but I'm sure my avatar'd beat it.

I win. You can't kill my avatar. Simple as that.

I just stand there and watch you die. Ha ha.

Plastic Sword beats Gun. Basicly. And the plastic shield is protecting me from bullets too.

I don't think you would survive at the depths this fish is from, so I would say chalumnae beats you.

sushi, anyone?

Well, seeing as how my guy is dead...

I'd have some chance at this. My Armani Tuxedo and 70 Year old sword are still lethal!

Swords seem to win against everything. Dammit.

Well do you honestly think that you'd survive against the Hero of Twilight? I mean, you don't even have a helm, if Link did to you what he's doing in my avatar, your head would be split in half. You have no chance.

Hmm...something that can creep you out and has given many people nightmares, allegedly, against a sword that is magical, apparently.

I'm backing the sword.

dead dog.

While laughing and processing why a Soldier looks like a Clown I SPLAT SOME POISONOUS PIE ONTO YOUR FACE!

Again.. Shield Protects against poisonous pie. And that Sword looks pretty deadly.

I would totally destroy this guy.

Woman vs Alien...sounds like a racy cover for a propaganda poster.

"Protect her from alien invasion!"

...but, in all seriousness, that alien would tear through my dress like it was nothing, my broken body bleeding in several places, my glasses askew, my once beautiful brown eyes now blank and lifeless...that alien would totally destroy me...

They(my avatar) would be totally obliterated.They're lovers,not fighters.

I'd kill them with my lightsabers.

Eat Poison Pie Lovers!

I use the force to grab your pie and throw it back at you.

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