Your Avatar vs Above Avatar?

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..i DO need the exp...

Well she is basically a god figure... so...<.<

Well she is basically a god figure... so...<.<

i think the hardest part of this thread is the fact you dont know who you are fighting half the time...
(if i read your post correctly)

OT hmm if i dont get a seizure i might win i dont know

Nope... she controls reality... more or less... so chances are in my favor...<.<

Reality like time? or something else

Indeed I could! I'd pull their cloaks and make them fall... And I woukld bury them in cardboard boxes! Mwaha!

I'd have a staring contest with them!

Or... something. >_>

Two on one. I INSTANTLY WIN.

I'd turn them into orange goo... along with everyone else.

If I can resist the urge to pickpcocket her? ...No.

Pickpocket? :O

We can fight with cardboard boxes!

Wait what was this thread about again?



But I don't like violence...

Aww, okay. We could have a huggle competition then? :o

Yay... Huggle!

Damnit im NOT fighting you AGAIN
*walks away*

Robey person? I'll fight you for the robes!

-_- robey person....yup your gonna die
Scorch with dragon flame! Bahamut!

I could end the world. I wouldn't do that if I were you!


Yuki would probably win.

We would... stare at eachother!

I would win...probably..


thats all you can do is it?
Scorch with dragon flame! Bahamut!

I shoot them with a sniper. Or use a Mortar.

Soldier fuck yeah!

i would just catch the pie
...although the sniper would be a BITCH

I challenge them to a game of pie-throwing! And win!

I accept your challenge!
I have the catch ability muhaha! i win

That avatar wins.

fair fight

That avatar still wins.

I guess my soldier can pick her off a mile away.

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