Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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I'll Jayoku Houtenjin your ass before you can say "This is".

You wouldnt know what hit you, literally

He'a cyborg Leonidas!
A CYBORG Leonidas!
Who owns all your base!
ALL your base!
I win!

written by Dan Jurgens v. Written By Frank Miller
Clever and subtle writing vs. WhoresWhoresWhoresWhoresWhoresWhores

Booster wins through better writting

written by Dan Jurgens vs drawn painstakingly in MSPaint.
Clever and subtle writing vs PixelsPixelsPixelsPixelsPixelsPixels

Booster wins through having writing...

Pixels vs. The Green Flash phenomenon?
Silly pixels, your "internets" and "googles" cannot touch me.

together we make christmas or an evil stoplight.

I run away screaming like a schoolgirl at a Jonas Bros. concert.

Ha Ha! You run into me! I win!

Leonidas dies from imaplement by a Gigantic sword.

Yuki wins. Alien wizard powers beat everything.

Ima teach you a lesson... ON PAIN!

I don't know what you're avatar is, but I'm just gonna assume it can't stand up to my pixel vortex.

Predator vs. Pixel Vortex. Whoever wins... I have no idea where I'm going with this

Predator vs Dancing cat.

Why wouldn't a dancing cat win?

Alien wizard vs. Dancing cat.

Alien wizards always win, except against Bulbasaur.

My dancing cat causes seizure in alien wizards,

Your dancing cat also causes massive chromatization in my monochrome pixel vortex, creating a critical failure in my vorteces and I die.

Rei in Unit 00 vs a Square?

Rei Wins.

I'm already dead.. buuut! flyswatters are quite a hefty set of weaponry.

Obviously I win, as he stated earlier. But the flyswatter made my avatar bleed, and that flyswatter sure is annoying.

Do I really have to fight Rei Ayanami?... Well, bring out the nukes. Eventually I'll win.

Oh, crap. Mudkip. Yuki will win nonetheless.

The Data Integration Thought Entity versus the pixel vortex? That'd be close, but I think the Data Entity would win. But not before I completely fuck up its resolution until it's painful to look at.

I would absorb your pixels as I am CYBORG LEONIDAS!

A cyborg king of Sparta is no match for the moe witch.

Not sure who she is, but I will vote for a tie...

My pixels shall devour Rei Ayanami. She isn't even real anyway. Just a clone of herself.

My colourful cat shall Banish your Black and white pixels to the Black hole.

You are neither as beloved, nor as cute as us. We shall win, for we are Mudkip.

But my cat serves your avatar in a dancing competition, causes your avatar to kill itself in embarresment.

Unfortunately for you, we give ourselves a nuclear funeral. Double Kill.

Booster stuns the mudkips and throws a greatball.
Mudkip escapes and noms Booster's face.
Mudkip wins cuteality

I thought that the first few pages of posts were weird, what with the changed avatars not matching with the posts, but even these later ones are bizarre. For some reason I feel sorry for the pixel vortex. Clearly it would own all of us.

Now I have no idea what the above avatar is, something called Booster apparently, but my witch can fly, use witchcraft, summon bats...and eat pumpkin. You're doomed, particularly with that last fact.

from being a flying witch you are either psychic/flying or ghost/flying either way electric attack are super effective and I have a speed stat of 315 (average is 175) I will pwn you with electric webs, bug buzz, single beam and elecball

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